Tete-a-Tete|Aug 18, 2021

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

One of you will have to face the music if you’ve tried to manipulate circumstances or create an unfair advantage that resulted in a broken heart, loss, or betrayal. Situations now demand that you deal with the consequences of past choices or the results of poor effort or planning in matters related to home, security, or family bonds. Perhaps this involves travel and a connection to loved ones. But there are expectations and sacred agreements that come with commitment whether tacit or openly stated. This is true whether it’s the manner in which you run your business, your mouth, or your life. If you’ve been pushing the boundaries much too far, you’ll have to work on healing any hurt or repairing the harm so that a relationship can move forward in truth.

Alternatively, if you’re continuously compromising who you are by remaining in a relationship that isn’t right for you, the repercussions of living an inauthentic self may take a toll on your physical or emotional health. It’s time to try a new approach to living that creates greater personal freedom and expansion.

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Image: The Trial of Queen Catherine of Aragon, Baron Henry Nelson O’Neil

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