New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021 | 11:59 am (PST) | Keyword: Directorship

The new moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus and heralds a new beginning related to prosperity in your life. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house and governs possessions, value systems, self-worth, personal income, and your earning and spending capacity. In support of these concerns during this cycle, you may have an emotional need for material security above all else.

This is the time to bring your objective into form and manifest it to fruition. Even though you’re resourceful and determined as you work diligently toward goals, you might still expect others to provide the comforts you desire. But co-dependent behavior motivated by the expectation of resources from others has the potential to undermine your own sense of self-worth. This can also be an indulgent period where you’re particularly drawn to enjoying the luxuries of life and stimulating your senses. However, you should be careful about overindulging in food and drink and anything else that feels good to you. While it’s important to focus your attention on building monetary wealth, the more significant emphasis is on what you value beyond the material.

Your emotional security is also bolstered through involvement with the public in a position of authority. You have great insight into making money and this is an excellent period for any kind of public relations work or sales. Right now, you’re highly ambitious with a need for personal acknowledgment or acclaim through your achievements and should examine career development and any professional opportunities that may present. Job performance can bring advancement; strong magnetism or personal charisma will be assets that enable you to yield considerable influence over others.

In fact, your career may undergo some type of beneficial transformation during this cycle through important changes to your job duties or occupation. Whether working in public service or in the private sector, your reputation and greater personal recognition will make it harder to maintain privacy regarding certain aspects of your life as a result of either positive publicity or negative notoriety. Most changes are within your control and come because of your own influence. An increase in earnings is possible due to past efforts or assuming additional responsibilities. Additionally, money that you’re owed, payments from overdue accounts, a hidden resource, or a gift from a charitable organization or an authority figure may arrive.

On the downside, your concerns could center on job security, especially if your position or employer conditions become unstable. Strength and self-mastery will be necessary as you encounter situations involving anger and arguments that create a hindrance to your goals. The conflict may focus on loaning, borrowing, or unexpected expenditures. Perhaps discord is motivated by a contest of wills or a more serious situation involving legalities. The speed of this moon indicates that resolution to matters will unfold more slowly. Overcoming any obstacle will require fervent effort on your part to reap the reward, yet restraint is needed to avoid physical or emotional violence. If you’re slow, fearful, or lazy, it’s highly likely that you’ll miss an opportunity.

The keyword during this period is directorship and you may very well recognize that your special mission includes bringing light, guiding, or uplifting others. The use of intuitive insight and a penetrating understanding of what motivates others and their hidden nature makes you a powerful person. This gives you the leadership skills to successfully deal with challenging situations while directing your energy to manifest ideals. A strong conviction about what you came here to do is a motivating factor for decisions and the inspiration you bring.

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