Love Notes: Weekend Jun 25-27, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Karma is the agent of change in circumstances which suggests that the course of a situation is now being directed by the Universe. Perhaps you’ve dealt with an ending or a life transformation that forced you to face the reality of a truth or endure an interminable wait for something that never seemed to arrive. It may have involved a soul-level partnership related to karmic debts, lessons, and/or love. Ultimately, this transition arrives as a break with the past that proves to be positive. It requires you to disconnect and go within and the ideal would be to spend time alone with self or time alone with a partner in environments that encourage healing–a retreat, nature, vacation, or quiet evenings at home. The point is to create the sacred space that allows for clarity in your feelings without the influence of external noise and the opinions of others. Doing so will re-energize your commitment to a partnership that really matters. The result is a deepening connection in a serious relationship or the attraction that manifests as a loving partner if you’ve been single.


  • Appreciation for healing or healers; healing
  • Self-medicating through shopping, purchases; gratification
  • Taking better care of health and appearance OR the need to
  • Need for self love as priority over involvement in relationship
  • Obsessively holding on–need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of own inner beauty; self-reflection
  • Upgrade of something worn, old, or in need of repair; comparisons (positive/negative)
  • Admiration for something vintage or old
  • Material focus because of obsession with perfectionism in self
  • Appreciation for the fact of needing to heal and to put self first


  • Illusions concerning relationship–need to take steps
  • Difficult to resist attraction (person/interest)
  • In love with love
  • A focus on bringing new ideas to life
  • Attracting what you desire–new love is in the works or on its way
  • Influencing others; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • Beginning stages of relationship; courtship
  • Meeting a new potential partner


  • Taking action behind the scenes
  • May be a good time to close the door on a situation
  • Time to act–protecting your privacy; keeping matters under wraps
  • Diving into situation related to private information or concerns
  • Starting something–you and a partner may need to spend time alone together
  • Need to take the initiative regarding encounter with someone very private, difficult to access, or know
  • Good timing–need for discretion


  • Meeting up on the road; reconnecting with someone you previously separated from; reunion
  • A focus on moving forward with plans for reconciliation–making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts
  • Meeting concerning moving on–working out issues or terms
  • Creating or following a plan–relationship counseling or therapy
  • Aimlessness or disorientation concerning direction of relationship; motivation/drive moving forward; “where do we go from here?”
  • Make up after break up; falling in love again


  • Leadership through empowering message; harnessing personal power through speech or writing; need to take charge of messaging
  • Veiled attempt at connecting
  • Manifesting plans or dreams connected to written invitations, letters, documents, text, email, phone call
  • You’ll soon send/receive a love message; love letter, card, sentiment
  • Wedding announcement
  • Making contact; hearing from someone


  • Repairing a light; need to change bulb
  • Light-worker (working as one or connecting to)
  • Clarity through or concerning doctors, healers, medical issues
  • Awareness of need for time out for healing; self nourishment
  • Inner/outer healing (physically/emotionally) because of greater understanding
  • Light-bulb moment–new insights into healing; learning about new healing methods
  • Clarity brings healing–you’re gaining truth about this relationship; coming to a clear understanding
  • Hidden revealed; uncovering root of issue (physical/emotional) in order to heal


  • Desire to rectify situation; concern for fairness or justice
  • Tempted to take legal action; weighing options; negotiations
  • Temptation results in legal issues; working on equitable resolution
  • Desire to obtain or become a lawyer, judge, or work in legal profession
  • Desire to decorate; creativity concerned with line, harmony, color, balance; artistic endeavors
  • Temptation towards someone/something–dual opportunities; inability to choose between partners
  • Balancing the scales–determining what’s fair regarding domestic responsibilities, parenting, finances, assets
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Important choices or decision; making adjustments


  • Choice on whether to wear a mask or not
  • Falsity impacts the resurrection of a partnership; presenting false face in the relationship; someone very different than the attractive presentation
  • Something thought dead has new life (may be negative) – issues related to false friend, gossip, liar, opportunist, player, con, impostor
  • Masking true feelings regarding the revival of a relationship
  • Moving from relationship with person falsely pretending to have your best interest at heart
  • Secret agenda or ulterior motive for resurrecting a relationship


  • Freedom to be alone–greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others
  • Solitude–need to let go and move on
  • Breaking out of the routine (alone more or less so)
  • Private world; creativity; energized from being alone–can do anything
  • Exhilaration in the great outdoors; retreat
  • Excited about oceanfront property, house by the sea
  • Need to be alone as a couple


  • Finances are affecting the relationship (positive/negative)
  • Pay to play; having fun with money; playfulness regarding money
  • Workaholic tendencies; complete and total focus on money, earnings, spending; career/work takes priority over relationship; mind on the money; all about the money
  • Seeing through the financial motivations of others
  • Shared financial goals; family business
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Relationships connected to work setting; work affair with coworker, colleague, client, or superior
  • Imaginative ideas for making money; letting creativity loose
  • Start of something related to money or finances


  • Heightened intuition through solitude–need for rest and withdrawal; re-energizing after being alone
  • Intuition about reason for being alone (you/them)–seeking sanctuary; solitude to re-energize
  • Trusting instincts about whether this relationship should move forward–mulling things over
  • Intuition reveals message through encounter–inner listening


  • Contemplating issues or concerns related to marriage or commitment
  • Thinking about a wedding; impact of church/religion on marriage
  • Inner/outer messages (positive/negative) regarding commitment; “marriage is nonsense”
  • Not taking or not being taken seriously in commitment, marriage, or partnership
  • Weighing options regarding commitment
  • Taking stock of the relationship; consideration of formal coupling
  • Partnership–two heads are better than one

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Image: One Day in June, William Thomas Smedley

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