New Moon in Virgo

September 6, 2021 | 5:51 pm (PST) | Keyword: Arising

As the moon enters the sign of Virgo, new conditions quickly emerge in relation to partnerships and those with whom you face opposition. Persons with strong Virgo placements (sun, moon, or rising) will be integral to events. Situations will require that you use analytical thinking skills to assess the circumstances and arrive at the most expedient solution. While the moon is in the sign of service, you feel a stronger pull toward serving others. Although you have a desire to bring ideals and wishes to fruition, any tendency toward being dictatorial, critical, and judgmental can be alienating. Instincts can either drive you to relate on a superficial or perfunctory level based on obligatory duty rather than sincere or heartfelt motivation or on impulses led with heart over head. This new cycle challenges you to release the need for control and unrealistic standards of perfectionism.

Relationships take on greater significance during this cycle, but certain partnerships prove to be problematic, particularly those connected to women who are hypersensitive. In fact, women, in general, can be opposed to your ideas or plans. Beware of deception involving those you work with or costly errors caused by the lack of attention to detail. You may be forced to confront someone who has acted against you and/or your reputation. Conflicts will be more emotional and you may find it difficult to be objective. This suggests a need for tact and diplomacy rather than forcing ultimatums. In some cases, you may be working toward moving past obstructions related to financial issues or conflicts over loans, taxes, alimony, inheritance, insurance settlements, and other joint financial interests and this would not be the best time to sign important documents. Matters are not as they appear on the surface and what’s actually delivered can be very different than what’s promised.

On the other hand, you can be very concerned and caring in close connections providing security to others through emotional, physical, or financial support. In spite of the best intentions, the dynamic is likely to cause dependency issues surrounding fairness, equity, or power. Romantic alliances will also be scrutinized, especially when these relationships tend to skew emotions and perception due to belief systems that block healthy interchange and inter-dependency. Troubled relationships will feel the strain of disturbing transitions provoked by jealousy, infidelity, possessiveness, and lack of trust that could result in divorce or separation.

Positively, there can be the urge to marry, a desire for children, or enhanced attraction between partners, although some aspects related to these hopes may be delayed. While you’re unable to make a long-term commitment at the moment, the influence signifies passion, sexual love, and perhaps a union of opposites.

This is also a good time to pay attention to health and the environment and to schedule any medical checkups as needed. Take extra care with water or foods you consume while traveling and be particularly cautious in the handling of oils, paints, or chemicals at this time. Money can be spent or earned in relation to health care foods and products. Financial gains are possible through insurance or medical coverage or because of improved working conditions that lead to a promotion, raise, or bonus. Additionally, you may wish to purchase practical or work-related items, tools, or equipment.

Beyond love and sex, this is an auspicious period for creative endeavors that allow you to implement ideas in a practical way. Fated events can cause you to feel destined to help and heal others. You may have a natural talent for conveying your ideas through writing or teaching your knowledge. A strong belief that the path forward is one of learning, education, and organization can manifest as a specialty interest in animals, plants, herbal medicine, flower remedies, or non-drug healing methods.

The keyword for this cycle is arising. Discoveries, talents, or information can emerge where problems, situations, or opportunities become apparent. There’s an emphasis on those who love the grandeur of nature, are artistic, mystical, or philosophical. For some, destiny involves transformation through spreading truth and helping others to appreciate the light. This influence portends fortunate situations filled with the promise of potential for the achievement of a heartfelt desire.

Don’t forget to manifest by writing your wishes in the first eight hours of the new moon.

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