Full Moon in Capricorn

June 24, 2021 | 11:39 am (PST) | Keyword: Perseverance

It’s show time as matters culminate to a climax with the full moon in Capricorn. In a sign motivated by status, success, and recognition, this moon provokes your emotional need for authority. Extreme sensitivity in relation to the domestic sphere can cause you to feel more possessive, both of intimate relationships and things. To achieve your goals, you’ll need to act quickly when the opportunity arises and call upon the powers of endurance to overcome obstacles that seem to block your desires. But long hours or workaholic tendencies can negatively impact health. Be mindful of overdoing it and the potential for heart attack or stroke. You may be focused so intently on realizing a plan because you’re harshly averse to the prospect of failure. This may challenge you to address inner feelings of fear, frustration, or inadequacy. However, your true strength lies in the power to encourage others to take full authority over their lives. Persons with strong Capricorn in the chart (sun, moon, rising) are key to events.

The focus during this cycle is likely to be on your place of residence or domestic affairs and you’re likely to either change your residence or something about your home during this period because of the impact on emotional needs and a pronounced emphasis on comfort. The influence of this moon strongly affects you, especially if the home life is difficult or triggering fears of being alone or alienated. Family worries, separation, or issues related to the mother or wife may be of concern. Alternatively, perhaps it’s the affairs of children, a love relationship, investments, or places of entertainment that carry negative consequence.

If you’re compelled to make changes to your home, you may not realize that this has a direct correlation to the emotional shift you’re experiencing inside, but it’s a reflection of your need to establish a firmer foundation upon which to build your life. This can manifest as a decision to renovate your home in mirrored response to inner dissatisfaction or due to a greater need for sanctuary from the demands of the outside world. This may even extend to an influence on career choices such as starting a profession connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design, or decorating. However, delays or hindrances are possible in the purchase, sale, or redecoration of the home as well as setbacks in related vocations.

Old, hidden, or confusing elements in matters are ready to be resolved and through the examination of emotional needs, you’ll probably delve into memories of the past to review the effects of habits or past conditioning that has affected your life up until the present. Perhaps this comes with the realization that you’ve been too set in a pattern that makes you a willing accomplice to victimization or to put up with all sorts of pressures rather than make necessary changes.

At this time, you’re feeling protective of both self and others and may attract relationships that require an element of nurturing on either end. This could be through issues related to recovery from illness or added responsibilities pertaining to a parent or superior. Alternatively, you may have recently received beneficial help, assistance, or hidden gains through an authority figure.

In general, the quality of your connections are up for review. You’re very much attuned to how much emotional support you’re receiving from others…or not. In some instances, you could be conflicted as to what to believe, but a heightened intuitive sense provides insight into discrepancies in your exchanges between what you’re told and what you instinctively feel. Because of this, you may choose to withdraw from relationships that can’t or won’t fulfill your emotional expectations. In fact, this can be an emotionally depressing cycle that leaves you feeling drained, unloved, or neglected with a wish to sever ties. However, this is a precarious time to make decisions about emotional relationships. In this quest for deeper intimacy, you’ll probably experience revelations about the impact you make on others as well.

The keyword during this period is perseverance. Indeed, it’s the use of mental, moral, and physical force that will assist you through even the most challenging or adverse conditions. The indication is that you might lose a job or experience other such circumstances that shake up by the energy of change. But as stressful as this may be, you’ll eventually realize that you’ve gained your freedom. Despite any difficulty or delays to success, the message is to keep moving forward toward the intended goal and to swiftly push for freedom from restraints in order to liberate yourself from an intolerable situation, circumstance, or relationship. In support of these efforts, if you’ve been waiting for a response to an inquiry, you’ll soon receive a message or the answer.

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