New Moon in Aries

April 11, 2021 | 7:30 pm (PST) | Keyword: Entrapping

The new moon in the sign of Aries gives you an emotional need for action, independence, and the desire to be first, yet the primary relationship in your life can dominate your moods and impulses. You can be unusually quick to anger or have difficulty remaining calm causing you to act rashly or make decisions without forethought. Confrontations with women, both positive and negative, are likely to more intense than those with men. Because your instincts drive you to be a strong competitor, you may perceive any opposition as a direct threat to your goals. This can be a by-product of over-developed survival instincts that provoke you to protect yourself. However, sensitivity, diplomacy, and tact when dealing with others to enlist support will further your goals. In fact, your energy is best served through discipline and self-mastery rather than attempts at ruling others.

This is a busy period of mental activity that gives you the chance to direct your energy toward new ideas and ventures. This may require lots of communication where you find yourself in unique or extraordinary situations. Sudden or unexpected events can herald success that arrives as a result of spontaneous effort, actions, or decisions involving groups, friends, or organizations. However, frustrating hiccups that make you want to lash out can occur when trying to break into uncharted territory or away from old conditions. Matters work out for the best when you don’t take things personally, follow the routine, and wait for the appropriate time to move forward with major decisions. A “one-shot” opportunity in this cycle comes with the conscious decision to cultivate harmony through cooperation and fairness with the added benefit of transforming and dissolving karma.

Interactions can also include short trips or visits with neighbors and close relatives. It’s highly likely that you’ll be involved in a relationship that requires some measure of caring and nurturing as either giver or receiver. It can be a need to be needed by your loved ones that creates the tendency to become involved in their affairs. This may play out through daily interactions to help or deeper involvement out of concern. In some cases, luck or protection prevents a close call or accident. Long-standing or intimate relationships take on increased significance because of a shift where one of you needs more support emotionally, financially, or physically. Depending on the level of knowledge, expertise, status, power, or control either of you possess, these exchanges may not be equal, but may prove necessary.

However, relationships are also prone to polarization through roles that emphasize the imbalance. You may repress your urge for independence thereby allowing others to dominate you or an overwhelming desire for partnership can lead to dependency issues. If this is the case, the loss of power can make you feel insecure and resentful. The weaker party will be prone to adaptive behavior, placating, or pleasing the more powerful partner, or rebelling against the influence and lack of freedom. If you’re in a difficult relationship where the balance of power is unequal, one of you may be afraid to leave due to circumstances instigated by excessive jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of trust. Conflicts and drama will become more emotional as either you or others find it increasingly challenging to remain objective. In fact, you may have trouble even discerning exactly how you feel leaving you more susceptible to manipulation.

This influence can also extend to business partnerships and events may create negative opportunities for financial gain through under-handed tactics. Racism, discrimination, and conditions caused by the interference of third parties may undermine your job status, rights, or compensation. Hard work, excessive duties, or overtime may not yield financial results or can take their toll on your well-being. These damaging situations encourage you to release fixed beliefs or patterns concerning family, the past, or those with whom there is a broken connection. It also indicates that tremendous effort will be demanded surrounding contracts, legal affairs, or attempts to reach agreements or settlements and you may need the assistance of influential, wealthy, or knowledgeable individuals connected to government, legal, or spiritual professions to help you. The goal is for success in both personal and business dealings, new enterprise, expansion, or the realization of your plans.

For some, events will manifest through meeting someone and becoming romantically involved. Emotional sensitivity will cause you to lead with your heart, rather than your head which can prompt you to stay in non-productive relationships that offer little potential. Whether an alliance evolves into true love is determined by the level of emotional reciprocity. Strained relationships caused by unmet expectations can be emotionally draining and will become increasingly so. But it’s also possible that you’re unduly influenced by negative relationships of the past that left you emotionally wounded.

The keyword for this period is entrapping which suggests that you can be readily deluded through insincere adulation and deception. This may lull you into a sense of false security where you ultimately end up losing something of real worth (hopefully, not self). During this cycle, you must deal with the psychological repercussions or unresolved residual from former relationships before you can establish greater intimacy with others.

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