Love Notes: Weekend Dec 11-13, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’ll need to dig deep, lift the veil, and take a closer look at situations surrounding marriage, commitment, or obligation. Circumstances require that you repair, improve, or surrender to conditions that will either end or renew your level of involvement. This suggests pulling the curtain back on intensely transformative situations involving sex, money, power, debts, or death. Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising) or Scorpionic energy may be at the center of events that transpire. Positively, there’s the possibility for the kind of magic that can only come through personal regeneration, relinquishing a former self, or making a great escape to rise from the ashes toward a rebirth. When one door closes another opens and the endings lead to new beginnings.


  • Waiting to resolve a legal matter or for justice; long proceedings
  • Patience needed to restore order; working out terms
  • Taking time to weigh options, choices, or make important decisions
  • Waiting for a luxury or to decorate; creating beauty, harmony–something worth waiting for
  • Time to build a foundation–dual opportunities
  • Almost there–negotiations or adjustments; waiting for contract or agreement
  • Determining what’s fair regarding domestic responsibilities, parenting, finances, or assets; agreements for equitable resolution
  • Balancing personal and professional obligations
  • Choosing between two partners
  • Impulsiveness connects to legal situation
  • Patience in dealing with Libra persons (sun, moon, rising)


  • Freedom from a misjudgment– need to let go and move on
  • Unrealistic projection–what appeared to be a perfect partner is someone less than ideal
  • Unrealized expectations related to freedom; not able to do anything
  • Letting go of vanity
  • Not having to buy gifts
  • Enjoying anonymity or not being in the spotlight; breaking out of the routine
  • Exhilaration at receiving gift, good fortune, or recognition that was held back


  • Mourning; something/someone passing
  • Faith in spirit messengers; shaman energy
  • Spirituality or beliefs tied to ancestry
  • Religious ceremony; memorial
  • Death of belief or faith


  • Recognition of privacy; confidence in closing the door
  • Private discussions or self-expression; need for discretion
  • Power behind the throne–shining behind the scenes; low-key confidence; backroom negotiations
  • Closing the door on fame, recognition; not letting yourself shine
  • Closing off due to being oblivious or too self-absorbed
  • Keeping something you’re working on private–creativity behind closed doors
  • Feeling free or more outgoing in private setting
  • Access to celebrity; encounter with individual who is very private and difficult to know
  • Recognition of need to spend time alone or time alone with a partner


  • Breakthrough in chemistry–sudden inspiration or insight
  • Influence of perfume, scent
  • Anger or passion related to desires; intense desire to take off
  • Unexpected visitor or news concerning attraction
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness regarding desires, attraction, or sex
  • Something takes off–chemistry through the roof; intense sexual connection; physical attraction; desire; sexual encounter; magnetism


  • Grief caused by rejection or lack of reciprocity or generosity; needing more loving attention
  • Self-love due to sadness caused by betrayal, separation, death, or emotional wounding; need to bring more love into your life
  • Opening your heart after or because of grief; open heart heals grief
  • Opening your heart to someone dealing with grief–giving/receiving love; grieving over someone you love
  • Rejecting feeling sad


  • Unexpected news or encounter that complicates matters–difficulties that interfere with the ease of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, pets, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Complications related to a blast from the past
  • Difficulty finding your way through complex situation
  • Surprised at how difficult a situation is or why it’s complicated–misunderstandings
  • Amazed, surprised; shock
  • Surprise at getting past a complicated circumstance


  • A strong focus or concentration on children; involvement with someone from childhood
  • Children are impacting relationship; seeing through motives of or about child
  • Fantasizing about having a child; not taking precautions related to pregnancy
  • Not taking action related to something new
  • Inner child; letting creativity loose, imagination, following a passion
  • Childlike exuberance of romance; playfulness; dating someone younger
  • Start of something new–new possibilities


  • Giving birth overseas; immigration; passport; European roots
  • Taking off or taking a trip with a child; new baby in the home
  • Something new takes off; taking off to begin something new; fertile period (creatively, physically)
  • Baby announcement or baby shower
  • Birth, conception, fertility, or adoption issues
  • New surroundings–starting a journey; beginning of freedom
  • Child-free; time away from baby; avoiding childbirth or children
  • Running away from anything new; running away toward something new


  • Healing a troubled friendship; time out from connection; need for self love
  • Healing through friendship; offer of friendship is healing; may need to be more of a friend to a partner during this time
  • Friendship with a healer
  • Inner/outer healing–taking things slowly to build foundation as friends to establish solid romance; friendship has romantic potential
  • May meet partner through a friend; new acquaintance


  • Proposal, offer, agreement
  • Promise of or sexual offer; physical temptation; seduction, lust
  • Tempted by jewelry; desire for a ring
  • Fantasizing about getting married; fantasy concerning commitment
  • Temptation toward someone who’s already committed
  • Promise ring; engagement ring; engagement to be married
  • Unexpected encounter through social engagement or party
  • Commitment, obligation or undertaking
  • Agreement, contracts, unions that are legally binding


  • Secret memories–something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding
  • Memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship; nostalgia for the past
  • Creating memories together based on sentimentality
  • Stirring up the past–old loves may reappear
  • Need for something to come to light related to a secret or the past

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Image: The Escape, William McGregor Paxton

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