Tete-a-Tete|Feb 10, 2021

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

One of you may feel that what’s been stolen (tangible or intangible) is causing you to have to start all over. This challenge is especially difficult to confront if you feel the “thief” is in your own camp or close to home (i.e. family, intimate alliances). Some of the people around you were never what you thought and may have been in this relationship merely for personal gain. Even though the memory of violation is painful, it ‘s especially difficult to move on if one of you is still pining for the past or longing for the former lover. The warning is to see people and matters clearly without the taint of glorification or a revisionism that suits your particular version of history.

Your relationship is in need of adjustment or a second chance. The old patterns of behavior and responses no longer work or produce the desired results. Your exchanges may focus on issues of betrayal, emotional wounding, or misunderstandings, but the key to breaking the negative cycle requires that you open the door to approach the relationship and how you engage from a different and higher perspective that includes forgiveness. It is only then that you may close the door to the past with peace.

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