New Moon in Cancer

July 9, 2021 | 6:16 pm (PST) | Keyword: Essentials

This moon arrives in Cancer, the sign of its rulership, and while new moons bring new beginnings, unfortunately, this one is borne of frustration and feelings of disempowerment. Naturally, there’s an emphasis on the importance of family and home and this influence may strengthen a bond you share with your mother or other important women in your life. The emotional need for security can play out through a desire to help or a feeling of not getting what you deserve. Memories, past influences, and delving into the most private parts of yourself will instigate the push for a fresh start, especially in situations involving forgiveness. But this is not the time to dwell on the past and negative circumstances—the residual from these experiences will soon pass. This is a cycle to trust intuition and to rely on instincts to guide your actions. The highest good manifests when you can see clearly through a lens of compassion instead of clouded judgments that focus on self-centered expectations. Rather than manipulating others through dependency, over-protectiveness, and control, channel energy into understanding for others or helping the underprivileged. Those with the sign of Cancer prominent in the chart (sun, moon, or rising) may play a pivotal role in upcoming events.

The quality of your most important relationships will have a powerful influence on your moods and responses. For those with a history of apprehension about connecting to others because of rigidity, excessive piety, or extreme moralistic views, this moon demands that you relax, yield, and bend to the occasion as called for. You may find yourself wanting more acceptance from the group or a greater need for companionship. This can prompt you to expend a lot of energy searching for the right person to share your life with. In some cases, this desire may encourage you to be more adaptable to all situations out of sensitivity to a partner. But this can also lead to dependency issues–you can have an unusual level of awareness about other people’s feelings but shouldn’t idealize them. On the other hand, there may be a pattern of attempting to connect with individuals whose emotions are difficult to read thereby keeping you in a continuous state of tension and effectively holding you hostage. Ultimately, the choice will either be to please, placate, or totally rebel against the partner’s influence. Under the best circumstances, you’re able to strike a perfect balance between loving compromise and self-assertion. This attracts partners who have their own independent interests and are not overly reliant on you.

You may also bear the brunt of responsibilities related to parents or authority figures. In spite of this, some of your actions or activities have recently met with opposition from family members. For some, this involves family living at a distance or the relatives of a spouse. Perhaps for the sake of avoiding confrontation, you decide to move forward on your own without the cooperation you were hoping for. As a result of the perceived lack of support and sense of being denied, emotional depression, disappointment, inferiority complexes, and feelings of discontent are probable. Issues may center on in-laws or the emergence of legal difficulties involving property, inheritance, or insurance. Alternatively, it may be an emotional crisis of someone with a foreign background to contend with or an approaching misfortune connected to health or travel. Be careful that you don’t allow emotions to distort good judgment or you could over-extend in attempts to help or place confidence and trust in someone who doesn’t deserve it. Additionally, there’s a tendency toward over-optimism in the affairs of home and business without checking necessary facts or figures. Modesty and balance are required when speculating or making long-range plans concerning the sale or purchase of a home or property or the expansion or redecoration of a residence.

The keyword during this period is essentials and suggests it’s time to get back to the basics in some area of your life. This process asks you to find the conviction of your own truth–one that extends beyond mere belief to what you know is indispensable to the facts. This means stripping away all layers to arrive at the chief element now at the core of current circumstances. While you may question the value of knowing a future that doesn’t necessarily correspond with your desires, there’s power in claiming personal authority over your perception and reactions. Positively, you may receive a practical gift of food, clothing, books, or money meant to cover the essentials.

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