Full Moon in Pisces

September 20, 2021 | 4:54 pm (PST) | Keyword: Sadness

The full moon in Pisces prods events to unfold like a slow roll in a hand of poker. (If you know anything about the game you recognize this as an egregious act on the part of the player.) You’re now entering a state of completion with the purpose of reaping the harvest of your efforts. Pisces is the sign of the dreamer and this period may culminate with your need to dream, visualize, and imagine. But therein also lies the potential for problematic situations and the resulting disappointment when it becomes apparent that the cold reality is a harsh contrast to the fantasy you envisioned. It can be difficult to see situations and/or persons as they truly are, rather than what you’d hoped them to be. This lack of clear perception leaves you vulnerable to being violated, deceived, or exploited. As a result, you may choose to retreat and withdraw from the physical and mental cruelty of the world. Inadequate coping skills and feeling overwhelmed make it difficult to deal with the demands of life, relationships, or practical matters, but inattention to detail or evasiveness when dealing with important papers is inadvisable.

Fortunately, this moon triggers greater intuitive awareness, especially for those who have exceptional psychic abilities. In fact, you may be involved in occult work or associated with secret aspects of scientific research or with secret organizations or groups. Perhaps you’ve chosen a bohemian lifestyle or have the desire to challenge social or business norms in favor of more free-thinking when it comes to the arts, cuisine, or matters of care. With regard to health, this is a good time to encourage a loved one or a partner–romantic or business–to get a medical checkup. And while this influence can make you more emotionally detached, it can also help you realize your true potential by stimulating the kinder, gentler part of you willing to use your gifts to offer healing and compassion to others in spite of an imperfect world. This is supported by learning to place strong trust in the Universe and building community.

It’s possible that spiritual lessons will arrive that test your faith through fluctuating circumstances that impact you economically. However, you may possess great willpower and determination to overcome obstacles as you prepare for a new phase of experience. This could manifest as a strong financial focus on accruing wealth, possessions, and resources as the means to provide emotional security. It’s important that you take responsibility in working to establish a value system and this may include a review of your salary, spending practices, saving habits, and ways to build a material foundation. To that end, you might devise a plan in consideration of an emergency fund or major investment. For some, this may be the purchase of a home. Perhaps you have a love of older homes, antiques, gardening, or taking care of land. While security does not lie in possessions, this emphasis on money is not purely for materialism, but rather a need for surety.

Negatively, there are issues related to family, parents, home, property, real estate, the past, or an ending that connect to bereavement, mourning, sorrows, or tragedies. In some cases, matters coincide with the detrimental effects of drug and alcohol abuse or disgrace through a scandalous love affair. You may have to contend with adjustments and major changes as a result of upheavals concerning the affairs of children or a love relationship. Secret infatuations can end in disillusionment or you may permit others to influence you with less than favorable results. Broken agreements, accidents, unpredictable behavior, or unexpected events that cause you or others to act impulsively against restriction may be at the root of frustration. Whatever the nature of your connections, be extremely cautious of partnership; those with ill-intention or shady reputations could enter your life at this time.

The keyword for this cycle is sadness. This suggests that a source of sorrow or jealousy may have forced you to endure disheartening circumstances. However, you’re encouraged to raise your vibration by examining the true intention that lies behind the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of self and others. There’s confirmation that you’re being guided on your journey but must first pass through danger or obstacles to achieve the goal. To reach the desired destination, surround yourself with those who are positive, wise, and noble. If you’ll accept help, these are the people who can offer encouragement, assistance, or guidance. But you must also be a willing and active participant if you’re to realize the potential. In this case, the opportunity will not come knocking on your door; you must leave the confines of safety to seek it out.

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