Full Moon in Scorpio

April 26, 2021 | 8:31 pm (PST) | Keyword: Eagerness

It’s time to close shop on a circumstance involving the emotional need for power and control. To achieve a coveted goal, you may utilize the magnetism of your personality through situations that attract intensity, drama, and emotional extremes. However, you may need to review “a take-no-prisoners” approach to relationships where you manipulate others to relinquish their power in order to validate your own. There’s a strong difference of opinion with someone (who may be a Scorpio sun, moon, or rising sign) and much of the major dissatisfaction with relationships in general comes from a clash between your needs and the needs of other people. When deep-rooted survival instincts take hold, you can be obsessive and demanding because of the unrelenting fear of letting go. The wounded response is to become increasingly angry and vindictive when unconditional loyalty is denied and to withdraw emotional and/or financial support at the slightest provocation.

Complete belief in your convictions could compel you to try to realize a targeted desire by any means necessary whether it entails self-sacrifice, self-improvement, or even self-destruction. Right now, there’s very little middle ground–you’re either saint or sinner, a martyr for the cause, or a rebel without one. This is a period for self-mastery and you must learn to use your powerful will to subjugate yourself. This means that your emotional security may be found through spiritual service to others.

But while you may willingly offer your assistance, you prefer a reclusive lifestyle and the anti-social tendency is to retreat to your own private world of personal interests rather than focusing on the prominence of public life or socializing. In fact, the more you seek to hold the limelight, the more you’re prone to encounter difficulties and situations just seem to go smoother when you work behind the scenes. It might also be that you’re involved in a career or pursuit that requires some measure of research or seclusion. You may be dealing with large companies or institutions such as hospitals, government, or charitable organizations.

Although intensely emotional, you’re extremely private about your feelings or suffer difficulty in expressing them. Sarcasm and skepticism build a protective barrier that serves to block emotional intimacy. This may be due to feelings of being misunderstood, discounted, or rejected and trying to repress the extent of emotional wounds. Another contributing factor may be a recent change in the environment that has not allowed the opportunity, as of yet, to establish emotional connections. Without support from others you can feel alienated or isolated. This can be a period where decisions coincide with endings and the severing of ties in relationships, although you may later come to regret the consequences of your actions. Perhaps this finality brings the death of an association, loss of a friend or relative, profession, or existing conditions. Whatever the source of upheaval, these drastic changes are likely to have far-reaching effects.

On the other hand, you may choose to operate under the radar if you’re involved in something secretive or that you wish to keep hidden. This may be an endeavor you’re not yet ready to reveal, an affair, a romantic union with extenuating circumstances that separate you, or a love interest that is apathetic about involvement. Other reasons for maintaining an outwardly stolid demeanor may be to due to situations involving binding family responsibilities, serious illness, or caring for those in need.

You may wish to assert your own individuality but find yourself conflicted by devotion to those closest to you and this confusion can cause you to make misguided compromises. You’re acutely aware of the reaction, responses, or influence your true feelings may cause and are determined to keep much of these feelings to yourself. Part of the problem is a past experience that has affected you deeply to the point where you no longer trust your emotions. However, the lessons of this lunar phase involve sharing your deepest and innermost through learning to effectively communicate with someone you trust intimately. Providence may play a role to alter circumstances or introduce a new relationship that has an extraordinary effect on you and positive transformation may provide the impetus to break bad habits.

However, you’ll need to act with caution and be conservative as problematic situations can also erupt that affect you financially. This may be due to a cutback in hours or earning power. Money that you were expecting from health benefits, insurance, social security, child support, spousal maintenance, or government stimulus may be delayed or involve red tape. Be prepared for unexpected monetary expenses such as an increase in taxes or overdue bills. You could be expending a great deal of effort to create opportunities to earn additional income or rectify errors that have been costly, particularly where home, property, or family are concerned.

The keyword for this cycle is eagerness and this may be indicative of the fanatical pursuit of a personal aim or objective. This may be to gain knowledge, attain a desire, or acquire something concrete. There’s a strong fear of loss, but the awareness of the potential for theft or deception is actually the key to a position of safety and security. When you heed any warning that signifies impending loss, you can actively avert this possibility through prudent action to protect your resources from predators by not engaging in risky behavior. However, keep in mind that placing too much emphasis solely on the material rather than an ideal is also likely to bring unhappiness.

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