Full Moon in Virgo

February 27, 2021 | 0:17 am (PST) | Keyword: Carelessness

As always, full moons bring matters to a climax, particularly with relationships, while offering the opportunity to make decisions that affect your destiny. This Virgo moon will focus on getting organized to set the stage for personal achievement and professional advancement later in the future. Part of this may involve serving others in order to fulfill your emotional needs. Right now, you have the ability to analyze situations and find the quickest solution. The challenge is to serve in sincerity rather than out of a sense of obligation while also releasing any ideas of perfectionism.

To that end, a significant transformation is likely to occur within your career, job duties, or professional sphere that may prove beneficial. This could manifest through events that place you in the spotlight with your reputation playing a more prominent and public role in how you are recognized and perceived. You may receive greater public or company recognition because of job performance, have more dealings with the public, or move to a position involving public service. This is a good time to focus on career development, any professional opportunities that may present, and is an excellent period for any kind of public relations work, networking, or sales. You may also enjoy learning activities and if you have been apprehensive in the past about advancing your education, now would be a good time to do so. Because of this, your social life may also increase through interactions with neighbors, friends and those in your immediate environment.

In fact, all forms of communication, both verbal and written are emphasized. Your ability to influence others in important negotiations depends on the ability to clearly and concisely state your needs. This can give you an advantage when mediating a dispute or bargaining for what you want.

Negatively, you may be rethinking job security or seeking other sources of income due to the instability of your position or employer conditions. This may be the result of a dramatic increase/decrease in income that changes your financial situation. Circumstances may be compounded by blockages or delays involving jointly held assets, debts, insurance, health challenges, taxes, or mortgages. It may be that your home or office no longer suits your needs and you will choose to address this. Whatever the case, you are learning to handle money responsibly with careful consideration of your expenses.

On the other hand, you may decide to ignore the external world in order to focus more fully on family and emotional fulfillment. Perhaps you have to stockpile your funds and learn to live on less or your attitude toward property and material possessions changes altogether. You may find that other values become more important than seeking to gain materially. If you equate money with self-worth, you’ll need to learn self-love and appreciation regardless of your earning power. If a lack of financial control, impulse spending, or large expenses are dominating your life, you’ll need to regain control. This is a metamorphosis that affects both your personal possessions and your sense of values where the ultimate objective is to manage your own money and spending practices despite power struggles or the friction this may cause with a significant other. Most changes are directly or indirectly within your power.

Do keep in mind that the KEYWORD is CARELESSNESS for the next two weeks. Be cautious in speculation or the tendency to risk too much. Be careful of your associations and dealings with other people, of business transactions, and the manner in which you live your life.

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