Love Notes: Weekend Feb 5-7, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You deserve love, and to that end, there are only two options for you now–to move on or to move forward. One of you has been hesitant to reveal the depth of your emotions to or about someone who may not realize how deeply you care or seems to be a vastly different choice from your usual dating pool. Perhaps this connects to a relationship with a person you know well or an acquaintance you’ve been quietly observing from the sidelines. Without the motivation or drive to move the relationship forward, you’ll find yourself wandering aimlessly on an uncertain path. Not only do you need to create a plan that will unlock your prospective lover’s heart, but you need to follow through. Get focused to shoot your arrow in the direction of the love you desire.

Affirm your love…

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  • Broken-hearted about trying to create a breakthrough or getting something to take off
  • Taking off because you’re brokenhearted; separation; leaving someone with a broken heart; disappointed about the break up of a relationship
  • Gaining insight or inspiration about how to deal with a broken heart
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness–could create emotional upset
  • Unexpected visitor or news related to a disappointment, loss, betrayal, or someone you’ve been separated from
  • Coming to the rescue of someone with a broken heart (or vice versa)


  • A decision to open the door
  • Opportunity to make a decision; decision regarding an opportunity
  • Opportunity presents that allows you to make beneficial changes if you make the effort


  • Large property in need of repair
  • Not being released from the hospital; medical evaluation; release of medical records; against doctor’s advice; quarantine
  • Marrying “down”; partnership with someone from a different social status
  • Breaking the mold; not doing what’s expected; rebelling against the system
  • Difficulties related to hospitals, institutions, government, insurance
  • Time out–breaking away from the past in order to heal


  • Exploring the idea of sending a message
  • Message related to travel; travel writer; message to or from a distance; travel documents
  • Note–“wish you were here”
  • Apology for pushing boundaries
  • You will soon send/receive a love message
  • Written invitations, letters, text message, email, phone call
  • Love letter, card, sentiment; long letter; wedding announcement
  • Trying your hand at writing
  • Hearing from someone; making contact


  • Shadow behavior (you or others)–criticism, self-righteousness, score-keeping, inability to compromise
  • Hidden documents, records, or receipts; hidden aspects of self or situation (may be related to paperwork)
  • Looking for inconsistencies
  • Need to acknowledge fear of commitment, change, or criticism
  • Manipulation–trading favors (sex, money, power); power plays
  • Dancing with the devil–extreme competition; red flags; having to pay high price for relationship; drama
  • Stalking (you/other)–competition for love and affection
  • Waiting in the shadows to make a bid; comparison shopping (people/things)


  • Attainment or recognition of friendship; new acquaintance
  • Time to stop struggling and accept what is (may relate to being friends or the actions of a friend)
  • Success through the help of friends; may meet partner through friends
  • Basking in the glow–friendship has potential to turn into a romance
  • Realization that you need to take things slowly before getting romantically involved
  • Recognition that you may need to be more of a friend to a partner during this time


  • Romantic gestures that put you at the center of attention; letting yourself shine
  • Oblivious to romantic overtures; too self-absorbed to date
  • Fireworks in a romance; confidence boost due to romance
  • Romantic situation affects confidence
  • Romantic self-expression; creativity
  • Dating; date; invitation; courtship; candlelight dinner; intimate setting


  • Release of ego–maintaining emotional equilibrium
  • Humility–aligning the inner with outer circumstances
  • Masking the ego; embarrassment–may be due to inability to successfully juggle (responsibilities, situations, relationships)
  • Willingness to apologize to mend relationship
  • Masks are in focus–putting the needs of others ahead of personal desires


  • Passion or anger related to commitment
  • Sexual commitment; sex before or until marriage; desire/love/lust is an issue in commitment
  • Rushing into a commitment/marriage
  • Shared passions in a partnership
  • Committed to following your bliss or the need to find it


  • Revelation from hidden sources proves fortunate; hidden fortune
  • Reward through deception (yours/other)
  • Self awareness regarding luck or fortune
  • Message about luck may be deceptive
  • Luck involving a mask
  • Listening to spirit messengers brings fortuitous stroke of luck; need for contemplation/inner listening
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise (may be clandestine element)
  • Being discreet about lucky opportunity that brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Hidden wishes fulfilled


  • Contemplating issues related to transportation; weighing options concerning travel or entertainment–putting two heads together
  • Wearing a mask in a vehicle–risky or thrill seeking behavior
  • Thinking you might be taken for a ride (literally or figuratively)
  • Need for a time out–amusement, entertainment, having fun
  • Stepping away from entertainment
  • Thinking about whether relationship is serious or friends with benefits; feeling like you might not be taken seriously; mutual fun ride that may not develop into anything deeper
  • Inner thoughts/messages related to excitement and pleasure of someone’s company


  • Diving into something where the preference is for seeing only the more positive aspects of person or situation; determined to manifest
  • Truth is becoming glaringly obvious about whether to take action; need to take the initiative
  • Perspective about taking action or time to act; good timing; starting something
  • Action that changes perspective about relationship

Image: Secret Whisper, Gustave Leonard de Jonge

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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