Full Moon in Aquarius

July 23, 2021 | 7:36 pm (PST) | Keyword: Contentment

With this Aquarius moon ready to move quickly in closing out affairs, the group dynamic is now squarely in focus. This moon assigns you the emotional need to either coordinate group efforts or rebel against the collective all in the name of the greater good. Though you may be willing to think outside of the box for answers, a quest for knowledge can fall short of the mark with regard to emotional intelligence as you struggle to understand the needs of others as well as your own. While a strong advocate for humanity at large, your intimate relationships may leave something to be desired. If you’re the dissenter in the crowd, you may even create drama to ensure that others keep their distance. This is largely due to an overwhelming urge for complete freedom that pushes you toward detachment as the means to live as your truest self instead of a version that others choose. Your rebellious response to limitation can be to shock through erratic and unpredictable behavior or to use expression as the means to jolt others out of the comfort zone of complacency. Careful handling of matters is required or you may create unexpected turmoil due to the lack of adaptability in situations that feel restrictive. Persons with strong Aquarius in the chart (sun, moon, rising) are key to events.

During this cycle, it’s important for you to consider the repercussions of your choices. The impartiality of Aquarius is overshadowed by the moon’s proximity to intensity-triggering Pluto. As matters of the past few weeks reach a critical turning point, you can feel emotionally overwhelmed making it difficult for you to be objective. This can manifest as the fanatical pursuit of an objective or violent outbursts in response to emotional upheaval. Your surroundings and those within it have a strong influence on your mood inciting the desire to protect and nurture immediate family and those in need of assistance. This could mean more involvement with an important woman in your life or decisions about separation in connection to loved ones, children, and friends. Alternatively, it may be changes in shifts, schedules, or working conditions that you find unsettling.

However, you could be so self-involved that your own emotional demands take precedence over situations. You may be withdrawn, somber, moody, or suffering from depression as you wrestle with highs and lows to recover from an emotional trauma connected to the past. Perhaps this involved a controlling relationship where religious beliefs, political views, or cultural constraints restricted you physically, emotionally, or intellectually. It might have been the choice of partner who refused to make you a priority or used gender/sex for dominance provoking fears of abandonment or infidelity. You may find that a review of these events provides the catharsis needed to heal old wounds or endows you with a gift for helping others. In fact, this is an influence that supports delving into the psyche and tapping into emotions as you evolve to become more intuitive when making decisions. This is a significant process in learning to protect yourself from emotionally damaging situations and an important growth exercise if you habitually suppress your feelings. Right now, you gain emotional security through frank and honest expression.

Favorably, there’s fulfillment of your desires and positive answers that bring good fortune in the wake of multiple opportunities. You’re likely to receive support that is perfectly tailored to your needs. You may be the recipient of exciting news, take an unexpected trip, or attend an intellectual function. Although you’re approaching closure in a circumstance, this also marks the sprouting seeds of new conditions and may signify the birth of a child, the beginning of a project, or a creative endeavor. As a result, you may wield a powerful influence over the public through writing or speaking, technology, or social media. Perhaps you’ll discover new ways of working that allow for greater efficiency. Good news may also arrive concerning a sibling or neighbor.

The keyword during this period is contentment and the influence encourages you to love, nourish, and nurture–yourself, others, and pet projects. Your sympathy and benevolence attracts both friends and good fortune. Contentment is said to be “an emotional state of satisfaction that can be seen as a mental state, maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind.” Liberate yourself from what does not bring peace.

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