Love Notes: Weekend Jun 18-20, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There’s a positive transformation underway that brings a window of opportunity for much-needed change. Careful that you don’t wait too long and allow it to close. If you’ve been searching for answers or ideas that would help you to achieve a dream, goal, or objective, you’ll soon make a helpful discovery that unlocks the secret to obtaining your desires. A confounding mystery can finally be solved that offers a breakthrough and allows a new you to emerge. Doors that were once closed or hearts formerly under lock and key (including your own) may swing wide open ushering in solutions to any difficulties or challenges you’ve formerly faced.

For some, children, youthfulness in body and/or spirit, or a connection to childhood holds a significant link. After processing old emotional wounds in order to heal, it’s now time for a lighter, more playful approach to life.


  • Anger surrounding or involving a legal situation; weighing options; adjustments in legal matters
  • Restoring the passion in relationship
  • Passionate about issues of fairness or justice; determined to right the scales
  • Rushing into an opportunity or making a choice; quick negotiations
  • Balancing professional and personal life
  • Determining what’s fair regarding domestic responsibilities, parenting, finances, assets
  • Choosing between two partners
  • Significant dealings with Libra persons (sun, moon, rising) or Libra ruled affairs
  • Working on agreements for equitable resolution
  • Making important decisions concerning following your bliss; dual opportunities


  • Blocking an admirer or being blocked–running after an illusion
  • Receptive to admiration; someone is watching you
  • Listening to your intuition concerning an attraction
  • Open to the opportunity to connect–special someone who may be unaware they hold the key to your heart; luck involved in connection
  • Secret crush; secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Attraction moves in a new direction


  • Rebirth because of the resurrection of a relationship
  • Something thought dead has new life; revitalization of relationship; relationship may reawaken desires you thought were dead
  • Change–changing your appearance; coming out of isolation
  • Renewal–relationship may start again in new form; second chances
  • Rebirth after moving on from the old
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly


  • Action that is instigated by a death or transformation; release, surrender; inevitability
  • Time to act due to profound and unsettling changes–need to take the initiative
  • Actions that may be sexual in nature
  • Addressing issues of manipulation or underhanded tactics
  • Good timing related to large sums of money
  • Action regarding debt, taxes, inheritance
  • Start of something after an ending
  • Significant dealings with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)


  • Healing message; words that have healing effect
  • Communication with healers–doctors, spiritual healers, therapists, etc.
  • Time out from communication in order to heal; self-nourishment; need for self-love
  • You will soon send/receive a love message; love letter, card, sentiment
  • Written invitation, text, email, phone call
  • Wedding announcement
  • Hearing from someone; making contact


  • Choosing a fragrance
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Trying to maintain emotional equilibrium regarding intense magnetism to someone/something; inner/outer alignment
  • Masking the intensity of emotion
  • Strong physical attraction; intense sexual chemistry; sexual encounter
  • Successfully juggling your passion (person/interest); work/life harmony
  • Need for healthy balance regarding your desires


  • Feeling alone in a marriage or commitment; need for time alone away from partner; need for rest and withdrawal
  • Alone or need for solitude because of control issues in partnership
  • Wedding (maybe just the two of you); elopement
  • In solitude with a partner
  • Seeking sanctuary through OR from partnership
  • Re-energizing your marriage or commitment
  • Mulling things over in consideration of commitment or becoming a formal couple


  • Fortunate engagement (proposal of marriage, social event)
  • Hopes and dreams regarding proposal or union
  • Spontaneous offer, commitment, party
  • Finding the perfect ring; promise ring; gift of jewelry
  • Results surpass expectations–agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Unexpected gift or opportunity that arrives through promise or offer
  • Need to take action regarding commitment, obligation or undertaking
  • Lucky circumstances related to party or social engagement


  • Thwarted desires
  • Strong desire to find or connect with “the one”
  • Lust, seduction toward perceived ideal; temptation towards someone/something
  • Desire for gift, jewelry, luxury, recognition
  • Drawn toward someone who possesses all the traits, values, and attributes you desire; partner worth spending a lifetime with; marriage material
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction; being in the spotlight
  • May be receiving gifts, good fortune, recognition


  • Illusions, need to take steps–inability to read emotions
  • Secretly influencing others; someone is keeping secrets
  • Enchantment with secrets (confidentialities, disclosures, mysteries, occult, private info, etc.)
  • Element of relationship is secretive, hidden, or clandestine; being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Secret enchantment (person/project); attracting what you desire
  • Working behind the scenes to bring ideas to life


  • Pushing boundaries to create or in relation to opportunity (positive/negative)
  • Need to wake up to an opportunity–new perceptions
  • Opening the door to adventure; new horizons
  • Opportunity will present that allows you to create beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative


  • Too oblivious or self-absorbed to see the light
  • Clarity surrounding fame, celebrity, stardom
  • Clear self-expression; confident speaker; others confident in what you have to say
  • Center of attention; in the spotlight; letting yourself shine
  • Recognized for creativity and/or confidence
  • Coming to a clear understanding; interactions bring important issues to light
  • Gaining greater truth or clarity concerning a relationship
  • Light-bulb moment; hidden revealed

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