1st Qtr Moon in Cancer

March 21, 2021 | 7:40 am (PST) | Keyword: Inertia

Quarter moons tend to bring a crisis or crossroads as a checkpoint for an ongoing situation playing out in the current cycle. Accordingly, there’s a new undertaking or venture under way that may not receive family support. With the moon in the sign of Cancer, female relatives, family, and home are extremely important as the focal point.

Traditional values may compel the desire to start a family or own a home of your own and if you’re considering purchasing property, you’ll carefully review the choice of neighborhoods in support of the domestic environment you wish to create. This may be in the aftermath of hindrances that formerly delayed the purchase, sale, or redecoration of a home or vocational setbacks related to food or real estate. You might have endured an interminable wait for resources to move forward.

Your emotional security at this time is fulfilled either through a need to be nurtured or “mothering” in your desire to help others. But while you may want nothing more than to be loved because of your attempts to create a secure atmosphere, problematic conditions involving family members may have caused these intentions to be misunderstood leaving you feeling hurt, unloved, and neglected. The actual root may be jealousy, possessiveness, or insecurity regarding loved ones and emotions that tend to undermine relationships as you attract intense situations in an unconscious attempt to reconcile the tensions experienced in childhood.

Family gatherings or social events might have gone awry provoking misunderstandings or litigation surrounding property or family. These situations can create added responsibilities, worries, or trouble involving a parent, mother, or wife. The response to any perceived wrongs, slights, or criticism is to withdraw to your protective shell to lick your wounds and brood. You won’t soon forget these infractions and may use them as currency to hold the violator as your emotional hostage or resort to manipulative behavior through codependency, being overly protective, or controlling. While you may consider severing close emotional ties, now is not the time.

Alternatively, you may feel the “world owes you a living” and that you deserve something without necessarily having to work for it, in which case, you expect to be given the luxuries of life without the toil of gaining them. The keyword for this cycle is inertia and there could be the tendency to let others do the work that you should do for yourself.

You have a strong need to communicate yet subjective views can taint the perspective suggesting that what is conveyed is not necessarily always accurate. Additionally, you may be receiving mixed messages from others or feel conflicted about important issues. The problem is that instinct and emotion are in direct competition with rational, logical thought weighing down even casual conversations with heavy undertones. Feelings can overwhelm your common sense causing you to inadvertently say things that are better left unsaid or say more than is in your best interest or that of others. Your thinking may be unduly influenced by past experiences, habits and reactions that trigger you to operate on auto-pilot without first considering whether it’s appropriate in the moment.

If you can remain objective by consciously controlling, rather than suppressing emotions, this period may yield very meaningful dialogue. A fruitful combination of emotion and thought is especially useful for working in fields that require cooperation between the conscious and unconscious minds such as therapy, writing, or creativity as this influence can bring both psychic experiences and inspirational ideas.

It’s also a good time to become more actively involved with neighbors and community if the goal is to use expression and ideas to extend your reach to the broadest audience possible. As a result, you may become more of a public personality even if only in your own neighborhood or field of expertise. Teaching, writing or public speaking may be the impetus and your presentation is likely to make a lasting impression.

Fortunately, this cycle can bring unforeseen or hidden gains that will benefit family. There is positive movement in matters concerning love, marriage, or the achievement of a goal. This can also suggest a literal victory of any sort (i.e. lawsuit, contest). Artistic abilities may be enhanced or a long-held dream brought to fruition. Past issues surrounding home or property can evolve into unusual or exciting developments. Most importantly, this phase offers lessons in generosity, forgiveness and the effective use of emotion, sympathy, and understanding above self-centered expectations.

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