1st Quarter Moon in Leo

April 19, 2021 | 11:58 pm (PST) | Keyword: Authority

Quarter moon’s tend to instigate a “mini crisis” either internally or externally. The current turning point playing out in the physical plane involves getting due recognition and is likely to involve children, romance, pleasure-seeking, self-expression, or financial speculation. If not handled with care, these matters can turn into situations that have a depressing effect on circumstances. Shakespeare’s monologue proclaimed that “all the world’s a stage,” and right now, you may very much want to be seen. To that end, you’re the main character, agent, director, producer, playwright, stage manager and so forth in the drama of your own life. This moon in the sign of Leo signifies that the curtains open to an emotional need to be the center of attention, loved, and adored. It’s also possible that a Leo in your life (sun, moon, or rising sign) is at the crux of a situation now unfolding.

There’s a strong focus on the image you’re projecting out into the world and how you’re viewed. Your needs are simple–simply the best–whatever that may be, as palpable proof of your worthiness and you’re not above using charm to advance your material or social position. In addition, your emotional security is found through the establishment of a psychological, material, or emotional bond instigated through profound experiences reflected in the people and situations you attract. Opportunities open up for expansion socially and financially and this could be a lucky period involving risk or chance. As a result, you may achieve monetary gain through a business or marriage partner. You might also visit with a child who lives at a distance.

However, a desire for dominance can make you feel overly possessive about property. Perhaps you wish to have greater control over jointly held assets or shared funds. It’s possible that wealth can fluctuate positively or negatively, debts can go up or down, or anything loaned may not be returned. If your own personal resources decrease, you may feel a sense of inequality, inadequacy, and dependency, although this might be due to valid circumstances that you’ve consciously chosen. Even so, there’s strong probability that you’ll fight with a partner over how to handle money or pay the bills. The current influence calls for caution regarding extravagant purchases or you may be dealing with problematic conditions surrounding a child and money.

Perhaps you’re faced with vacillating impulses that drive the need to be independent against the need to be nurtured. A head and heart duel battling over pros and cons can make communication challenging and leave you feeling moody and hyper-sensitive. Perhaps superiors, authority figures, or a parent demands your adjustment to additional burdens or responsibilities. If you consistently overwork, long hours can negatively affect your well-being and provoke concerns about heart health or the propensity for a stroke. It helps that during this cycle you seem to have the uncanny ability to perceive subtle psychological motivations. As you become aware of your own emotional needs, you’ll begin to recognize the behavioral stimulus that compels the decisions of others as well. This allows you to leave behind conflicts that have risen in the past because of your own repressed anger and passion in relationships with dramatic, controlling, and intense individuals.

Positively, you’ve grown in understanding about the subconscious desire to reconcile the tension of childhood and the subsequent need to re-enact old patterns in search of acceptance. You’re cognizant of how fear and insecurity has been a direct influence in the attraction to partners that are incompatible with your life ethos. This knowledge might be acquired through formal education or because of a connection with persons who are disturbed on some level or in need of counseling.

These emotional encounters provide the opportunity for you to better understand power struggles and the manipulation involved in order to address a gamut of issues that complicate relationships such as ambivalence, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger, helplessness, and unconscious feelings that undermine conscious actions. Intense exchanges may place you in a delicate position that requires tact and diplomacy, particularly if you’re counseling professionally. However, a greater intuitive and psychic awareness will influence your conscious approach in the decisions you make for those you’re responsible for.

The keyword for this cycle is authority and this could suggest finding yourself in a leadership role that brings honors or helps you to accrue benefit. This position of importance may enable you to either grant or refuse to grant the wishes of others. It’s important to remember that the demand is for an understanding of the use, not the abuse, of power. Learning to compromise is key to your commitments.

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