1st Quarter Moon in Leo

May 19, 2021 | 12:12 pm (PST) | Keyword: Voyaging

The quarter moon commences at a critical degree indicating a sense of urgency to matters that may be provoked through confrontation meant to address and resolve problematic situations. This may involve romantic liaisons, relationships with children, self-expression, financial risk, or the consequences of how pleasure is pursued. Fast-moving developments and changing conditions that are beyond your control fueled by new information make it nearly impossible for firm decisions and can cause you to act quickly in response without much forethought. With the moon in the sign of Leo, these emotional events will tie to leadership skills, generosity, and the fortitude of character to overcome adversity. Negatively, there may be concerns about bullying behavior, stubbornness, or ego triggers.

Not only is this a period for gaining recognition from others, but also for awareness about exactly what area of life should be mastered in order to feel fulfilled and appreciated. As a result, you may be forced to examine any doubt or fears about making progress, the potential for failure or rejection, and what you must relinquish, if anything, to maintain your material or social position. Nevertheless, you’re eager to leave the past behind and move toward the future. But to do so, you must first have faith in your own abilities to rise to the challenges. This is a period that suggests the end of a creative cycle or changes related to children where ambitions pivot in a new direction for the purpose of experiencing new beginnings.

Difficulties you encounter might be attributed to both a lack of objectivity and a sense of overwhelm due to pronounced sensitivity to the influence of your surroundings and those within it. The feeling for home, roots, and the security of belonging will be strong. You’re attuned to the moods and emotions of others, particularly where immediate family are concerned and the response is to help those in need by providing support, compassion and understanding. You may also identify with a social, professional, or collective public group.

Alternatively, you may be emotional demanding or allow personal considerations to override all else. This can manifest through situations related to decisions about extravagance, children with money or drug abuse problems, illness that is difficult to diagnose, or a general resistance to change. At the crux of some circumstances may be over-protectiveness or conflict within the family or with a family friend, issues related to mutual goals or group dynamics, the need for therapy or counseling, dealing with the repercussions of a secret love affair, or concerns that center on heritage, politics, or ancestry where concerted effort seems to produce nil results. Perhaps you’re socially withdrawn, quiet, moody or suffering from depression as you strive to recover from an emotional trauma from the past or come to the end of an emotionally tumultuous event.

A healthier approach would be to get in touch with your inner self as you acknowledge your feelings as a means to better understand them rather than living in pretense or trying to suppress important emotions. It’s the establishment of a solid internal foundation that will provide the springboard for your next creative endeavors. This also means learning to protect yourself from the drama of emotionally damaging situations. A review of these events may be helpful in the healing of old wounds while also offering the benefit of emotional growth. The cautionary note is to carefully consider the ramifications of decisions you make based purely on emotion or because of relationships that carry issues of codependency. Attempts to break free of restrictive situations can result in unexpected turmoil. At odds with the opportunity for happiness and success is too much self-concern and/or fear of the unknown, failure, or the motives of others.

The keyword for this cycle is voyaging and it’s possible that travel is undertaken for romance, entertainment, sports, or education and you may benefit through matters related to transport or shipping. In fact, for some, there is the powerful potential of finding great happiness through a journey of some sort. In addition, legal affairs will tend to iron out favorably. Travel of the mind is also indicated and could bring enlightenment and expansion through the cognizance of other people’s values when working toward mutual agreement. As a result, you may be quite fortunate in friendships and the affairs of life.

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