Love Notes: Weekend May 14-16, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There are important decisions to be made concerning–“the message”–whether to send one, accept it, what’s conveyed and how it will be received. Perhaps you’re carefully considering the choice of words this week when you send or receive a love message that may be romantic in nature or a sentimental expression you’d like to share with someone you care about or wish to make contact with. It’s possible that there’s been a separation of some sort between you that may have provided the opportunity for deep reflection about the next chapter of your relationship journey–together or apart. Look for the arrival of emotional communication in the form of a love letter, card, text, email, call, or invitation.


  • Attainment of a ring or proposal
  • Successful engagements–social, business, romantic
  • Recognition through contract, union, engagement to be married; agreements or partnerships that are legally binding
  • Time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is regarding a promise or offer
  • Commitment, obligation, or undertaking
  • Basking in the glow of a social engagement or party
  • Attainment of a promise or offer


  • Romantic admirer; secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Admiration leads to romance–new relationship or moving current relationship to the next level
  • Special someone who may be unaware they hold the key to your heart
  • Honeymoon phase of relationship
  • Need to open to love–someone interested you hadn’t considered
  • Secret crush; someone is watching you


  • Opportunities involving wine, going to wine bar
  • Opportunities that come through long established relationship; someone you’ve known for a long time
  • Possibility to establish a long term relationship; experience assists in making alliances
  • Parental connection, ancestry or heritage offers opportunity
  • Luck through relationship with someone older and more financially established
  • Taking a risk that relates to age or experience; possibility that relationship will improve over time
  • Chance for May-December romance; older couple
  • Opportunity for wisdom through older, wiser, or solid connections


  • Gaining greater clarity or truth in relationship–need to recognize inner beauty
  • Coming to clear understanding regarding the value of something/someone
  • Awareness of luxuriating or pampering self, enjoyment, or pleasure
  • Light-bulb moment; something about interactions will bring important issues to light
  • Hidden revealed (may involve luxury)


  • Illusions about passion, desire, love, or lust (person/pursuit) (positive/negative)
  • Rushing into physical attractions based predominantly on looks
  • Excessive preoccupation with appearances–to “appear” successful, attractive, financially stable, happy, etc.–in order to attract a partner or as a couple
  • Projections onto partner (positive/negative); some aspect of self, partner, or relationship is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Anger/passion related to refusal to see the truth; looking at the root of anger; behavior reflected back
  • Need to take a closer look at someone you are/were/will be intimately involved with; need to examine following passion/bliss or how to find it


  • Magic of timing; perfect timing; time to act
  • Magical time–Universe working to unfold a situation that will provide maximum experience
  • Looking behind the curtain of the inner workings of the Universe; need to notice every day magic
  • Taking a closer look at the timing–need to trust that all things happen as they are meant to occur


  • Recognition of anger; anger over being in the spotlight or receiving recognition (you/other)–under attack
  • Self-expression motivated by anger; disagreements, arguments
  • Recognized for a sharp wit, biting sarcasm, quick repartee, or forceful communication; speaking your mind with confidence
  • Negative thinking; difficulty in communicating
  • Creative differences; difficulty determining where or how to apply your talents
  • Criticism for being too oblivious or self-absorbed; not caring what others think or say about you
  • Winning at all costs (positive/negative); letting yourself shine


  • Need to tread lightly–some truth is becoming glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Not happy with the current view–preference for seeing the more positive aspects of person/situation
  • Skewed perspective regarding happiness or enjoyment
  • Putting your perspective out there carries a risk
  • Need for change in perspective about your relationship


  • Changes in the home, family, or domestic situation
  • Transformation of domestic bliss or happy home situation (positive/negative)
  • Facing a truth or an ending related to family, home, or property matters
  • Waiting in vain for something related to domestic affairs
  • Changes that involves purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together


  • Relying on intuition to take stock of a situation–weighing options
  • May feel you’re not taken seriously; not listening to your own intuition; intuition regarding any foolishness
  • Contemplating intuitive messages
  • Intuition about whether you should get advice–two heads are better than one
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Intuition reveals message through an encounter


  • Confident that a situation is a dead-end–round and round about the same issue without resolution; no apparent solution; repetitive behavior
  • No win situations; blocked progress affects confidence (need for self-appreciation, love)
  • Success that stalls–false start
  • Relationship progresses only to end at a closed-door; confusion about where the relationship is headed
  • Recognition of closing the door on a situation (for the better); confidence builds after doing something repeatedly


  • The strength of disappointment–need for balance and grounding to deal with emotional wounding
  • Hurt or disappointment involving children, romance, risk, entertainment, or creative self-expression
  • Fearlessly taking action concerning a broken heart
  • Addressing heart break due to loss, disappointment, betrayal, separation, or break-up of relationship
  • High self-esteem provides the strength to overcome heartbreak

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Image: Still Life with Bottle, Inkpot, and Letter, Germain-Theodore Ribot

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