3rd Quarter Moon in Aries

July 1, 2021 | 2:10 pm (PST) | Keyword: Ideality

The speed of this moon suggests that matters will take some time to unfold. With the moon in the sign of Aries, your emotional need for action based on self-interest is at the fore of situations inspiring you to passionately pursue a course of action. Your competitive spirit is activated as are your survival instincts. Aries energy spurs you to be resourceful in the ability to recognize opportunities and make the most of them, although this may drive you toward dominance over others in situations you feel you need to control. Negatively, tightly controlled emotions can easily unravel now causing you to impulsively act without giving much forethought to consequences. It’s possible that those with strong Aries in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) will play a pivotal role in upcoming events.

Health becomes a major focus at this time whether the emphasis is on the mental, physical, or emotional and making practical improvements or reforming destructive habits. Fortunately, you’re likely to have strong vitality and good recuperative powers. The moon transmits the force and power critical to breaking the hold of illness over the body. You may decide to share the insights you’ve gained with others regarding alternative medicine, new healing therapies, or beneficial health practices.

Nevertheless, this is a cycle where excessive worry can be detrimental to health and well-being, particularly the digestive system. Problems with the menstrual cycle can also be pronounced. In fact, you may be so preoccupied with health concerns to the point that you must constantly readjust your daily commitments or reassess your priorities in life. On the other hand, it may be the health of someone close that demands your attention. While this moon’s conjunction to Chiron makes you caring and empathetic, perhaps you’ve become too adept at looking after your loved ones at the expense of yourself. If so, you’ll need to redress this situation to nurture yourself by balancing your personal needs with your duty to others.

The asteroid Bacchus is currently linked to the wounded healer which instigates a turning point that may correlate with addiction or the belief that addictive behaviors are uniquely justified. As a result of this flawed reasoning, the addict may be disruptive, in denial, or refusing to conform as a way of managing situations, emotions, or others. This moon is also conjunct asteroid Lilith triggering issues related to competition for the mother’s affection or attention. This can play out as rejection, emotional infidelity, recognition of the role and impact of mother as mistress, sharing negative stereotypes of women, acute awareness of the favorite child (and/or not being it), and blame for a lack of maternal protection. This theme can also manifest as a rejection of food, family ties, heritage, emotional needs, or of others. Problematic family conditions are an indication that cooperation is lacking and you may have to make decisions on your own.

Even without the support of family, success may be achieved through extraordinary situations that involve spontaneous effort, action, or decisions involving friends and groups. This moon’s influence provides the impetus to move forward, to overcome inertia, and to change the status quo. Surprising luck or protection may prevent a close call or you may receive assistance to reach agreements or settlements through influential individuals or those connected to government, legal, or religious professions.

The keyword is ideality which emphasizes the capacity to conceptualize a more perfect ideal beyond the current reality. Those who would not abuse it may be given trust and the accompanying power to uplift and relieve pain and suffering.

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