1st Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

September 13, 2021 | 1:39 pm (PST) | Keyword: Sighing

The quarter moon challenges you to rise to the occasion when crisis demands it. Sagittarius produces the evangelist, town crier, or charismatic guru. Prone to exaggeration and self-righteous promotion through a show of intellectual superiority when acting in the extreme, this sign’s fervor for a particular ideology can create the zealot, the radical, and the fanatical. This can indicate a strong personality with a lust for power and a tendency to argue. This week, tension triggers you to be independent and to do things your own way. As a result, you may choose the “alternative” or a different lifestyle than the societal norm. But true wisdom comes through the understanding that you must also hear others to arrive at the truth.

On a subtler note, with the moon here, you have an emotional need to have your beliefs and ideals heard and respected. In the positive, you’re inspired to search for greater meaning in life and can use the gift of eloquence to convey your convictions in a way that inspires many while offering hope and optimism, especially in situations that appear bleak. In fact, you may be extremely determined to set yourself apart from the crowd and gain distinction through cultural accomplishments or honors of some kind. A strong personal charisma enables this objective and allows you to wield wide influence in religious, spiritual, political, educational, or cultural circles. An upward trend of exciting opportunities can appear out of the blue in relation to travel, publications, foreign affairs, legal matters, religion, or higher education bringing sudden windfalls, honors, or awards. Preparation for the unexpected, if that’s possible, suggests you’ll need to be flexible in adapting to shifting conditions or changes in plans.

But be careful, these same areas of opportunity are also rife with hidden elements and confusion. There’s bound to be a lot of drama and pageantry connected to activities. Grandiose ideas, big plans, unattainable goals, and a tendency toward procrastination set the stage for you to evade real responsibility or to make promises you can’t possibly keep. Differences in background can provoke conflict or points of contention between you and those you work with. Additionally, fraud and deceit are also possible in financial matters making it especially important that you refrain from signing any legal documents unless you’re completely clear on all the facts. You may be required to address misrepresentation in legal activities or take legal action with regard to pets, discrimination, or unsafe working conditions. While these situations have the possibility to turn out favorably, you’ll need to be realistic rather than overly optimistic.

Restless, impulsive, and highly influenced by the environment, you’re likely to feel somewhat overwhelmed by emotions. Heightened sensitivity forces you to tune in to the moods and emotions of those around you, especially your immediate family. Because of this, you tend to either attract those in need or become quite needy yourself. As a result of the latter, it can be quite difficult to make objective decisions that aren’t self-oriented. Perhaps you’re reclusive, moody, or depressed as you struggle to recover from the past. Your healing process may include reviewing events and allowing yourself to finally feel emotions you’d cauterized for the sake of survival. As you become more intuitively aware, you’ll make better decisions that protect you from participating in harmful scenarios that carry the high-risk possibility for damage.

Some of these situations involve chaos and disruption due to unexpected events that have created frustration about the lack of results despite the repeated effort and hard work. Delays, blockages, limitations, restrictions, negative thinking, authoritarian values, or challenging obstacles that have impacted self-worth, earning capacity, or income may be related to exes, older persons, parents, authority figures, or government officials. In many cases, this cycle will mark the end of a situation where you’ve been seeking closure. You may decide to part ways, resign from a job, or file for divorce to end an arrangement that is no longer suitable for your needs. As painful as this might be, it’s necessary for new growth and the new path currently approaching on the horizon.

The keyword for this period is sighing. The card in the Sibilla fortune deck that bears this same word signifies loneliness, grief, isolation, situations that cause pain, feelings of overwhelm and separation, and the need for prioritizing. Put aside worrying over the unattainable and excessive dwelling on the past. It’s time to accept that you’ve come to the end of a long-traveled road. The task now is to focus on the future and the window that opens as an old door closes.

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