3rd Quarter Moon in Capricorn

April 4, 2021 | 3:02 am (PST) | Keyword: Transition

This week compels you to share the wisdom and experience you’ve gained with others. In support of that, with the moon in Capricorn your emotional security is driven by a need for authority, namely your own, in order to control your own destiny. An intense desire for recognition foments your motivation to realize an important goal. Right now, your instincts are geared toward practicality and achieving success, but your greatest power comes through encouraging others to take control over their lives.

This is also a cycle where you may be very private or have difficulty expressing yourself. This can be due to any number of reasons that cause you to feel misunderstood, trivialized, or ignored resulting in a growing sense of isolation. You may feel you can’t relax with loved ones or wish to avoid conflict. Perhaps you’ve recently changed your work or home environment and still working to establish an emotional connection to those in new or unfamiliar surroundings. In some cases, you may find yourself in situations that warrant the restraint of your emotions. This might be a secret affair requiring discretion or a relationship you’d like to remain out of public view. Feelings of insecurity, fear, or escape from commitment can provoke you into indiscriminate alliances and unsuitable partners that are contrary to better judgment or normal behavior.

On the other hand, you’re especially sensitive to those in need and a stoic exterior may be to support someone ill that you’re caring for. Be careful of being too submissive; your energies are not well served in the attempt to help those who refuse to help themselves or by participating in codependency and victim/savior dynamics.

Alternatively, this could be a period where you’re withdrawn in the interest of personal pursuits or research that requires quiet time alone in order to reach an objective. In this case, you may prefer the solitude of your own company over socializing with others. Whatever the need is for greater privacy, this is a period where you’re particularly mindful of the repercussions of sharing your feelings and may choose to keep your emotions under wraps. In spite of this, it’s essential for your emotional health and well-being that you share what you’re experiencing with a trusted confidante. Part of the lesson of this cycle is learning to be vulnerable with your deepest, innermost thoughts.

Negatively, this cycle can feel especially burdensome due to the demands for self-sacrifice and service to others in high stakes situations. You might already be engaged in conflict, or soon to be. Those in power whom you wish to influence or seek favor from could be unsupportive at this time. Perhaps you’re dealing with dissension among siblings or heavy burdens through parents or superiors. You could be in the midst of divorce, separation, or ending a friendship. Anything antithetical to your core values or built on less than solid foundation is subject to crumbling.

Additionally, business related shipments, communication, news, or documents can be problematic because of delays, interference, or red tape. As you work to start new ventures or break from old, stagnant conditions, obstacles create frustrations that can cause you to retaliate in anger. This impulsive, pent-up energy can lead to accidents, stress-related illness, loss, depression, a sense of personal defeat, or resentment toward authority. Instead of resorting to rashness instigated by this dissatisfaction, use the energy more constructively by sticking with a routine or through physical activity directed at accomplishment such as clearing out clutter or reorganizing.

However, the keyword is transition. You intuitively know your path and what contributions you’d like to make through your career or to the world at large. With the use of intellect, comprehension, and specific skills fitting for the task at hand, your mind has the power to withstand any criticism. In spite of additional responsibilities, a shift is likely to occur when hard work begins to pay off handsomely through an increase in earnings or recognition. Any money you’re owed may be forthcoming after diligent effort or you could receive a boost through an authority figure. Releasing untenable conditions that are ill-suited to your true self brings the calm after the storm and this will eventually presage a break with the past as the healing process underway clears a passage for a new beginning.

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