3rd Quarter Moon in Gemini

August 30, 2021 | 0:13 am (PST) | Keyword: Elevation

The moon is taking its time to unfold events as it slowly moves through its quarter phase. The sign of Gemini provokes your curiosity and you may seek answers to many questions. Those with strong Gemini placements (sun, moon, or rising) may play a critical role. In the mundane, a national treasure or acts of courage related to catastrophic events could receive attention from the public. Personally, this influence can manifest in the form of educational pursuits that provide mental stimulation through instinctively collecting information or things and this is a good time to attend lectures and group activities that focus on the intellectual. And while it’s not the ideal week for requesting a loan or making financial investments, it’s still important that you’re generous with knowledge or resources.

But beware of an incessant need for stimuli that can cause you to scatter your energies in a series of relationships or a variety of false friends. It would be better to establish enriching mental connections rather than follow the pursuit of meaningless information and superficial encounters. Mercury is the dispositor for this moon, but is intercepted (using Placidus houses) suggesting delays and blockages because of how you present yourself in partnership created by difficulties in the marriage between expression and intellect. This may be due to a language barrier, verbal skills, a speech impediment, or perhaps a different mindset. Thinking influenced by the love impulse or thoughts of love and marriage and the children that result from such may be in focus. This can also relate to the tendency to delve into the problems of a sex relationship or involvement with actors or writers of love stories. The Aries/Libra axis indicates procrastination and problems with taking action or getting started, possibly due to fear or lack of assertiveness. The outcome is a lack of balance or sustained equality in partnerships and exchanges with others whereby one of you ends up as “servant” and consistently relied upon to make decisions or provide a service for the other. Limitations, restrictions, or delays serve for you to reconsider what responsibilities you’d like to take on versus where you should consider saying no.

This Mercury also sits at the Aries Point indicating that matters are likely to come before the public or through involvement with others unknown to you. Concerns may be related to decisions and/or partnerships connected to children, romance, travel, financial speculation, creative endeavors, or self-made businesses, after which, the effects are likely to cascade consecutively into other areas of life.

Problematic issues related to the handling of work duties can come to the fore due to gossip and rumors instigated by coworkers or interference from family or neighbors that can impact job performance. Conflicts, overwork, misunderstandings, delays, lost messages or documents, errors in shipping, transportation problems, and a host of problematic situations can wreak havoc on the nervous system.

Despite any perceived need for social connection, a part of you might really enjoy a more reclusive lifestyle where you have the time and privacy to pursue an interest. In fact, part of any success you achieve right now can be due to spending much of your time in seclusion rather than attempting to seek prominence in the public eye. This suggests doing research, working on behind-the-scenes activities, working as a social media influencer, or wielding influence through hidden or back door channels. You’re especially sensitive to those in need and can find emotional security through caring for or in spiritual service to others, although you’ll need to be careful about whom and what you choose to give your time and energy to. You might also be very protective having little regard for personal safety if loved ones are threatened. However, you could be more concerned with using your intellect for the welfare of others than with family ties. This might include a career involving seclusion or institutions such as hospitals, libraries, museums, or isolated positions in remote places.

In some cases, you feel the need to be very private about your feelings. Perhaps you withhold honest and intimate communication resorting instead to the inclination to tell others what they want to hear rather than what is truthful. At other times, you’re simply looking to get a rise and a reaction to your articulation. Perhaps this is due to wounds you’re still healing from, or intense and overwhelming emotions that make it difficult to find expression, or from feeling misunderstood, or even ignored when you do share. Other factors that contribute to the restraint of your emotions can be various scenarios that require confidentiality or discretion to avoid repercussion or provide protection. It’s important that you have someone you trust that can serve as an outlet for deep emotions that should be revealed.

There are changes in mood and temperament that come with increased sensitivity. New domestic conditions and changes involving family members and/or women play a significant role. Positively, there could be news surrounding siblings or neighbors, or gains through a woman or someone who plays a positive, nurturing role in your life. It’s also possible that the emergence of a new friendship, love, or intensification of a current relationship will occur during this cycle. You may choose to keep a relationship or certain aspects of one private for very specific reasons. While there is a strong attractive power for inspiring love attached to this moon, there’s a duality that threatens to overturn attraction and replace it with aversion if not careful.

At some point during this cycle, you’re likely to receive some unexpected good news, take a trip, or discover something that makes work flow more efficiently. Perhaps you’re a person of ambition with aspirations that connect to a desire for honor and reputation. Keen perception allows you to recognize both the virtue and weakness of human nature. In fact, you may admire and wish to emulate bold individuals, particularly strong or independent women. The keyword during this period is elevation, and for some, the possibility exists to achieve elevated status or for the opportunity to rise in a position in some branch of public service or in the service of country.

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