Love Notes: Weekend Dec 18-20, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: “He/she loves me, he/she loves me not.” There’s a lot of thought, contemplation, or imagination applied toward your emotions about someone (expressed or not). Either of you may be weighing the options or getting advice about what to do concerning an attraction where you feel reluctant to show your intentions or haven’t moved much beyond fantasizing. A contributing factor to this dilemma of hesitancy could be the endless loop in your head playing out messages of unworthiness or that your feelings won’t be taken seriously.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re scratching your head and wondering if you just heard correctly–especially if an overture arrives out of left field or comes from someone who is a stark or unexpected departure from your usual type. Alternatively, you could be questioning whether the connection you imagined even exists between you (or ever did), or get carried away in a misjudgment that someone has a crush on you.

Find out what’s in the cards for love over the next six months with a love forecast for each horoscope sign.

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  • Shocked by a false presentation or lie; person very different from the attractive veneer
  • Pretense of having someone’s best interest at heart; presenting false face in relationship
  • Pretending you’re surprised; feigned shock
  • Unmasking; concerns related to masks
  • Masking your shock or surprise–unexpected news or encounter; gossip
  • Masking intentions–secret agenda; ulterior motive; surprise element
  • One of you is a false friend, liar, opportunist, con, player, imposter


  • Complicated past; complexities that interfere with ease of relationship–third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Taking a time out from complicated situations
  • Difficulties caused by letting loose, being too lax, or going too far–misunderstandings
  • Complications caused by too much socializing
  • Not enough playfulness because of difficulties–need for recreation or down time; difficulty enjoying yourself
  • Enjoyment of solving the complex; luck in overcoming challenge
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation (may use humor)
  • Need to lighten up–not taking difficulties so seriously


  • Instincts regarding the competition or how to outbid or outmaneuver competitors; power plays
  • Intuition about competition for love and affection
  • Awareness of having to pay a high price for the relationship
  • Mental record of perceived wrongs; self-righteousness; refusal to compromise
  • Pettiness–tit-for-tat behavior; trading favors involving sex, money, power
  • Exploring the psyche–rigidity in thought, hypocriticism, fear of change or commitment, resentments
  • Receiving guidance or need to seek direction related to paperwork, receipts, bills, records, documents, passport, travel itinerary; comparison shopping
  • Channeled/automatic writing; spirit guides
  • Open to inner voice–intuition cues red flags; negative comparisons


  • Meeting to gain clarity about the future; working out issues or terms; relationship therapy or counseling
  • Making peace with partner to reconcile past hurts; make up after break up
  • Reconnecting in the future with someone you previously separated from; future plans for reconciliation
  • Reconciling financial concerns
  • Meeting with a spiritual healer, psychic, reader
  • Good fortune related to reunion; falling in love again


  • Trust related to change, surrender, relinquishing, releasing, renewing
  • Psychological issues surrounding trust; intense emotions
  • Death (metaphorical) and rebirth
  • Recognizing vulnerability (may be as a result of death, exploration of the psyche, sexuality, power, money, or inevitability of circumstance)
  • Dealings with psychologists, therapists, or Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)
  • Ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances; feeling supported as you go through profound or unsettling changes
  • Financial protection; trust issues concerning large sums of money, debts, taxes, inheritance, wills, legacies, shared assets
  • Personal transformation–belief in self


  • Love of family; creating family traditions; family celebrations
  • Shared family values are important to relationship; desire to start a family
  • Opening heart to family–dealing with extended family
  • Generosity–giving to or receiving from family
  • Self-love over family–need to bring more love into your life
  • Learning to love self through family


  • Using intuition as a healer; intuition reveals message through an encounter
  • Trusting instincts on healing or regarding doctor/therapist
  • Awareness of need for self-love; time out to heal; self-nourishment
  • Inner/outer healing–trusting inner voice about whether relationship feels right or should move forward


  • Fortuitous stroke of luck involved in achieving your desires
  • Thwarted desire turns out to be blessing in disguise; pushing your luck
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise related to seduction; guilty pleasure
  • Lucky opportunity brings about meeting with someone of interest (may connect with temptation toward someone/something)
  • Desire for luck, chance, or opportunity; wish fulfilled


  • Alone in the past
  • Re-energizing connection with someone from the past; may be dealing with an ex or old lover
  • Reviewing the past when you’re alone–mulling things over; past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Needing a break from the past–need for rest, withdrawal
  • Seeking sanctuary from the past or with someone from the past
  • Continuing the love from the past or past life incarnation
  • Unfinished business; something from a long time ago


  • Spiritual and the material; spiritual wealth; financial blessings
  • Money/career as god; worship of money
  • Spiritual awakening through financial situations; finances affecting relationship
  • Investments in nature/humanity; global wealth
  • Shared financial goals; family business
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Relationship with coworker, superior, colleague, client
  • Recognition that finances are not on sure footing or solid foundation
  • Financial freedom–on top of the world; big money–rise in income; world leader/authority in your field
  • Career/work takes priority over relationship; workaholic


  • Secret seduction; hidden, secret, or clandestine affair
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding concerning an attraction
  • Sexual secrets–keeping passion alive in relationship
  • Stirring up the past–may be related to temptation; need for something to come to light
  • Secretly find new person intriguing; playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • In the shadows related to heavy flirtation, sexual innuendos


  • Maintaining emotional equilibrium OR masking your emotions when facing rejection (strong possibility of getting hurt)
  • Staying in the friend zone–relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Rejected because of the balance, rejecting the balance, or not receiving the balance (financial or emotional)
  • Disinterest, lack of attraction; wrong love choice; incompatibility
  • One person investing more time, energy, emotion, money without a return–need for healthy balance
  • Rejecting anything that upsets your emotional balance–inner/outer alignment
  • Rejecting carrying too much of the load–successful juggling to create work/life harmony

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Image: The Flower Seller, Eugene de Blaas

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