Aries|April 2021

You’re faced with either a need to step up to the plate and take charge of a situation or the resistance to doing so. This may pertain to a leadership role that comes with demanding responsibilities. A list of duties could leave you feeling overburdened due to an endeavor that seems to have sprouted a multitude of unanticipated challenges that entail extra work. This may be a work project, home renovations, or a desire to relocate. However, the onus is on you to establish greater stability. Someone with fire in their chart (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may also be vital to your plans.

Conditions demand that you get practical about property or finances, especially where there’s been a tendency to oppose necessary change or expenditures are out of control. It’s possible that you’ll receive a gift, but the greater likelihood is a need to tighten the budget or shift funds around to make do with dwindling resources. The discomfort will force you to break out of a comfortable rut in order to make progress. It might also suggest looking at how you’ve been overprotective emotionally or need to set firmer boundaries.

In spite of disappointments surrounding material or emotional losses, there’s a support system you could be failing to ignore. While it’s entirely appropriate to stand up for yourself, a defensive stance keeps you at odds with both self and others. Excessive criticism, nitpicking, a need to maintain the advantage, or unrealistic expectations may finally take its toll on your relationships. But dwelling on past mistakes only distracts you from fully experiencing the present.

Positive results come from dedicating yourself to making change and improvements–to self, a skill, or an asset. This is the time to focus on your craft, saving money, taking care of your health, or moving up the ladder of success by diligently applying time, energy, and effort. This month, it’s perseverance that pays off.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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