New Moon in Libra

October 6, 2021 | 4:05 am (PST) | Keyword: Snaring

This is a fast-moving moon hurtling through the sign of Libra to create new conditions related to partnership, justice, and harmony. These circumstances are likely to involve persons with a strong Libra influence in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising). As with all new moons, the pairing of sun and moon together represents the union of mind and soul, conscious and unconscious, and the masculine and feminine principle in relationship. Linked with Mars, they form a stellium of focused energy sitting at critical degree indicating a sense of urgency in the desire to materialize an objective and to want it now. This could be based on sexual attraction, a desire for children, or the longing to marry, although this influence is inauspicious for romantic encounters.

Libra has a natural predisposition for the tolerance necessary to achieve peaceful alliance. This is usually through a willingness for diplomatic compromise in order to maintain peace, sometimes at high emotional cost to self. Because of this, be aware of the tendency to make a concerted effort to avoid confrontation by hiding your own feelings to appease while allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. You can become so entrenched in the problems of others that you forget about yourself. At your weakest, you become a cloying dilettante catering to the crowd. The lesson is to speak your truth honestly regardless of the consequence and without need of validation. However, the other side of the coin is being so opinionated that bluntness and frank expression irritates others.

You’re meant to move away from self-sabotaging habits and learn to balance your own needs with those of others. This can be especially difficult with Mars in Libra because the natural energy of Mars is self-oriented. Negatively, you may struggle with self expression because of the fear of hurting or offending people. This creates a battle between individuation and allegiance and the struggle to determine whether being your own person actually requires you to be in opposition. This is about going against the grain to make choices centering on what’s expected versus what feels appropriate in the context of your personal value system. It might manifest in a relationship where you tend to a wounded individual or a damaged partner while bypassing opportunities to live out your true destiny.

The result can be misfortune caused by excessive attention and restriction to those loved. Worst case scenarios might even have a connection to a release from prison–physical, emotional, guilt, or self-exile. The relationship can involve a self-absorbed individual who finds it very difficult to relate to others due to unrealistic expectations that usually end in disappointment. It might also bring out the proclivity to alcoholism. Additionally, there can be trouble through marriage or business partners concerning finances or situations that require financial compromise. Clients can demand more from your services while expecting to pay less. Litigation is possible surrounding personal finances, material possessions, or theft. A spurious transaction or person where something is not genuine, authentic, or true; is not from the claimed, pretended, or proper source; is a forgery or is counterfeit may be at issue. In fact, there’s a dark influence surrounding psychological issues related to sexuality, shared assets, investments, inheritance, debts, or crisis situations that could plummet some into events that end in violence, either to self or others.

Positively, this moon’s influence heightens intuitive abilities, especially regarding people and human relations. Charm, diplomacy, and sympathy are magnified, yet you also have the power to remain impartial and objective in negotiation. You’re capable of combining emotional sensitivity and intellectual prowess in pursuits that require refined judgment and creative artistic ability. These may be endeavors where the importance of understanding social trends and artistic tastes must merge with practical business sense and good timing. As a result, you can be an effective communicator successful in business related to art, music, entertainment, and public relations that could also involve writing or public speaking. There’s the possibility for unexpected gifts, opportunities, invitations, new alliances, and partnerships with friends. Libra is very much concerned with balance, and during this cycle you can strike the perfect equilibrium in circumstances that focus on initiatives, determination, and adaptability, although you may need to make adjustments so that you have extra time when starting new projects or when expressing original ideas.

Power may be directed toward the continuing theme of financial security as you work to accrue money and possessions. You have an inner self-confidence which helps you build a firm foundation to achieve your ambitions and this is the time to build a secure structure upon which you can rely. In fact, it might even be unexpressed anger that you’re channeling toward achievement resulting in the exceptional ability to attract monetary success. Money, and the pleasures that it can afford, are attractive to you and may also provide a sense of self worth. However, if you’re normally conservative in your approach to financial and business dealings, you might still succumb to extravagances that burn through funds as quickly as they’re acquired. This could also denote the end of an employment cycle, feeling that you’re not getting enough fulfillment out of a job, or a change in employment. The financial situation can fluctuate with the express purpose of de-emphasizing the importance of money in your life. You can’t cut corners because situations are meant to force you to devote energy toward developing your talents. The challenge is to value yourself no matter the external circumstances.

Despite the economic flux, conditions are superb for trade and business and indicate positive answers concerning wealth and prosperity. A business opportunity, raise, or a lucrative investment may be on the horizon. Careful assessment and planning promise business success and monetary gain.

The key word during this cycle is snaring indicating the intent to catch or trap someone/something and is a cautionary note. For those who’ve entered the world without a silver spoon, the possibility is high to obtain worldly wealth by other means. As a result of this seemingly good fortune, you can be distracted from what truly matters. “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?” Be mindful of allowing the pleasure of gaining wealth to blind you to the consequences of unbridled pursuit. It is said that “pride goeth before a fall” and in this case it makes you vulnerable to the danger of a false investment (whatever that may be) that threatens to rob you of all that you’ve gained.

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