Love Notes: Weekend Feb 12-14, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: A situation is calling for your trust. Perhaps this is not easy given past circumstances or a history you hope not to repeat. However, fear brings nothing constructive to the table; it only serves up chaos and unnecessary negativity that blocks progress. Your concerns may be related to financial expenses, property, power struggles, the future, a legacy of some sort, and either falling in line with or rebelling against systems, institutions, beliefs, or values. A matter may loom large seemingly bigger, more powerful, or more demanding of you than you believe you’re equipped to handle. But the Universe is gently whispering to you that all is possible and through faith you’re being guided in the right direction that leads to love. You must believe that everything is exactly as it should be despite any appearance to the contrary.


  • Don’t like what you’re hearing or being told
  • Lack of chemistry in communication; talking to someone who’s a mismatch
  • Unable to connect with your audience
  • Lack of vitality or joy
  • Unable to do or find what you love
  • Self-repression–need to discuss turn-offs; divergent sexual tastes or desires
  • Dullness; flat conversations; lack of attraction or passion
  • Transformation through creativity or expression to turn connection around


  • Grief caused by loss, disappointment, betrayal, or rejection has an impact on confidence; sadness due to separation or death
  • Grief caused by placing too much confidence in something/someone; “riding high in May, shot down in June”
  • Grief related to receiving recognition or success
  • Survivor–confident in spite of emotional wounding; belief in self to overcome grief
  • Recognition of grief (self/others); need for self-appreciation and love
  • Confident in ability to deal with issues of grief
  • Confidence boost after dealing with emotional pain


  • Resurrection of a romance–something thought dead has new life
  • Change in romantic situation (better/worse)
  • Moving on from the old–dead romance
  • Renewal through dating, courtship, or romantic gesture; change because of a date or invitation


  • Parents are separating; parental issues related to separation
  • Parental influence, ancestry, heritage, age, or experience impacts relationship; need to grow up
  • Taking off (with or without) long-term partner
  • May-December relationship takes off OR leaving relationship because of age difference
  • Finding love as an older couple; looking for a relationship that matches the parental template; wisdom about love that lasts
  • Long-term relationship takes off–relationship will improve over time
  • Starting a journey (physically, emotionally) related to old connections
  • Experience assists in making alliances and/or to boost an objective
  • Freedom; running away from long-established relationships or situations; non-committal (not looking for long-term)
  • A focus on wine bars; issues related to alcohol
  • Meeting a wealthy partner or relationship with someone more established is a factor (positively/negatively)


  • Change or ending related to a commitment or marriage
  • Calling off the wedding or changing the date
  • Facing the truth about your marriage or relationship
  • Waiting in vain to get married, commit, or form a partnership
  • Transformation (positive/negative) to, through, or because of marriage or partnership
  • Changing your outlook (positive/negative) concerning relationships


  • Keeping a lid on how you feel about love or someone you love
  • Not saying “I love you”; need to open your heart to the message; emotionally closed off
  • Confining situation hindering you from making the most of or sharing your very best self
  • Need to express what you’ve been holding back–need to bring more love into your life; creativity brewing but not released
  • Inner transformation brought about because of love (or lack thereof); self-love; one of you has changed for the better
  • Relationship making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress; you/partner may need greater freedom; looking for an escape route
  • Holding out–issues related to giving/receiving, generosity; concerns about open-heartedness
  • Uncomfortable changes in relationship; relationship never fully develops
  • Attempts to change partner into an ideal


  • Karmic relationship or soul mate situation that ties to freedom
  • Relationship involving karmic debt, spiritual lesson, or spiritual evolution
  • Feeling as if you can do anything may create karma
  • Karmic situation leads you to break out of a routine
  • Karmic relationship that is out of the ordinary (may be connection that has lasted through many incarnations)
  • Exhilaration at freeing yourself from old karma; need to let go and move on
  • Providence plays a role in circumstances; divine intervention; experience orchestrated by Universe that serves a purpose


  • Gaining recognition for something new you’re doing; letting yourself shine; confidence in new start
  • New ways of thinking, communicating
  • Confidence placed in your children; recognition of a child; positive changes related to children; children receiving honors
  • Childhood fame; famous children; child star
  • Children are impacting relationship
  • Not paying attention to your children; too self absorbed or oblivious to have children; ignored by children
  • Focused only on your children
  • Childishness; tantrums to get attention
  • Innocence, spontaneity, creativity; playful interactions; childlike exuberance in relationship
  • Dating someone younger or someone new; involvement with someone from childhood


  • Emotional waters–sentimentality, nostalgia for the past; flood of memories; memories just an illusion
  • Bringing ideas to life (may involve those at a distance); influencing others
  • Illusions, need to take steps to get to the other side of a situation
  • Old loves may reappear
  • Enchanted with the past; memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship
  • Memorable destination trip; honeymoon; cruise trip, boating excursion, Venice
  • A past involving foreigners or foreign places; memories related to someone at a distance; attracting what you desire
  • Creating memories together (may be through travel or travelers)


  • Expenses related to socializing; “drinks on me”; schmoozing; bar tab; meeting someone with money at a bar
  • Finances are affecting the relationship; career/work takes priority over relationship; shared financial goals; family business
  • Workaholic; need to stop focusing on money and do something recreational; just for fun–not money
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry; relationship with superior, colleague, coworker, or client
  • Not taking finances seriously; joking about money; too much partying affects finances
  • Using money to have fun–letting loose; spending money freely; enjoying your money; need to spend money on recreation
  • Paying for freedom; time out from spending
  • Financial freedom; easy money; quick money; free money (rebates, refunds, grants, donations, stimulus)
  • Financial luck; speculation, gambling


  • Desire to start a family; dealings with extended family
  • Spiritual awakening related to family or domestic concerns
  • Presence of Spirit in home life; protective influence over family
  • Unstable family situation or family member–need for grounding; establishing family foundation
  • Connection to nature/humanity; world is your family
  • Sacredness of family or family life; shared family values important to relationship
  • Creating family traditions; family celebration


  • Ego triggered about wearing a mask (you/others)
  • Masking the ego (not as confident/humble as you appear)
  • Ego related to healing or healers; ego concerning seeing a doctor
  • Acting out because of need for self-love
  • Time out to heal from relationship with egocentric individuals–relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or self-righteousness; someone behaving with big head/small heart
  • Healing the ego; relationship needs mending
  • Ego in check–inner/outer healing; working on the ego–need for self love and nourishment
  • Healthy ego–refusal to compromise (your standards)

Image: Work Interrupted, William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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