Mercury Retrograde in Libra

September 27 – October 17, 2021

Mercury is winding back through the sign of Libra to review matters that have percolated since the last retrograde in the fellow air sign of Gemini. Your mind now turns inward to repeatedly review prior events and lessons in order to reconsider some previous actions or decisions. The house affairs ruled by air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) in your natal chart will be the source of the action, and very often, surprise. The onus for Mercury retro while in air is the reassessment of priorities and a closer examination of the manner in which you manage relationships or allow your relationships to manage you.

When Mercury is in the partnership sign of Libra, your thoughts tend to support peace, teamwork, and diplomacy. While a retrograde is not the ideal time to sign papers, contracts, or make firm commitments, you may be laying the groundwork through tactful mediation that can lead to a positive outcome in the handling of legal matters, negotiations, or important agreements. Of course, this will mean getting past the requisite hiccups of a Mercury retrograde–misunderstandings, missing documents, miscommunication, technology issues, and so forth. The real point is to communicate with honesty to achieve harmony rather than attempt to evade discord simply for the sake of approval.

Because the emphasis is on the internal, creative outlets that require non-verbal communication such as music and painting are highlighted. Libra is associated with beauty and an emphasis on line, color, harmony, and form. In response, this cycle stimulates desires connected to the creative or artistic. You may be interested in pursuits that offer you creative license–the performing arts, music, entertainment, or art. For those who possess writing or speaking talent, you may decide to teach a subject you enjoy or seek a broader means to convey your thoughts and ideas that includes published material that proves successful. If you express your ideas with masterful authority, you’re likely to win others over to your point of view.

Mercury is a triplicity ruler in Libra, its degree is dignified by term, and is conjunct Spica, one of the most fortunate stars in the sky. This indicates success through putting forward new ideas or a new business. As if that were not enough, a benefic trine to Jupiter gifts you with the ease to communicate with those in authority. It also supports efforts to persuade and uplift when dealing with the public. This influence can be the catalyst for fortunate events, awards, achievements, or financial gains that arrive through social popularity and the respect of your peers. Some benefits may come through channels related to travel, foreign affairs, and influential persons.

Quite curious, you’re also inclined to use your mind for amusement and mental activities pursued for their own sake. This suggests hobbies that interest you, celebrity news, or your love life. This cycle arouses the wish to socialize or entertain good conversationalists and those willing to exchange views and ideas. Any new relationship formed at this time may seem to offer good verbal rapport and intellectual stimulation. To that end, you can expect social invitations, increased communication, wedding announcements, or new friends, and new people to make an entrance.

Of course, Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing back exes, old lovers, and people from the past. Whether old or new leads, romantic opportunities can materialize through lectures, classes, or activities that are tied to the intellect. A double-header of charm and wit endows you or others with magnetic sex appeal, and for some, thoughts center on romance and sexual encounters. A strong link with the asteroid Adonis may provoke a situation where you compete for love or involving dating someone younger, extremely attractive, unconventional, or who has difficulty fully committing for whatever reason. This romantic preoccupation or strong infatuation can make it difficult for you to concentrate on work, studies, or the task at hand. You may spend a great deal of time comparing the negative and positive aspects of your interaction in consideration of your “ideal” in relationship. The cautionary note is to be mindful of a circumstance where one of you is in love with the excitement of love and the thrill of adventure. Keep in mind that your perception will tend to shift when this retrograde planet moves direct.

This is also a good time to focus your attention on the needs of your children. You may become more aware of their mental health, educational needs, and intellectual functioning and you might assist in making decisions concerning their future.

Mercury is joining company with the outer planets already currently trekking backward. Aside from retrograde motion that tends to demand a redo of matters, the other pitfall is that some of your social functions will tend to go awry. The desire for social engagement can be hindered by depression, hypersensitivity, habits of reclusiveness, or additional responsibilities related to a parent. Procrastination can be a contributing factor to blockages and you may need to reexamine any fears, obligations, limits, boundaries, or detrimental habits. Misunderstandings are certain to occur that result in cancellations, disappointing hospitality or accommodations, or mismatched companionship. At worst, these situations can provoke separation or estrangements in love, business, and other close relationships. These problems occur when you’re intolerant and use aggressive willpower to dominate and manipulate others to conform to your view.

This Mercury sits at a sensitive degree with the ability to better a bad fortune. On the whole, there’s possibility for gain through the masses while making a positive impression on others. But the power for this period lies in the ability to look at situations from all vantage points. The objective of Libra is always balance. This might require that you subjugate your own will in favor of the populace or the cause you champion. Too much focus on your own thoughts and opinions that prevent you from listening indicates a need to moderate your presentation and approach to others. On the other hand, you may need to learn to become independent and make your own decisions. If you don’t, you’ll be dominated in close friendships, relationships, and marriage. In this case, the lesson is to gain confidence in yourself and place relationships on an equal footing,

Image: Study for Mercury, Isidore Pils

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