Love Notes: Week Oct 8-15, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’ve got a decision to make concerning whether you’d like to give something another go or regenerate a situation or relationship in need of change. This might suggest a refresh of your image, appearance, and if you’d like to exit your private cocoon to socialize or start dating again. And though you may be wearing your best game face, in truth, you’re having to re-examine how you feel about matters you thought you’d put to rest. You’ll have to use discernment to look deep for the truth about whether a relationship or situation has the potential to reignite in a better form. The question is, are you making positive personal changes in order to renew this connection, as a result of it, or because you left it?


  • Opportunity for change because of karma or karmic situations
  • Changes that come as a result of karmic relationship or soul mate situation
  • In relationship to learn a karmic lesson, pay a karmic debt, or to evolve spiritually
  • Transformation of karma–embracing a new self-identity
  • Karmic circumstances influence following a dream
  • A need for change–providence plays a role; divine intervention; events orchestrated by the Universe
  • Transformation of connection that has lasted through many incarnations


  • Surprises or unexpected news surrounding home, property, or domestic affairs; unexpected encounter
  • A blast from the past–someone connected to home or place you’ve lived
  • Need to open to new possibilities–may be purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, moving in together, redecorating, or moving
  • Domestic bliss; happy home situations; dream property


  • Appointment with spiritual healer–tarot reader, astrologer, etc.
  • Ring that costs a fortune; expensive jewelry; need for clarity concerning jewelry–(clarity, diamond grade, etc.)
  • Engagement to be married; proposal; promise ring; possibility of marriage
  • Future engagements–social functions, party, undertaking
  • Promising future; good fortune; possibilities
  • Financial agreement; agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Need for clarity regarding agreement, contract, obligation, promise, or commitment


  • Seeking sanctuary; need for rest and withdrawal away from the spotlight
  • Wanting solitude with valued other; separated from “the one”; ideal situation is solitude
  • Consideration of receiving gifts, recognition, or good fortune
  • Standing out from the crowd–high magnetism and powers of attraction
  • Mulling things over related to person or traits, values, and attributes you desire
  • Inner listening about whether someone is marriage material or worth spending a lifetime with
  • Re-energizing situation or relationship you valued as “the one”; the one that got away


  • Feeling hurt–mourning; someone/something passing; DOA
  • Rejecting death or an ending
  • Love that withered away; one person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Not listening to intuition; rejecting spirit messengers
  • Relationship that doesn’t move forward–likely to remain platonic rather than romantic; disinterest, lack of attraction
  • Memories of being rejected; turning your back on the past; rejecting ancestry
  • Spiriting messengers guiding you to reject something; incompatibility; wrong love choice


  • Manipulating or being manipulated by family; shadow behavior in family situations; dancing with the devil–at risk situations surrounding family
  • Stalking–looking for information regarding family of origin, or trying to find out about family members
  • Kept in the dark concerning family situations; family skeletons; hidden aspects of self or situation involving family; left out of family celebration; secretly reaching out to extended family
  • Fears or illusions concerning the desire to start a family; hidden family; hiding from family
  • A need to confide fears to a family member or acknowledge fears concerning family


  • Beautiful lighting or chandelier; abundant lighting
  • Appreciation for clarity; gaining greater clarity or truth in relationship
  • Clarity concerning the value of something, regarding valuables, or holding on to something of perceived value
  • Gaining clarity on matters of abundance; enjoying life; gratification
  • Light bulb moment; hidden revealed; coming to a clear understanding


  • Message concerning legacy, will, or inheritance; spirit messengers ; history/record of messages
  • Revelations from hidden sources involving institutions, government, or powerful individuals
  • Fairytale setting; large or historic properties
  • Self-awareness concerning history, ancestry, or privilege
  • Need for contemplation, inner listening regarding conservatism or traditional values
  • Trying to maintain low profile–may be in regard to awareness that you/partner comes from family dynasty with great deal of wealth, power, influence
  • Revelations concerning wealth–old money; inheritance, investments, assets, property, royalties
  • Covert messages–stay within perceived elevated social status when dating, marrying, socializing; arranged marriage


  • Control over luck or money (you/other)
  • A need for action regarding domineering or aggressive behavior; control issues; authoritarian
  • Seeking the royal treatment; sense of entitlement (you/other)
  • Excessive demands; one partner taking on most of responsibility for relationship
  • Taking charge of matters related to hopes and dreams
  • Unexpected gift or opportunity that may come as a result of taking charge of situation or through authority figures
  • Holding authority, leadership–results surpass expectations
  • Serendipitous events offer greater control over circumstances


  • A love of complexity; difficulty maneuvering through a situation
  • Concerned with the complexities of love; practicing self love as a result of complications or in lieu of complicated situations
  • Complicated situations affect your ability to give/receive love; difficulties that interfere with ease of relationship–third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Misunderstandings about generosity or opening to love
  • Difficulty figuring out how to bring more love into your life


  • X-rays–closer look at past condition; tunnel vision (figurative, physical)
  • Ghosts of the past; can’t stop thinking about the past or someone from the past; memory lane
  • Continuing a past life love in this incarnation
  • Excessive thinking but no action; fantasizing about the past
  • Seeing with laser vision the intentions of someone from the past or who they truly are/were
  • Examining how past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Drawing on history or the past as fuel for creativity
  • Focusing on unfinished business or the start of something from a long time ago
  • Playfulness–may be dealing with an ex or old love


  • A legal matter successfully takes off; freeing yourself from legal situation
  • Running away from a legal situation; fugitive; immigration issues; concerns about fairness (may revolve around “just taking off” without warning)
  • European connection to travel, art, beauty
  • Balancing personal and professional life–taking time off for holiday or vacation
  • Weighing options concerning travel destinations; starting a journey
  • Finding the right balance to achieve success or new horizons
  • Freedom–determining what’s fair regarding duties, responsibilities, obligations–domestic, parenting, finance, assets
  • Working on agreements for equitable resolution; negotiations; adjusting the balance
  • Choosing between two partners; dual opportunities; choices

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Image: The Mirror, Gunnar Berndtson

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