Love Notes: Weekend Jan 29-31, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:‘Cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t.” So goes the refrain from one of the most poignant love songs and the sentiment at the root of a current circumstance. But if they don’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t. While there’s little you can do to evoke a desired response, a much needed time out to heal and nourish yourself may actually provoke a second chance–for a union or for you.

The protective casing of a chrysalis enables you to undergo a radical transformation in order to emerge as a more beautiful version of yourself. This lightness of being can inspire you to look better, feel better, and do better. As a result, you may feel free to socialize, date, or change your appearance. The metamorphosis can suggest a recovery–physically, emotionally, or spiritually–and may extend to old relationships that revitalize or take new form, or through a personal renaissance that pushes you to partake of the joy in life.

Does your cup runneth over?


  • Releasing memories attached to love triangle or third party interference
  • Love affair is dead–may be due to external forces
  • Mourning; someone/something passing away
  • Walking away from relationship with multiple partners
  • Ancestry or heritage plays role in relationship
  • Realizing there wasn’t a third party
  • Not receiving recognition or attention (may connect to children, someone from childhood, or childish behavior)
  • Someone has decided that three is a crowd; situation involving third party is getting old


  • Waiting in vain for gift or recognition; end of being in the spotlight
  • Facing the truth about what you thought was the perfect partner or marriage material; determining whether it was all worth it
  • A change of fortune–transformation
  • Fortunate ending; rewards that arrive through endings; happy ending
  • Change brings good fortune–high magnetism and powers of attraction contribute to luck


  • Faith, hope, or belief in resurrecting a partnership; something thought dead has new life
  • More focus on spiritual growth rather than relationship; spiritual renewal; relationship brings spiritual evolution (through positive or negative experience)
  • Relying on faith to move on from the old
  • Changing beliefs or faith
  • Renewal through partnership where core values align; putting faith in relationship where you share deep spiritual connection
  • Answered prayers in bringing a situation back to life


  • Losing control; need for control over impulses; self-mastery
  • Insight regarding control issues or authoritarian behavior; aggressive or domineering behavior; vying for control; understanding the effects of misuse of power
  • Excessive demands; issues of entitlement; someone seeking the royal treatment
  • Sudden inspiration or insight to gain control; leadership skills; something takes off because of personal power or being authority in your field
  • Breakthrough in connection to authority figures or decision-makers; breaking the glass ceiling–moving up the ladder
  • Unexpected visitor or news creates a breakthrough


  • Grief concerning an opportunity (one you didn’t want or one that was missed) that causes unhappiness because of loss, disappointment, or rejection
  • Grief about desired opportunity, satisfaction, or fulfillment of a dream
  • Grief related to taking a risk or because of need to be frugal
  • Opportunity to deal with emotional wounding or sadness related to betrayal, separation, or death
  • Luck in overcoming grief due to opportunity


  • Desire for money or financing
  • Money related to a temptation of someone/something desired
  • Finances are affecting relationship; working toward shared financial goals; a focus on family business
  • Money used as a means to seduce; seduced by the money; questioning attraction based on money
  • Paying for sex; fantasies or unexpected encounters that cost
  • Thwarted desires concerning money
  • Workaholic tendencies; career/work takes priority over relationship
  • Involvement with wealthy persons or someone in financial industry; relationship with superior, colleague, or client


  • Seeking sanctuary due to unfairness; injustice
  • Need for balance–difficulty restoring order; masked illness–need for rest and withdrawal; not the right mask or not wearing one
  • Masked emotions regarding a disparity–inner listening
  • Alone too much or not enough; carrying too much of the load–imbalance
  • Illegal activity
  • Difficulty making decisions; inability to choose between two partners
  • Re-energizing matters connected to legal situations or complications; need for attorney or mediator; separation, divorce; representing pro se; not having to go to court
  • Mulling things over regarding dissolution of agreements or failed negotiations


  • Hidden key; hotel key
  • A solution to stalking; stalking to find the solution (social media); solution to overcome shadow behavior
  • A need to acknowledge fears provides the solution
  • Fears or illusions about whether a solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • Private investigation–discovery of a clue; unlocking a secret, mystery or enigma
  • Solutions through hospitals, retreats, or rehabilitation
  • Disconnecting to find the answer or solution
  • A solution is waiting in the shadows–an opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you


  • Decisions related to somewhere you’ve lived before
  • Decisions regarding domestic affairs, happy home situations, or family
  • A decision to move or move in together
  • Decisions concerning the purchase of a new home, property, setting up house, redecorating, or renovating


  • Illusions concerning love–some aspect of self, partner, or relationship is not as it appears; smoke and mirrors in matters of the heart
  • Misconception about giving/receiving love; false generosity
  • Love of the superficial–overly concerned with appearances–excessive preoccupation with appearing happy, financially stable, successful, attractive, etc., either as a couple or in order to attract partner
  • Relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • For one of you, refusal to see the truth (good/bad) about love
  • Situations are a reflection of love or the need to bring more love into your life
  • Behavior reflected back in matters of love; mirroring behavior; projection onto a love partner (good/bad)
  • Loving what you see in the mirror (or not); self-love
  • Need to take a closer look at love, self, or loving yourself


  • Exploring a future with someone you think might be the one; planning a future together
  • The right path; looking at long range plans; looking ahead
  • Exploring the future; prophecy; divination; forecast; possibilities
  • The right road or address; travel plans; planning a trip in the future; road trip; long distance; traveling at night; purchase of vehicle in the future
  • Future expansion–personal or professional
  • Thinking about down the road–figuratively or literally
  • Relationship is in the distant future (may meet when traveling)


  • Moving forward or moving on from a legacy
  • Getting directions to a property; getting lost; aimlessness–need for orientation
  • Leaving a hotel or luxury property
  • Directions regarding wealth–historical property, inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Old money; you/partner may come from family with a great deal of power, money, or influence; family dynasty; family legacy
  • Decision to move on and stay within perceived elevated social status or circle when dating or marrying
  • Leaving behind the past or history
  • Moving toward or away from traditional values or conservatism
  • A focus on forward movement with or because of powerful individuals or institutions
  • Motivation or drive directed at walking away from or toward large property; creating or following a plan related to important purchase

Image: Vanity, Frank Cadogan Cowper, Royal Academy Collection

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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