Love Notes: Weekend Dec 25-27, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: “I’m feeling good from my hat to my shoe. Know where I am going and I know what to do. I’ve tidied up my point of view. I’ve got a new attitude.” Those lyrics were a hit in 1984. However, in the current climate certain revelations may lead you to believe that in spite of or because of a new perspective or new information, there’s a complexity to address in launching a fresh beginning due to issues or relationships rooted in the past. These concerns may be the result of immaturity, lack of experience, or a lack of motivation.

This can manifest as a difficult adoption, unexpected pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, or heated discussions about when or if to have children. This may also pertain to projects or endeavors you haven’t been able to birth or get off the ground. A greater self awareness about your circumstances suggests a need to think outside the box to find solutions. For some, there’s a realization about why you haven’t been able to progress and how to.

Navigate the terrain of January’s lovescape with your lovescope:


  • Fortunate actions; the start of something brings reward
  • Time to act on your good fortune; timing has impact on fortune
  • Good timing–may be receiving gifts, good fortune, recognition
  • Diving in to relationship–marriage material; quintessential partner with all of the traits you desire; partner worth spending a lifetime with
  • Need to take the initiative–being in the spotlight
  • Starting something because of high magnetism and powers of attraction


  • Confidence in memories; sentimentality
  • Good memories boost confidence; creating memories together
  • Nostalgia for the “good times” in the past when you were riding high; remembering when you were more confident
  • Recognition through memories; pleasant shared experiences influence relationship
  • Striving to see the positive–need for more self-appreciation or self-love
  • Old loves may reappear
  • Success related to memories; time factor


  • Enchanted with being alone–greater need for solitude rather than being with others; quiet getaway
  • Your solitude has influence on others
  • Illusions about why you’re alone–need to take steps
  • Desire to be alone with someone you’re enchanted with; need to be alone as a couple
  • In your own private world–bringing ideas to life or attracting what you desire


  • Temptation toward someone/something; hidden affair, secret or clandestine relationship
  • Thwarted desires
  • Fantasies or unexpected encounters related to seduction
  • You find someone seductively intriguing; keeping passion alive in relationship
  • Desire–playing the role of seducer or seduced; heavy flirtation; sexual innuendos


  • Harnessing your personal power in an argument or disagreement
  • Focusing will to overcome challenge; winning at all costs
  • Argument brewing because of sarcasm or sharp language; under attack
  • Disagreements about how to manifest something; difficulty in communicating
  • Negative thinking because of the risk factor; torn between the safety of the familiar or going after passion; difficulty reconciling two sides of self


  • Need to seek direction to gain clarity
  • Offering guidance or light for others
  • Opening to inner voice; spirit guides light the way
  • Therapy–exploring the psyche for greater understanding
  • Interactions bring important issues to light
  • Gaining greater clarity or truth in relationship
  • Coming to clear understanding
  • Light bulb moment; hidden revealed


  • Lack of stability due to issues with no apparent solution; round and round without resolution
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed–need for grounding
  • False start; progression that suddenly ends with closed door; no-win situation
  • Spiritual awakening about or through dead end situations
  • Progress blocked to induce spiritual awakening
  • Doors closed because of global issues; concerns for nature/humanity
  • Closing the door on repetitive behavior; rising above blockage


  • Trying to maintain emotional equilibrium about the past; outer/inner alignment
  • History of masking emotions
  • Old mask
  • Emotional concerns related to large properties, estates, legacies, wills, inheritance, or institutions
  • You/partner may come from family with wealth, influence, power; old money
  • Successful juggling–balancing responsibilities related to property, investments, assets, royalties; private investor; asset protection
  • Staying within perceived elevated social status; arranged marriage
  • Dealings with powerful individuals or institutions
  • Traditional values, conservatism; old guard


  • Hidden message related to the past; may be dealing with an ex or old lover
  • Revelation from hidden sources–something from a long time ago
  • Need for inner listening or contemplation related to the past or someone from your past
  • Spirit messengers; connection to past lives
  • Self-awareness because of the past; past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Relationship with someone because of unfinished business
  • Past life agreement–continuation of love relationship from former lives


  • Receptive to new love (person or interest)–open to opportunity
  • Feeling like luck is blocked related to new love; blocking yourself from love
  • Need to stand up to claim your luck in love
  • Listening to your intuition in the beginning stages of relationship; trusting instincts regarding courtship
  • New direction with new love; meeting potential partner
  • New love is in the works or on the way; new relationship on the immediate horizon


  • Marriage to doctor or healer
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Healing the marriage; nurturing commitment
  • Healing from issues related to marriage or commitment; time out from commitment or partnership–need for self love
  • Committed to being a healer; healer partnership


  • Fantasizing about someone you share intense sexual chemistry with or a sexual encounter; can’t stop thinking about the strong attraction
  • Looks ignite physical attraction; passion; magnetism
  • The chemistry is just a fantasy, inaction; seeing through sexual intent
  • Hypnotic scent
  • Playfulness, sexual flirtation–the start of something
  • Focused on your desires; letting creativity loose

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Image: Pompeo Batoni

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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