3rd Quarter Moon in Cancer

September 28, 2021 | 6:56 pm (PST) | Keyword: Gracefulness

This Cancer moon slowly prepares you for the internal reorientation necessary to prepare for the new cycle approaching at the new moon. The need to feel rooted or grounded will inspire you to take care of others or be very protective of home, family, your soul tribe, and all that provides emotional security. Extreme sensitivity may cause you to feel emotionally possessive of intimate relationships and things. Some of this may be the result of your residence undergoing some type of constant change. As examples, this may include frequent moves, renovations, or a revolving door of visitors to the home. Your response is either to adapt or to feel overcome by a sense of instability.

However, these transitions actually reflect emotional shifts occurring within that compel you to establish a more firm foundation on which to build your life. This could manifest as the desire to create a more comfortable home or secure family environment, live by the water, work on land, or deal in property. But this is not just about your domicile, but rather the concept of home as an ideal, a person, or an atmosphere that you feel is solid and solidly behind you. Having this security creates the conditions that allow you to find fulfillment in your professional identification. Whatever the driving force, this is a week that you’ll take some decisive action regarding family and business affairs and a Cancer person (sun, moon, or rising) is likely to be at the center of situations. Events that occur on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of October may also have some bearing on circumstances.

The focus on domestic affairs will also include a pronounced emphasis on the nurturing qualities of the sign of Cancer. Perhaps you’re a superb cook with a gift for preparing food that is both health conscious and delicious. You may go to great lengths to protect your family’s health by focusing on good hygiene, proper diet, adequate clothing, and medical care. Your concern is that the household is operating at maximum efficiency and this may include organizing the family budget and projects with the intent of making the home more orderly, neat, and clean. Alternatively, you could find fulfillment in a broader way through identification with a social, professional, or national whole. Strong feelings of patriotism, for the homeland, and parents may be a factor. Your efforts at putting matters in order will also extend to business, especially those related to restaurants, home and domestic products and services, and enterprises related to food, clothing, and health. For some, this may involve career choices connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design, or decorating.

On a personal level, a quest for greater intimacy provokes you to become more self-aware regarding your influence on others. While you have a sympathetic and sensitive nature, it can be self-centered in the expectation of others to put your needs first. Irritability, defensiveness, impulsiveness, eccentric behavior, or emotionally driven actions can unintentionally alienate others causing loneliness, isolation, or embarrassment. Additionally, you may feel unloved or neglected and it may be almost impossible to forgive or release any mental record of old resentments and wounds. Part of this may be an internal conflict where you vacillate between independence and the desire for partnership or a “parent-child” dynamic in relationships regardless of their nature.

The heightened significance of emotional needs during this cycle makes you cognizant of issues surrounding reciprocity, and the quality, or lack thereof, in your exchanges with others as you review the level of physical and emotional satisfaction you’re experiencing. You’re deeply affected and if your home life is difficult, you may have a strong fear of being alone. In the extreme, it can be the fear of being independent, falling in line to do what’s expected, excessive need to belong, or for family approval and recognition. In fact, fateful occurrences, gatherings, or social events can take an unfortunate turn with misunderstandings, lack of cooperation, or litigation surrounding property, inheritance, insurance, or family members. Emotional tension can be triggered by restlessness, circumstances, or the interference of others. This can contribute to delays or hindrances in the effort to purchase, sell, or redecorate a home or might mean a bond with a close friend is severed due to loss or separation.

On the other hand, you may consciously decide to withdraw from those who either cannot or will not fulfill your emotional needs. If this is the case, heightened awareness grants discernment as you make comparisons between what you’re told against what you instinctively know to be true.

This moon is separating from a conjunction with the part of fortune which is strengthened in the sign of Cancer. It suggests there is much joy to be found through nourishing self and others. There’s a positive influence with regard to love and marriage or the achievement of a goal. You might even experience a literal victory–lawsuit, contest, or sport. It certainly indicates the birth of a new experience–a child, project, creative endeavor, idea, or vision. What’s important is the foundation you create now with future growth in mind.

The keyword for this period is gracefulness. By definition, this is described as displaying grace in form and action; pleasing or attractive in line, form, or movement and some of your endeavors will be directed at this objective. However, symbolically it speaks to sublime beauty which is not without flaws, yet the flaws intensify the beauty. You’re encouraged to stand erect, have faith, and recognize your own strength. It is fear alone which can destroy if permitted to infect. It is also fear that drives the impulse to indulge the emotions of conquest and run rampant with power.

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