Full Moon in Aries

October 20, 2021 | 7:56 am (PST) | Keyword: Fascination

Although the moon is in the quickfire sign of Aries, it slowly brings matters to climax that have been brewing over the last few weeks and those with strong Aries placements (sun, moon, rising) will be front and center.

Situations can quickly arouse your wrath or unexpressed anger can simmer inside as you sit in a stew of tightly controlled emotions. Arguments and emotional disputes are caused by inner tension and unresolved issues that are projected into your social relationships where you tend to respond with personal attack. This may be due to impatience with delays that cause you or others to retaliate in frustration. An overreaction can lead to accidents, stress-related illness, resentment toward authority, depression, or a sense of failure. At worst, events might even provoke police activity that results in litigation.

At issue are matters that require cooperation and decisions will result either in separation or culmination in the fulfillment of a goal. With any tendency to repress emotions, you can become passive-aggressive, hypercritical, or resentful. While there’s a need to be direct, it’s important that you develop sensitivity and control your impulsive behavior to think before acting. Ironically, the more that you can satisfy your own emotional needs, the more you’re likely to attract close emotional bonds. Your strengths can shine through relationship and you may establish partnerships with wealthy people that can help you achieve tangible results.

Practicalities and matters that affect your work, health, or domestic routine are the primary focus. This may require that you put aside your own desires or emotional considerations to deal with immediate necessities. Concerns can compel changes in working conditions, dietary habits, or intellectual, emotional, or physical health. In fact, worry and pre-occupation with health may force you to adjust your daily commitments and to reassess your priorities. This may be in response to minor physical changes such as digestive issues, pregnancy, breast-feeding, aging, fitness, hormonal imbalance, or weight gain or loss. The energy of this moon suggests too much of a good thing and cautions against an overindulgent appetite with too much eating or drinking. Positively, your body may be more sensitive to the influence of exercise and diet which can lead to a more health-conscious lifestyle. Conversely, it can be other people’s health that concerns you, particularly a woman that is close to you.

Bringing matters to closure also includes a review of tension, stress, and the level of emotional fulfillment connected to work and relationships that impact health. You may be examining the repercussions of poor judgment or impulsive decisions that result in business losses. The goal is self-improvement and self-discipline to the degree that you can function with such efficiency that you’re no longer hindered by the details of daily life.

Work changes will include minor but necessary adjustments that don’t always fall under your control or seem beneficial. These are likely to be daily changes that are complicated and stressful rather than major career transitions. However, while it’s best to put aside major decisions in favor of routine duties, you do hold power on some level to make decisions that either directly or indirectly affect working conditions or areas of life that will affect your job. In some cases, work becomes the platform from which you share your own discoveries about the healing process, particularly if you’re in a healing profession, or you may simply be more emotionally connected to co-workers. Additionally, you may decide to use any excess energy for work projects that include organizing and clearing out clutter from the closet, attic, garage, or basement. You have the ability to repair, mend, improve, or reform and can use this to improve the lives of others.

You may wish to break away from old stagnant conditions in order to begin new ventures or undertakings and can be motivated to develop in areas of artistry, beauty, and creativity. A strong sense of structure and composition lends itself to musical endeavors as well. The propensity to apply your intuitive faculties to business affairs may lead to special business or managerial capabilities in the fields of art, luxury items, or the administration of medical, spiritual, or psychiatric institutions.

You’re currently gifted with mental and moral strength and the force necessary for practical service. The keyword during this period is fascination and you may find that your faith attracts many followers. This is because you wield a bewitching and magnetic influence that holds the power to bring hope to those who are sad and/or fearful. You may choose to use this to serve those who are confined to hospitals or prisons, fight for the rights of an underprivileged group, or lead an important cause. This is also an influence of blessings and good fortune with positive indications for favors, assistance, and support in matters of wealth, prosperity, and career. The warning is not to push the boundaries of abundance in the desire for good things in the material world.

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