Love Notes: Weekend Apr 23-25, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: The goal may be to take a relationship to a higher level of commitment, but this largely depends on how you address old memories, loneliness, or the influence of the past. Either loving emotions are repressed and frozen in time making it difficult to move on or an exchange met with chilly reception puts the relationship on freeze. Family, conditioning, or nostalgia may also have a bearing, either positively or negatively, on who gets left out in the cold. Alternatively, you may be putting plans to start a family on hold or tuning out family for the sake of relationship. Problems can also affect the level of intimacy–a lack of libido, cooling off of attraction, or performance difficulties. But the reassurance about a future with someone comes after you commit to take care of yourself. By establishing healthy boundaries or speaking honestly about behavior, you create the right conditions for loving bonds that include marriage or any other solid partnership.


  • Illuminating information concerning home, family, or property
  • Putting forth effort related to property matters–redecoration, renovation, repairs, maintenance
  • Working on familial relations; initiating connections related to family, home
  • Giving advice about domestic concerns
  • Solving a problem related to home or family affairs
  • Effort applied in setting up house, purchasing new home or property, moving, or moving in together
  • Application toward creating happy home situation; domestic bliss


  • Healing from childbirth; pediatrician; healing issues related to children; new baby in the home
  • Early stages of healing; taking a time out
  • Healing related to conception, fertility; waiting for baby
  • Birth of new healing practice or project; new doctor/healer
  • Starting something new in support of healing (physically, emotionally-inner/outer healing); self love
  • Birth of something new; initial stages


  • Admiration of outer beauty; secret crush on someone highly attractive
  • Secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Special someone who may be unaware they hold the key to your heart; reveling
  • Splendor–luxuriating, pampering self
  • Someone interested you hadn’t considered (need to recognize inner beauty)
  • Someone is watching you


  • Harnessing personal will (or need to take charge) to create luck; manifesting plans/dreams
  • Leadership to bring lucky opportunity for meeting with person of interest
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Fortuitous stroke of luck provides empowerment; wish fulfilled


  • Revelation concerning the past
  • New perspective –realizing how past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Self awareness because of the past
  • Need to think outside the box to move away from the past or to deal with a concern involving the past
  • Unfinished business
  • Relationship from past life that continues through this incarnation
  • New information about something from a long time ago
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from your past


  • New beginning with someone you’re highly attracted to; physical attraction
  • Reigniting the chemistry; passion; sexual encounter; intense sexual chemistry
  • Wearing perfume again
  • Renewal–transformation of connection or desires
  • Highly magnetic (you/others)


  • Putting it out there concerning family matters; airing family laundry
  • Declaration about wanting to start a family; dealing with extended family
  • Need to tread lightly when dealing with family; family overstepping boundaries
  • Taking a risk that affects family
  • Sharing happiness, laughter, enjoyment with family members; family celebration; creating family traditions
  • Shared family values are important to the relationship


  • Freedom to travel; travel plans
  • Exhilaration from breaking out of the routine
  • Free to leave; running away; issues surrounding freedom; escapism
  • Attempting to escape accountability–unresolved issues that affect the way you engage, chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship, not letting go of old wounds and resentments
  • Leaving behind (or the need to) emotional baggage from past conditioning–ego, childhood patterns, past relationships; need to let go an move on


  • Recognition (or oblivious to) that relationship is making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress; you/partner may need greater freedom
  • Holding back creativity or self-expression; keeping something bottled up inside
  • Confining situation hindering you from expressing or making the most of your best self
  • Self suppression–not wanting to be in the spotlight; not letting yourself shine; under the radar
  • Closing off to celebrity, fame, or notice; looking for an escape route
  • Uncomfortable changes that put you in the spotlight or keep you from it
  • Relationship never fully develops; trying to change partner into the ideal
  • Need for change–oblivious or too self absorbed (you/others)
  • Creativity, transformation, or confidence manifesting–waiting to burst onto the scene


  • Abundant karma (positive/negative); karma surrounding abundance
  • Karmic relationship or soul mate situation that may have connection to nature; abundance arrives through a karmic connection
  • Relationship with purpose to address karmic lesson, karmic debt, or evolution that may involve abundance and what that means to you
  • Addressing issues surrounding abundance through connection that has lasted many incarnations; large soul group
  • Reap what you sow–reaping fruits of efforts
  • Experience orchestrated by the Universe involving wealth, bounty, prosperity–divine intervention; providence plays a role in sharing/giving/receiving


  • Trust issues triggered by inconsistencies or fear of commitment
  • Trading favors (money, power, sex); power plays
  • Strong belief in self or self-righteousness; unwillingness to compromise (positive/negative)
  • Recognizing vulnerability caused by rashness or unreliability (you/others)
  • Trust in receipts, paperwork, application, documents; protecting records
  • Sizing up, critique; weighing pros and cons; red flags; negative comparisons
  • Extreme competition; highest bidder, score plays a role; trust in the numbers
  • Support from others or realizing high price you’ve paid for relationship
  • Feeling protected (insurance, proof, evidence)


  • Stalking (social media) new love (you/them); afraid of getting involved–need to acknowledge fears
  • New love involves a risk–dancing with the devil
  • Manipulative or shadow behavior in new connection (you/them)
  • New love waiting in the shadows; discreet/clandestine relationship; keeping beginning stages of relationship under wraps
  • Taking a risk toward new love; fears or illusions about new love
  • Keeping a new interest (person/project) hidden from view
  • Hidden aspects of self or situation concerning new love
  • New love in the works or on the way; new relationship on the immediate horizon; courtship

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Image: La Belle Dame sans Merci, Frank Bernard Dicksee, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, given by Mrs Yda Richardson

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