Love Notes: Weekend Apr 30-May 1, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There could be veiled attempts at power plays or self-empowerment through the intense scrutiny of relationships, records, or receipts. Summing up the competition or finding yourself in a bidding war to obtain your heart’s desire–whether object, person, or objective–may give you pause to consider the price you pay to remain in a circumstance fraught with discrepancies or behavior that is inconsistent with what you’ve been told. In order to truly harness the power of your will to manifest, you’ll first need to address the lack of compromise, thoughtlessness, self-righteousness, or resentment that’s currently clouding your judgement or that of others because it’s the fear of change or a narrow perspective that’ll keep you stuck in a war you’ll never win.


  • Unrealistic about why you’ve partnered–more about shared disappointments rather than common goals
  • Secrets or past conditioning that affect connection–inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that block or prevent relationship; not letting go of old wounds or resentments
  • Dream vacation, dreaming of a getaway
  • Travel plans in flux, unrealistic about leaving, moving, traveling (may be unresolved issues)
  • Astral travel, lucid dreaming
  • Emotional baggage involving trust issues
  • Dream guidance concerning the release of emotional baggage
  • Aspirations to pack up, move, or travel; escapism
  • Dreams or emotions related to the past–emotional baggage, childhood patterns, ego, past relationships


  • Medical office/doctor down the road; travel medic, doctor, or nurse
  • Road repairs
  • Time out from or to travel
  • On the right path to healing; medical appointment in the future; long-term healing
  • Healing journey; restorative road trip
  • A future in the healing profession; prophetic healer–looking ahead; future-oriented methods of healing
  • Healing relationship (physical/emotional) in the distant future; planning future together as a couple


  • Strength of an engagement, proposal, or commitment
  • Promise; engagement to be married; romantic offer
  • High self esteem related to proposal; diamond ring
  • Strength of a contract, offer, agreement, or legally binding union
  • Responsibilities related to pets
  • Social events involving children, romance, sports, entertainment, or creativity
  • Fearlessly taking action toward commitment (romantic/business/social)
  • Obligation or undertaking
  • Need for balance or grounding in commitments
  • Social engagement or party


  • Realization that you/partner may feel trapped or in need of greater freedom; relationship never fully develops
  • Uncomfortable changes (although for the better); inner transformation
  • Trying to change partner into the ideal
  • Recognition of suppressed emotions, words; lacking confidence to speak out
  • Keeping a lid on fame, recognition, or notice; trying to remain incognito–looking for an escape route from the attention
  • Keeping feelings bottled up inside about someone with star quality
  • Waiting to release a creative endeavor to the public that puts you in the spotlight
  • Need to put a cork in it–too oblivious or self-absorbed
  • Inability to express–confining situation is hindering you from sharing or making the most of your best self


  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance; impulsiveness causes need for healing
  • Waiting to heal–almost there; waiting for doctor/healer
  • Patience with self–obsession with perfectionism; self-acceptance
  • Self-reflection; need for self dialogue and rediscovery of inner beauty
  • Time to build the foundation for healing; need to put self first
  • May need to love and appreciate self more before engaging in relationship
  • Practicing self love–waiting for relationship that’s worth waiting for


  • Abundant discord, arguments, or disagreements
  • Disagreements concerning abundance or wealth
  • Too much negative thinking or negativity; sarcasm, sharp tongue
  • Fighting for what’s yours–reaping fruit of efforts; a cut of the money
  • Under attack for views or behavior concerning abundance
  • Difficulty in communicating; difficult discussions concerning money; difficulty expressing gratitude
  • Dealing with anger through connection to nature


  • Manipulating message, documents, signature
  • Hidden letters or messages; reading someone else’s messages, mail, letters (you/them)
  • Stalking by sending messages; fear/illusions about love message
  • You will soon send/receive a love message (secretive element); taking a risk to send message
  • Written invitation, letter, text, email, phone call (may contain subtext or ulterior motive); hidden aspects of self or situation
  • Need to acknowledge fears about hearing from someone or making contact
  • Love letter, card, sentiment (possibly from someone waiting in the shadows); wedding announcement


  • Unable to attain something; left out in the cold; rejection
  • Putting a pursuit or success on hold; cooling off of relationship
  • Recognition of repressed emotions; loneliness
  • Cold war relationship characterized by silent treatment or aloofness; lack of personal warmth or depth of connection
  • Success related to white privilege
  • Catching a cold; social distancing; cold weather; outdoors
  • Issues of sexual frigidity, lack of libido, impotence
  • Time to stop struggling–acceptance of what is


  • Insight about why you were rejected–one person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Rejecting knight in shining armor (or playing the role); incompatibility; lack of interest
  • Risk of rejection–need to avoid impulsiveness; rejecting being rushed
  • Lack of mutual feeling–relationship likely to remain platonic; wrong love choice
  • Taking off after or because of being rejected
  • Rejecting unexpected visitor or news
  • Rescue from rejection or rescue of something rejected
  • Inspiration or sudden breakthrough after being rejected; something takes off in positive direction after first being rejected


  • Discernment regarding a large sum of money, taxes, or debt
  • Judgment concerning will, inheritance, legacy, shared assets
  • Death mask; discernment about wearing a mask
  • Dealings with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)
  • Masking intense emotions–hiding true self; game face during power play; survival instincts
  • Seeing the deeper truth of a manipulation; profound and unsettling changes
  • Issues related to surgery, crisis, healing, or death; dealing with an inevitability
  • Renewal of a commitment; rebirth of sexuality
  • Perception regarding whether to release or surrender; figuring out how to transform, improve or repair a situation


  • Revelation concerning timing–a need to trust that all things happen as meant to occur
  • Time to act because of new information–need to think outside the box; self awareness due to timing
  • New perspective–Universe working on your behalf to unfold a situation for maximum experience
  • Perfect timing of a revelation


  • Facing the truth–inability to reconcile an ending
  • Waiting in vain to reconcile
  • Changes due to reconnecting with someone you previously separated from; reunion
  • Change as a result of working out issues or terms; changing the time of a meeting
  • Transformation because of a reconciliation–making peace with partner to reconcile past hurts; relationship counseling or therapy; make up after breakup; falling in love again

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Image: The Lady with the Veil, Alexander Roslin

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