3rd Quarter Moon in Leo

October 28, 2021 | 1:05 pm (PST) | Keyword: Strategy

This moon will emphasize the need for love and recognition and/or enhanced creativity. This can be the week you excel in an artistic pursuit or find yourself at the center of attention because of high magnetism that attracts the opposite sex. You or a relationship interest may be a free-spirited, rogue charmer whose penchant for challenging authority is loved and appreciated. A person with dominant Leo influence in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) is likely to be part of the equation. This self-confidence coupled with a desire for partnership can make for an effective salesperson and may endow special abilities related to public relations, performing arts, and matters requiring diplomacy. While you won’t relinquish integrity, you’re not above using your charms to increase your material or social position.

Relationships and the desire for popularity will play a dominant factor in your mood, decisions, and actions. You may have an overwhelming urge for companionship or involvement with others that can provide emotional security. As a result, you’ll probably focus on nurturing a particular relationship where one of you may be dependent on the other. This can be a close connection, family member, or business partnership. You’ll tend to be very caring and concerned about those with whom you’re involved and will relate on a regular basis to the individual you may be helping. If this relationship is not intimate, there can be inequality in the giving as one of you is likely to have more knowledge, expertise, status, resources, power, or control than the other. The weaker partner will have difficulty in making decisions or handling problems while the stronger partner becomes responsible for the well-being of the relationship.

In the negative, this dynamic sets the breeding ground for a range of reactions based on dependency–placation, resentment, or rebellion. Exchanges can cause inner conflict between your nature and your emotional needs. The moon’s opposition to restrictive Saturn can make you feel abandoned and neglected by the loved ones in your life. A continual series of restrictions and limitations as a result of the actions of other people or pressures of the environment may feel especially burdensome.

On the other hand, your own self-limiting fears of relationships, experiences, and situations can cause you to lose opportunities and stagnate through a refusal to take risks. If you’re in a difficult, toxic, or abusive relationship where the balance of power is unequal, one of you may be afraid to leave. In some cases, control issues are driven by excessive jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of trust. Conflicts will be more emotional and you may find it difficult to be objective leaving you susceptible to the manipulation of your feelings. Part of the problem may be the influence of former negative relationships that left you wounded. Perhaps you attract cold and withdrawn partners based on childhood patterns and parental relationships. If so, you must deal with the psychological repercussions of old experiences before you can establish greater intimacy in the present. The lesson is to value yourself, to find the love within yourself, and to build your own sense of self-esteem.

The inclination to lead with your heart, rather than your head makes this a challenge if you meet someone and become romantically involved. If you’re in a solid relationship or one that holds potential, you’ll become aware of the evolution occurring in the relationship that signals the development of true intimacy. However, strained relationships will become more difficult and emotionally draining due to unmet expectations. You may need to question a choice to stay in non-productive relationships that offer very little possibility for growth.

But take heart, the keyword for this cycle is strategy and while you may struggle through adversity (or have for some time), your ingenuity will release you from these entanglements and troubles. You have the ability to tackle tasks that require courage and strength which may include difficulties related to financial issues, property, or estates. In the end, your star power enables you to rise in triumph over adversaries and negative conditions. This can be attributed to an unwavering belief in holding true to your path. After a period of depression and despair, the sadness fades and your sense of power returns. The influence of this moon is favorable for studies, earnings, and professional success as well as for love. This can also signify recovery from illness or injury and is a positive indication in questions of love and friendship. Where before you were fearful to see and unable to speak, you now put forth your voice with a mighty roar.

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