Full Moon in Libra

March 28, 2021 | 11:48 am (PST) | Keyword: Unevenness

Full moons trigger an imbalance between the masculine and feminine nature with frequent changes of heart and mind. This internal battle results in difficulties between you and others and accurately assessing situations. After a self-check in that took place over the week of the third quarter moon, you’re now compelled to bring matters to a close. This is likely to involve a Libra person (sun, moon, or rising) or bring into play the affairs ruled by this sign. Look to the house in your chart for the area of life where you must make a decision to balance the scales, but may have difficulty doing so.

This is because with the moon in Libra you have an emotional need to seek peace at any cost. While the use of tact and diplomacy may be important to circumstances, you can be indecisive for fear of rejection or because you’re compelled to consider every available option ad nauseam. You can be uncomfortable with confrontation and may hide your own true feelings to appease others and allow them to take advantage of you. You’re especially sensitive to beauty, harmony, and socially accepted norms. At your weakest, you become a cloying dilettante catering to the crowd. You must learn to put forth your truth regardless of the consequence.

You’re likely to either change your residence or something about your home during this period. These changes have a direct correlation to the emotional shift you’re currently experiencing inside of yourself. Perhaps you’re seeking comfort from the demands of the outside world or deciding to renovate your home as a reflection of some inner dissatisfaction. You may be decorating or purchasing furniture or home items that enhance the environment. An interest in providing a comfortable home is the major emphasis and this desire may also influence career choices connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design or decorating.

Emotional needs are also significant in the context of habits or past conditioning that has affected your life. You’re very much attuned to the emotional support received from others or the lack thereof. You’re protective of both self and others and will likely attract relationships that require an element of nurturing between you. Either your partner is in need of much caring or triggers your emotional wounds. The lesson is to address pain and learn to balance your needs with that of others. In the effort to establish greater intimacy in these connections, you’ll discover certain revelations about the impact you make on others.

Conversely, you may withdraw from those who cannot fulfill your emotional needs. Family gatherings or social events may take an unfortunate turn or upsets through personal relationships leave you susceptible to misunderstandings or possible litigation surrounding property or family members. People in general may seem overly-sensitive and depressed with relationships ending in estrangement and social distance. You may have extra responsibilities or pressing concerns regarding a parent.

A keen intuitive sense provides insight into discrepancies between what you’re told and what you instinctively feel causing inner turmoil. Heightened sensitivity to everything connected to the domestic sphere may cause you to be more possessive of intimate relationships, possessions, and things. If home life has been difficult, you may have the intense desire for a guarantee of love and a strong fear of being alone or alienated. This can suggest being uncomfortable, emotionally-blocked, or socially ill at ease in your own skin. The strong desire to hold on to love can cause you to compromise your own needs in order to avoid conflict or be taken advantage of because of insecurities.

Finding a balance right now may seem difficult but can offer greater understanding of the give and take necessary for equitable relationships. The keyword during this cycle is unevenness and the endeavor should be to keep the scales even between you and others and do nothing to prejudice your own peace of mind. In spite of conflict between you and other parties, you can overcome these challenges with cooperation and mutual agreement. Try to avoid disputes that end in police activity or legal entanglements as these are likely to hold you by both force and by fate in a circumstance of bondage. Furthermore, spontaneity doesn’t always serve you well in the lack of forethought, especially in consideration of the extra time necessary for starting new projects or endeavors.

Positively, you may accept social or wedding invitations, romantic opportunities, and sentimental communication or letters can be exchanged. You may receive a gift from someone with strong Taurus or Cancer traits. Exciting events may bring short trips, partnerships, and new friends and acquaintances that are out of the ordinary.

During this cycle, you have the ability to recognize and make the most of opportunities. Self-confidence can motivate you to be assertive and organized in building firm foundations that support your ambitions. This may be through food, home goods, or real estate. To that end, you may put in hard work and concerted effort toward achieving business prosperity or monetary gain and there’s indication of progress with the imminent arrival of a positive message or communication regarding money or business. In some cases, advantage arrives as the result of a refund in the over-payment of a bill or a decrease in property taxes or insurance.

The attention is on the material, rather than on romantic love, which is inauspicious for these two weeks. Your diligent effort and a sense of responsibility will pay off in stability and the respect of those around you. Courage and resourcefulness gives you the ability to rise to a challenge and if ill, strong vitality and good recuperative powers can assist in recovery.

Don’t forget to do a release ritual at this moon to let go of any negativity or circumstance that no longer serves your highest good. If you don’t know what that’s all about…

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