Love Notes: Weekend Aug 27-29, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: It may be difficult to acknowledge the truth of something or a revelation sheds light on complicated circumstances in your relationship and what’s behind them. New information has the potential to change your perspective concerning matters you found obstructive, restrictive, or challenging. Perhaps you recognize that a misunderstanding is the cause of these limitations and it leads to greater self awareness. On the other hand, it might be the complexities created by forces outside of your control that disrupts or interferes with the flow of your relationship. You may be taking matters way too seriously or not seriously enough. A way out of the current situation depends on whether you’re capable of thinking outside of the box to arrive at a solution.


  • Solution that provides empowerment; solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • Friends in high places; power behind the throne
  • Harnessing personal power to find a solution; manifesting plans and dreams
  • Taking a leadership role (or the need to)–discovering a clue, finding the answer
  • Empowered through unlocking a secret, mystery, or clue
  • An opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you


  • Taking action because of a broken heart, loss, or disappointment–a need to take the initiative
  • Disappointed in someone’s actions; betrayal, separation, or break-up of relationship
  • Time to act–“you snooze, you lose”; timing is a factor in loss or disappointment
  • Diving head first into a situation that may be problematic
  • Broken-hearted about trying to get something started
  • Start of something, good timing after dealing with loss, hurt, or disappointment


  • Not taking a situation seriously leads to a dead end
  • Lighthearted atmosphere suddenly ends because of letting loose–overindulgence or poor choice of words (joking); partying, drinking until closing
  • Time out–round and round about same issues without resolution; no apparent solution; repetitive behavior; luck in closing the door on a situation
  • Need for recreation or playtime due to burnout from dead end situations
  • False start; relationship progresses only to end suddenly at closed door; confusion about where relationship is headed
  • Unable to create situation intended for enjoyment; progress blocked; no-win situations


  • Lucky opportunity that appears out of the blue; fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Possibilities, opportunities
  • Luck through taking a risk OR pushing your luck
  • Gambling–need to be frugal
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise; lucky opportunity brings about meeting with someone of interest
  • Wish fulfilled


  • Healing family issues; dealing with extended family; shared family values are important to relationship
  • Family doctor; family medicine; healing concerns related to family member
  • Creating family traditions; family celebration
  • Doctors or healers in the family
  • Time out from family to heal; self nourishment; need for self love
  • Healing related to the desire to start a family


  • Exploring history, heritage, ancestry, background
  • Traveling to historical sites, hotels, large properties, institutions
  • Expansion through creating a legacy, acquisition, or inheritance
  • Pushing the boundaries with regard to politics, conservatism, traditional values, established institutions or systems
  • You/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, influence
  • Old money; historical wealth–assets, investments, royalties, inheritance
  • Changing of the guard; breaking the mold–need to try something new
  • Arranged marriage; staying within perceived elevated social status when dating/socializing/marrying; destination wedding
  • Traveling in circles with powerful individuals
  • Government contracts; considering politics


  • Open to cosmetic surgery or procedures to look more youthful
  • Receptive to an ending or transformation
  • Running after an illusion–dealing with manipulation, underhanded tactics, power
  • Close to luck in the regeneration of a situation; new direction
  • Crisis-oriented situations that may involve death, surgery, or rehabilitation; profound and unsettling change
  • Listening to intuition about impending circumstances; dealing with an inevitability; fated situations
  • Concerns that focus on debt, taxes, large sums of money, sexuality
  • Investigative matters; probing
  • Dealings with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)


  • Luck is a matter of perspective–preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person/situation
  • Need for action–some truth becomes glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Taking a closer look at hopes and dreams; need for change in perspective about your relationship
  • Unexpected gift/opportunity changes your perspective; results surpass expectations


  • Attainment–winning score; outbidding the competition; basking in the glow of achievement; sporting events; best price through comparison shopping
  • Attainment of or because of documents, statements, receipts, paperwork, checks, records, license, tickets, test scores, lab work, etc.
  • Critical success; criticism of success (yours/other); negative comparisons
  • Recognition of tit-for-tat behavior, score-keeping, power plays, red flags; mental record of perceived “wrongs”
  • Extreme competition; competition for love and affection; having to pay high price for relationship
  • Attainment through trading favors (sex, money, power, services, etc)
  • Time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is–withdrawing from the competition
  • Addressing resentments, self-righteousness, drama, inconsistencies (you/other)


  • Seeking adventure through travel or road trip
  • Looking into the future (prophecy, forecast); looking ahead
  • New horizons–long range plans; headed toward change; down the road
  • Need to wake up in matters related to the future
  • Pushing boundaries affects the future (positive/negative)
  • Relationship is in the distant future; planning future together as a couple
  • Hidden knowledge related to timing and luck has a bearing on the future


  • Desire for admiration; influencer
  • Thwarted desires of an admirer (you/other)
  • Temptation toward someone/something; secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Lust, seduction; magnetic attraction
  • Desire–special someone may be unaware that they hold the key to your heart; secret crush; fantasies
  • Someone interested that you hadn’t considered; unexpected encounters
  • Someone is watching you; following


  • Spiritual awakening caused by financial issues
  • Finances affecting relationship; career/work take priority over relationship; workaholic
  • Impact of money or greed on nature/humanity
  • Global finances/market; international currencies
  • Relationship in work setting; work affair with colleague, coworker, client, or superior
  • Choice between sacredness of living versus hustle for money
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry; family business; shared financial goals
  • Money as a spiritual tool; spiritual awakening to prosperity/abundance; using money to benefit nature/humanity

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