Tete-a-Tete|Oct 14, 2021

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

Something about yourself, a situation, or a relationship is not exactly as it appears on the surface and is not in plain view. Perhaps there’s been a tremendous amount of effort put forth to appear happy, healthy, successful, or attractive or too much energy focused on that in others. The attempt to create an illusion belies the fact that an aspect of your life related to the past is in need of healing–physically or emotionally. A secret needs to see the light of day in a situation that compels you to seek guidance, to care for or advise someone, or to pay more attention to your own health. This could mean being more accountable and taking responsibility for yourself by asking for what you need. Don’t expect a partner or alliance to read your mind. But if you state your needs clearly, you may be surprised by the supportive response you receive.

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Image: The Sick Woman, Jan Steen

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