1st Quarter Moon in Virgo

June 17, 2021 | 8:54 pm (PST) | Keyword: Labor

If you’ve been reading any of the prior moon posts, you’ve probably come to realize that quarter moons are really not much fun unless you enjoy crisis. This moon in the sign of Virgo arouses the emotional need to get practical, to be of service, and to be “right.” Virgo is connected to regimens, work, routines, repairs, and a focus on the details making this is an ideal time for scheduling a health check-up. When positive, the influence imparts the ability to analyze circumstances with the goal of improvement, greater efficiency, or finding a solution. However, in the process, you can be quite critical of both self and others if conditions fail to meet exceedingly high standards. The negative is a tendency to act mechanically out of a sense of duty, obligation, or from the standpoint of what you perceive as correct behavior whether your heart is in it or not. This moon is in tense aspect to both Saturn and Uranus which might leave you feeling emotionally torn between the old order and a new way of being. A Virgo person (sun, moon, or rising) could be the catalyst for unfolding events.

In spite of all the pragmatic energy present in Virgo, an inner restlessness provokes the urge to break from the norm rather than conform. This could suggest taking a different approach to matters through evaluating an old belief system to determine if it’s still relevant as a useful application in your daily life. Unfortunately, over-stimulation of the nervous system can make you hyper-sensitive to remarks, indecisive, and prone to poor judgment, emphasizing the importance of staying on cautious alert of deceptive, rebellious, or eccentric coworkers. With business matters in general, you’ll need to carefully scrutinize all instructions, orders, or output to avoid confusion. Likewise, avoid the temptation to be evasive when filling out documents related to health or work.

A mixed bag of melancholia with a dash of depression can elicit feelings of inadequacy with regard to obligations or being misunderstood, especially if there’s criticism about the handling of duties. This may be as a result of responsibilities surrounding a parent, loss of a job, demotion, delays, or a cut in pay that triggers frustration about unrewarded effort. Upsetting alterations that you dislike in work routines can occur due to changes in shift or department.

Additionally, unexpected problems related to communication, vehicles, appliances, costly repairs, major purchases, or excessive and/or irrational family demands, particularly with regard to female relatives, can be the source of dissatisfaction. While the inclination is to push matters, the better approach is to just lay low. Any concerted effort to steer things your way will only kick up the dust in a situation where the silt needs to settle in order for you to see clearly. The advice is to remain patient until the current restrictions lift.

Sometimes what you believe will be useless in helping you with the decisions you must make. If this is the case, some beliefs will need to be discarded for those that are more consistent with a new pattern of growth and the current life philosophy that must apply to real life everyday circumstances. Emotional feedback from others in the course of daily living will provide insight into which of these beliefs do, in fact, work on a mundane level. Because your beliefs about situations, experiences and relationships also tends to attract your expectations, you’d be wise to assess any belief that encourages you to remain in unhealthy or abusive situations. However, it’s also possible that a lack of desired emotional response from others is actually a result of your own making based on beliefs about love and worthiness. Through this testing and review phase, you’re developing a life approach that works for you emotionally, spiritually and physically and will improve the quality of your life.

In some cases, you may be asked to explain your beliefs in public, but use caution in connection to group activities that may bring unexpected disfavor or conflict. In fact, be wary of gossip, rumors, or news being circulated by coworkers. Another scenario might be writing or teaching a subject that requires real life examples to be understood. You could have numerous interests that make you a stimulating educator or mentor because of your ardent passion for a subject. On the other hand, you may decide to return to school or take up a course of study or training. Perhaps the world of symbolism holds great appeal or exposure to novel ideas and concepts feels revolutionary and liberating. Whatever the direction, you feel the need to seek out new experiences that enrich your outlook on life.

This effort toward expansion may also include travel that is beneficial–either domestic or foreign countries. The focus may be on a commute for work or other reasons. Whether traveling abroad or not, it’s possible that you’ll make new friends with a foreign background or history which is very different from yours. A friend may also be the focus of your attention because of an unexpected illness.

While legal matters are not strongly emphasized, you may be involved with a legal matter or the legal system in some way that could manifest as a consultation with a lawyer. Antagonism about issues surrounding pets may require police activity.

The keyword during this period is labor which indicates a pronounced emphasis on working hard. Again, this may relate to a belief system about what is required of you in order to achieve. This is also a period where you’re likely to be entrusted with a special task or commission. Although there’s a tendency to stoic denial, you may actually find solace in the effort of endeavor. Despite setbacks, long-overdue advancement can finally happen in your career if you’re prepared to effectively deal with authority figures and/or present the facts and figures related to past accomplishments. In fact, all matters connected to health and work now have the possibility to reach a productive conclusion.

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