Love Notes: Weekend Jan 8-10, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Are you receptive to falling in love? Do you believe in the opportunity for romance? Do you feel lucky? A liaison could move in a new direction given your beliefs about dating, courtship, or an invitation. Whether value systems meet in fortunate alliance or clash through self-imposed restraint determines the difference in fortunes. Both dissatisfaction and intuition will tell you if you’ve been running after an illusion in a situation where your vision of relationship is markedly different than that of a partner or you’re being asked to relinquish an essential part of yourself to maintain the relationship. At the core of any challenge is likely to be the by-product of upbringing, conditioning, religious or spiritual faiths, or cultural differences. Remember that many roads may lead to the same destination.

Where are you headed in love?


  • Spending money too freely–feeling like you can do anything; reckless spending; financial irresponsibility
  • Gambling; financial risk
  • Selfishness; feeling free or entitled to keep it all for yourself
  • Running away from financial obligations
  • Exhilaration about return of money; rebate, refund
  • Breaking out of the routine–unexpected expenses
  • Using money to gain power in relationship; power struggles over money
  • Gold digger; partnering for money, power, or status
  • Loss of work or financial status; unemployment; bankruptcy
  • Issues of child support, alimony, excessive debt
  • Give up the cash–need to let go and move on
  • Working on freeing yourself from debt; feeling lighter with less; trying to free up some funds


  • Taking a closer look at relationships that don’t meet standard; marrying down
  • Partnership with someone from a different social status
  • Revelations concerning property issues; not receiving assets or information; exposing problems with government, institutions, “powers that be”
  • Looking at the power behind the throne
  • Rebelling against the system; not doing what ‘s expected; refusal to conform
  • Written out of the will; lost inheritance or estate
  • Looking at where you didn’t or don’t want to leave a legacy; not returning to or repeating a history
  • Return of property or returning to property
  • Changing of the old guard; examining conservative or traditional values that are outdated
  • Breaking the mold with your magic


  • Sacredness of beliefs; standing on faith
  • Spiritual connection to nature/humanity; faith in humanity
  • Beliefs that are not grounded; instability; false prophet
  • Offering spiritual message to the world; noticing Spirit in the mundane; world prayer
  • Answered prayers
  • Sacred and spiritual connection to another person–core values align
  • Shaky alliance–one of you is more focused on spiritual growth rather than being in relationship
  • Relationship brings spiritual evolution, spiritual awakening or awareness
  • Relationship only serves to teach a spiritual lesson


  • Inability or lack of opportunity to follow through on desires; not achieving the level of intimacy you wish for
  • Bedroom issues (romantic or otherwise)
  • Lust or seduction never made it to the bedroom–fantasy; sex didn’t live up to the fantasy
  • Didn’t get the room you wanted
  • Sexual encounter used as a means of power
  • Unexpected encounter; going back to the room for sex; going back over intimate details
  • Sexual favors or manipulation
  • Inability to act on temptation toward someone/something
  • Lack or fear of intimacy; celibacy
  • Withholding intimacy as a means of punishment


  • Decision to let go or heal from a broken heart
  • Decision about going back to someone who broke your heart or vice versa
  • Recovering from a broken relationship
  • Moving on from the pain


  • Letting go of any false illusions about romance or something you romanticized
  • Under no illusions that this is or was the honeymoon phase
  • Illusion of returning to a romance
  • Lack of concern for appearance or decorum
  • Release the illusion–need to open to love
  • Comfortable enough with self and others to take relationship to the next level


  • Time to act–pack up and go; travel plans; escapism
  • Delving into emotional baggage or leaving behind relationships saddled with past conditioning–ego, childhood patterns, residue of the past
  • Need to take the initiative–unresolved issues that affect the way you engage with others; inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that damage or block relationship
  • Taking action on or because of old wounds and resentments
  • Timing is a factor–partnering simply because of shared disappointments
  • Starting something; good timing to get away


  • Lucky invitation; socializing
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Budding romance or new friend, acquaintance
  • Lucky opportunity that brings meeting with person of interest or influence
  • Wish fulfilled; fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Need for community or to get out of your shell to create fortunate circumstances


  • Returning the key or can’t find it
  • Can’t unlock the secret
  • No solution because of secrets–something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding
  • Lack of solutions related to stirring up the past
  • End of an opportunity–need for something to come to light


  • Not speaking to family; estrangement; communicating your feelings about not having a family
  • Need to release what you’ve repressing or speak your truth to or about family
  • Concern for family member–lack of vitality
  • Family members may wield too much influence on decisions connected to you and/or your partner
  • Discussions that center on pleasing family rather than partner
  • May be sacrificing your own needs for family
  • Family concerns override the relationship
  • Breaking away from family to do what you love
  • Expressing joy at returning to family
  • Difficulties with blended families; cultural differences


  • Lack of clarity about why you’re alone; lack of focus
  • Solitude to sort through the lack of clarity; mulling things over, inner listening
  • Currently operating in the dark with little hope of getting clear
  • In solitude because of failure to speak your truth
  • Staying out of the limelight–seeking sanctuary; need for rest and withdrawal
  • Re-energizing a situation where there’s been a lack of clarity or truth


  • Too far, too much–unable to go the distance; emotional or physical distance that affects relationship
  • Crashing back down to earth–reality check; something didn’t take off as expected; unable to get something off the ground; not making the first move
  • Need for shift in scarcity consciousness toward gratitude; need to get grounded
  • Not making it to the destination to reap the reward of your efforts; grounded, stuck, no change
  • May need time apart from partner; unable to gain distance from situation (may be related to money)
  • Not outside enough–need connection to nature
  • Returning from far away
  • Whirlwind romance that may have gone too far, too fast; refusal to date long distance
  • Getting real about abundance; not just blowing hot air or smoke; not getting carried away or swept up in circumstances

Image: Lovers, William John Hennessy

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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