Love Notes: Weekend Jun 4-6, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may be celebrating or giving thought to the choice of available entertainment as you connect with kindred spirits, friends, or groups of like mind. Amusement, fun, and the pleasure found in collaborating with others are the catalysts for your exchanges. These considerations may also include issues related to transportation, vehicles, or the effort required in getting from point A to point B. However, if this alliance is more romantic in nature, you could be contemplating the direction and linear potential of this relationship. Though coupling brings mutual enjoyment, the focus is on intention and whether the excitement for a relationship is rooted in lust or loyalty. How you view either is dependent on beliefs, conditioning, and upbringing.


  • Intimate memories; reveling in the past
  • Memories related to honeymoon, romantic getaway, foreign places, travel
  • Family/childhood bedroom
  • Deep conversations with or about family/nostalgia
  • Relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and/or emotional intimacy
  • Nostalgia related to closeness; close family members
  • Challenge to leave the room or get out of bed
  • Past influences have an effect on level of intimacy
  • Difficulty moving on from a close connection


  • Oblivious to spending–burning through money
  • Paying for fireworks or lights
  • Flashy spender; spending money on yourself; splurge; new wardrobe
  • Finances are affecting the relationship; attraction to money; finances in the spotlight
  • Shared financial goals; family business; you/partner may be involved in financial industry
  • Focus on money–workaholic; oblivious or self-absorbed–career and work take priority over relationship
  • Sparks fly between you and wealthy individual; work affair with superior, coworker, colleague, client
  • You “look like a million bucks;” radiating wealth; aura of money; rich and famous; celebrity clientele
  • Recognition brings money; paid well for what you do–letting yourself shine; confidence in money-making ability; money in a flash; recognizing that you have the money
  • Paid speaker; expression concerning money; money that comes from or is invested in self-expression (creativity)


  • Belief (negative) that you’re alone
  • Solitude because relationship’s only purpose is to bring about spiritual lesson or because one of you is more focused on spiritual growth
  • Spiritual solitude; need for rest and withdrawal
  • Seeking sanctuary in spiritual faith
  • Beliefs play a role at the next changing phase of the moon
  • Re-energizing faith or beliefs; relationship may bring about spiritual evolution
  • Mulling things over concerning values, spiritual growth, profound connection
  • Time alone with or in deep thought about someone with whom you share spiritual alignment
  • Answered prayers when you’re alone or regarding being alone


  • Pushing boundaries or new perceptions with regard to a love triangle; there are three people in this relationship
  • Pushing boundaries–menage-a-trois
  • Changes that put you squarely in focus; multiple suitors vying for attention; one person catered to by multiple parties
  • Change as a result of third party interference
  • Need to wake up regarding third party or love triangle
  • New horizons–adventure involving three people (platonic); party of three
  • Seeking adventure through a crowning achievement; recognized for “spirit of adventure”


  • Intrigued by someone’s boldness
  • Putting it out there in matters concerning seduction
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment–seduction is vital in maintaining passion in relationship
  • Need to tread lightly–taking a risk concerning hidden affair, temptation, secret or clandestine relationship, sexual innuendos
  • Putting it out there that you’re interested–heavy flirtation; playing the role of seducer or seduced; fascinated by new person


  • Harnessing personal power to spend time alone together
  • Need to take charge of private matter
  • May encounter individual who is difficult to know or access or is very private
  • Power over privacy; need for discretion
  • Leadership–empowerment through private negotiations; back-door channels
  • Manifesting plans/dreams behind the scenes


  • Transformation that comes as a result of an ending
  • Facing truth–may need to love and appreciate self more before getting involved in relationship
  • Waiting in vain–difficulty healing (physical/emotional)
  • Change as a result of neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Obsession with perfectionism in self
  • Transformation–need for self-dialogue, self-acceptance, and rediscovery of inner beauty; self-reflection
  • Change because of need to put self first


  • Thwarted desires–past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Desires related to a past life relationship–lust, seduction
  • Temptation toward someone/something connected to the past
  • Fantasies/unexpected encounters–may be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Relationship connected to unfinished business or something from a long time ago
  • Honored agreement to continue the love in this incarnation


  • Timing is a factor–need to take initiative
  • Divine time to take action; time to act
  • A need to trust that all things occur at the time meant to happen; perfect timing
  • Universe working to unfold a situation in time deemed best for your maximum experience–starting something


  • Exploring the possibilities of change
  • Rebirth of traveling; travel for the purpose of positive change; change of scenery
  • Expansion (emotional/financial/spiritual) through relationship that brings positive personal change or because of relationship undergoing positive changes
  • Pushing the boundaries through change–appearance, outlook, circumstance
  • Need to try something new; second chances
  • Exploring feelings–relationship may reawaken desires you thought were dead; revitalization of relationship; relationship may start again in new form
  • Positive change is the catalyst for coming out of isolation, re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Feeling lighter


  • Secret travel; taking a trip, vacation, or holiday
  • Secrets concerning a long distance relationship or someone/something at a distance; whirlwind relationship
  • Distancing yourself from a secret–something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding
  • Need for something to come to light–making the first move; uplifting secrets
  • Stirring up the past causes a change in the wind
  • May need to go the distance with someone in a difficult situation


  • Arguments concerning change or the resurrection of a partnership
  • Discord because something thought dead has new life again
  • Negative thinking surrounding the renewal of a connection
  • Reviving an argument–sarcasm, sharp words, under attack
  • Renewing or walking away from a relationship that involves winning at all costs
  • Change because of difficulty in communicating
  • Moving on from the old (partnership marked by discord); dead argument

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Image: Fete Champetre, Jean-Baptiste Pater

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