Love Notes: Weekend Apr 16-18, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: An unexpected gift or opportunity that surpasses your wildest dreams may provide a boost to your ego. On the other hand, your ego can be triggered because of aspirations that have little chance of fulfillment until you let go of the pride that prevents you from taking action. Luck is a direct result of transcending arrogance, selfishness, or self-righteousness to mend your relationships wherever needed. Perhaps it also requires that you release a narrow-minded expectation and open yourself to the potential of something or someone that doesn’t conform to the usual pattern.


  • Waiting in vain for a reconciliation
  • Transformation that occurs through making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts
  • Ending after a reconciliation; meeting to bring about an ending
  • Facing truth–relationship counseling or therapy
  • Changes due to working out terms or issues
  • Reconnecting with someone you previously separated from (who may have changed)
  • Changing a meeting (time, whether you want to, etc.)
  • Change (positive or negative) related to a reunion, falling in love again, or making up after a breakup


  • Competition for love and affection; trading favors (sex, money, power); power plays
  • Having to pay a high price for a relationship or temptation
  • Negative comparisons concerning someone/something desired; red flags; sexual rating or critique; the number of times scored (sexual, otherwise)
  • Red flags involving paperwork, documents, or calculations
  • Tit-for-tat behavior; mental record of wrongs; inability to compromise; self-righteousness
  • Drama, inconsistencies related to someone involving attraction
  • Important documents related to the past, divorce papers, receipts, records, contracts
  • Desire to outbid; competing for something you desire; seduced by winning


  • Running away with or because of a third party
  • Something takes off making you the center of attention
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention; one person catered to by multiple parties
  • Leaving a love triangle behind
  • Sexual freedom–menage a trois; exploring new horizons
  • Starting a journey (may be party of three or trip to Europe); three visitors; three trips
  • Three people in relationship (sexual, business, etc.); party of three
  • Third party interference (helps/harms) ability for circumstances to take off; waiting for third party


  • Loud perfume
  • Happiness, enjoyment, laughter because of shared chemistry
  • Sexually forward or forthright
  • Taking a risk related to physical or sexual encounter; need to tread lightly
  • Putting it out there regarding your desires–intense sexual chemistry; strong attraction
  • Charismatic, bold expression, magnetism


  • Attitude about a new relationship or taking current relationship to the next level
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person or situation
  • Seeing through rose colored lens in romance–honey moon phase
  • Truth about romance or partner becomes glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Perspective regarding romance or something you’ve romanticized
  • Need for change in perspective about your relationship; need to open to love


  • A decision to propose, get engaged, or buy a ring
  • Decisions involving contracts, agreements, or commitment
  • Judgment regarding unions that are legally binding
  • Decision regarding a promise, obligation, or undertaking
  • Decision to make an offer or accept one
  • Social engagements; party


  • Actions based on a lie; presenting a false face in the relationship
  • Need to take the initiative–time to take action against a deception–false friend, liar, opportunist, con, player, impostor, gossip
  • Person acting with pretense of having your best interest at heart
  • Actions and persona don’t align; someone very different from the attractive presentation
  • Taking action regarding wearing a mask
  • Good timing; starting something concerning a secret agenda or ulterior motive


  • Trying to hold on to an opportunity; opportunity to hold on to something
  • Appreciation for an opportunity; opportunity to show appreciation
  • Opportunity for gratification or abundance; enjoying life, contentment
  • Opportunity for beneficial change if you take the initiative


  • The future of your marriage; need for clarity concerning relationship
  • Appointment with tarot reader; marriage prediction
  • Wedding expenses; expensive wedding; future wedding
  • Focusing on commitment–manifesting a partner; becoming a formal couple
  • Partnership or commitment in the future; possibility of marriage
  • Fortunate marriage; good fortune through marriage; marrying into a fortune


  • Not expressing yourself or rejection of your self-expression/creativity
  • Recognition that relationship will not move forward romantically due to lack of mutual feeling; likely to remain platonic
  • Not getting recognition; oblivious to being rejected
  • Rejection due to being oblivious or too self-absorbed (you/them)
  • Disinterest, lack of attraction; wrong love choice; incompatibility
  • One person investing more time, energy, money, emotion, etc. without a return
  • Rejecting fame; not letting yourself shine–preference for being low-key


  • Trust issues surrounding intimacy; belief in self; recognizing vulnerability
  • Feeling protected; trusting emotions and/or intuition
  • Support from others–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical/emotional intimacy; emotional intimate encounter
  • Honeymoon, romantic getaway


  • Spiritual contemplation; meditation–need for time out
  • Taking stock of a belief system; beliefs or faith not taken seriously
  • Getting spiritual advice or guidance; spirit messages; psychic download; telepathy
  • Reflecting on deep spiritual connection you share with another person; core values align
  • Focus on spiritual evolution rather than relationship
  • Contemplating spiritual lessons of relationship
  • Relying on faith; belief; answered prayers

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Image: The Lover Surprised, Charles-Melchior Descourtis

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