1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn

October 12, 2021 | 8:24 pm (PST) | Keyword: Perplexity

The moon takes very little time in propelling events into fruition during this week-long cycle. However, the moon is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn and the shortcomings of this placement may be key to situations. The cold, restrictive Saturnine nature of Capricorn is at odds with the moon’s symbolism for concerns that influence security–emotional connection, nourishment, and a sense of belonging. As a result, Capricorn’s high-stakes drive for career achievement and climbing the ladder of success for external validation may come at a severe cost to familial relationships and physical health.

There’s an intense desire for recognition by any means necessary and sometimes without regard for others. A bitterness at the prospect of failure is likely to be driven by feelings of fear, frustration, and inadequacy. With the moon’s close proximity to Pluto, be careful of putting up defenses or allowing intense emotions to overwhelm you before properly analyzing situations. You can be prone to emotional upheaval through extreme highs and lows that play out through outbursts or panic. Those with strong Capricorn in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) will very likely be at the center of any storm this week.

The positive is that you’re endowed with practical intelligence and quite capable of dealing with the world on its terms. Remember that you achieve your greatest power when you encourage others to take authority over their lives. You may be attracted to medical or highly skilled technological professions, and have a talent for vocations that require mathematical ability. This energy is favorable to dealing with police activity, hospital work, mental health, and government affairs. Even if these are not your field of endeavor, you strive to be well organized, precise, efficient, and methodical in your work. This may extend to a professional style or manner of dress for making a good impression in business.

An inner restlessness gives you the urge to expand by breaking away from the usual daily routine or letting go of a previous belief system. You feel the need to seek out new experiences that enrich your outlook on life and the revelations presented by new ideas and concepts can feel both revolutionary and liberating. In fact, this is a good week to determine whether some of what you believe has any practical relevance. Abstract concepts or outdated thinking may be useless in helping you with decisions you must make. You may choose to replace them with new beliefs that are more consistent with your pattern of growth, current life philosophy, and the application to real life everyday circumstances. This testing and review process allows you to develop an authentic life approach that works for you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The exploration that broadens your world may include a curiosity about symbolism or any number of thought-provoking interests. This can give rise to the opportunity to use your sensitivity in the field of arts or spirituality where imagination and creativity can be put to practical use. You may decide to return to school, take a course, or teach a subject that requires applications from real life to be understood or one where your passion for the subject makes you a stimulating teacher. This might take into account a gift for psychology and understanding the psyche of those you come into contact with. If you’re required to explain these beliefs in public through teaching or writing, emotional feedback will provide insight into what actually works on a mundane level.

Your education can also come through exposure to the diversity of other cultures. This can be as a result of travel to foreign lands or new places that prove beneficial. If this isn’t a week of long-distance travel, you may meet new friends from a foreign country or different background. For some, this may simply be the necessity to commute to work under unusual circumstances.

As a whole, your beliefs concerning experiences and relationships will tend to attract your expectations. The relationship axis for this moon chart is attached to the star cluster of Pleaides which carries a fatalistic mythology of causing bereavement, mourning, sorrows, tragedies and something to cry about, but also has a link to material abundance. Painful events of mistrust from the past will tend to have bearing on the present. Hidden or confusing revelations will be disclosed and brought out into the open–some that include issues of sexuality. In matters of health, you may be at the beginning of a healing process and just starting the initially weak or painful stages of recovery from an illness.

This influence also signifies either engagement in conflict or conditions soon to be so. This can manifest as a separation, divorce, or the end of a friendship. If you’re involved in an unhealthy or abusive situation, you may need to review any belief that encourages you to stay. Examine matters closely and be willing to break free from the unreasonable or inexcusable. This is a warning of being in a situation antithetical to your needs and/or ill-suited to your personality.

While legal matters are not strongly emphasized, you could be involved with the legal system in some way or have need for consultation with a lawyer. The indication is an end to a monetary cycle and entering a new one where either it has become necessary for you to file for bankruptcy or you’re finally overcoming debt. This may involve real estate, the end of probate, excessive tax burdens, or inheritance issues.

The keyword for this cycle is perplexity which indicates an entangled mind or state of circumstance. This may be the inability to deal with or understand something complicated or unaccountable as a result of having an extremely sensitive or impressionable nature prone to obsession or under the negative influence of others. Through the use of strong spiritual, visionary, artistic, or intuitive skills you’re provided inner knowledge and the awareness of both the light and the shadow. To maintain both honor and reputation, it’s imperative to keep company with those of positive mind and intention. Beneficial help, assistance, or hidden gains can arrive from behind the scenes or through an authority figure. Any break from the past serves to make space for new beginnings and may actually propel you toward your destiny.

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