3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius

May 3, 2021 | 12:49 pm (PST) | Keyword: Difficulties

With the moon in the sign of Aquarius, you have an emotional need to be part of the group or rebel against it, but you find emotional security when you can express your sense of duty in practical ways that serve others. A thirst for knowledge can be the stimulation that provides a fresh outlook, innovation, or solutions that are outside the box. This original and sometimes eccentric approach to self expression has the power to shock or surprise others out of complacency. But projects and endeavors, must also draw from the source; the well of divine wisdom. This influence advises to proceed according to the natural flow of life, rather than the dictates of men, machines, and artifice.

Even though your humanitarian impulses are heightened during this cycle, you may have difficulty in understanding the emotional needs of others or connecting on an intimate level. This may be due to upsetting and unexpected expenditures related to impulsive spending or conflict surrounding loaning or borrowing. Right now, general health is a major focus of life, and emotional considerations may be secondary to immediate necessities. Because of this, you may choose to use your energies to repair, mend, improve, or reform anything that also allows you to serve others on a material level in some manner.

Negatively, you tend to be a worrier even though you pretend that everything’s fine. Rather than actively addressing issues, depression or repressed emotions trigger you into subtle passive-aggressive tendencies meant to make others feel guilty for their behavior. Eventually the tendency to be hypercritical or resentful creates enough tension that it takes its toll on your physical body and may manifest as digestive difficulties. In fact, a pre-occupation about your overall well-being may force you to constantly adjust daily commitments, reassess life priorities, or fret over other people’s health, and particularly a woman that’s close to you, may be of concern.

Additionally, there could be changes in working conditions or dietary habits that affect intellectual, emotional, or physical health. Work changes are likely to be minor but the necessary adjustments may not be within your control or beneficial. However, it’s more likely that you’re the one making decisions about areas of life that will affect your job consequentially. Although these alterations to the daily routine are complicated and stressful, they’re probably not the result of major career transitions. Perhaps the focus on health inspires you to share your own discoveries about the healing process through involvement with others, especially if you’re in a healing profession, or by simply becoming more emotionally connected to co-workers.

There’s a strong urge for freedom and independence that causes you to detach from the crowd while choosing to live on your own terms. But the keyword is difficulties and you can scatter your energies while striving to accomplish more than what is realistically possible. Internal conflict can provoke you into working against yourself and without real direction, your efforts are unlikely to harvest anything of real value–it’s discernment and patience that brings success. Your emotions are in alignment with your current life path and this may tie to social trends that bring support. Trust that situations will unfold in due time in accordance with the master plan, rather than your own.

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