Love Notes: Weekend Nov 27-29, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: It’s the end of a struggle where decisions are made and things begin to fall into place with the aid and effort of friendship. New acquaintances and supportive alliances push you toward novel experiences. Maintaining a sense of peace and harmony within self and with others depends on the ability to keep an open mind regarding outcomes that may differ from your initial expectations. This can suggest a turning point in relationships that elevate to romantic status or providing encouragement that sustains a partnership.

Want to make your own prediction? Go ahead, spill the tea.


  • Ego used for power; ego triggered about who ‘s in charge; relationship hindered by selfishness, arrogance, or ego
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise; pride prevents one from taking action
  • Harnessing personal power
  • Ego boost; manifesting plans and dreams
  • Empowered to take on a leadership role
  • Need to take charge–relationship needs mending; someone acting with big head and small heart


  • Acting on a secret–good timing; acting in secret to start something; the timing is a secret
  • Trust issues related to secrets or secrecy; trust placed in secret information
  • Confidential matters; acting undercover–element of relationship is secret, clandestine or hidden
  • Need to take the initiative–someone is keeping secrets; inability to read emotions
  • Maintaining privacy–discretion is important due to circumstances


  • Illusions about what you desire; need to take a closer look–refusal to see the truth
  • Thwarted desires because of illusions; tempted by an illusion–fantasies
  • Desire based on appearance–superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks; lust, seduction; unexpected encounters
  • Projection; behavior reflected back; mirroring
  • Some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Excessive preoccupation–lust, looks, money, power, success, desires


  • Passionate encounter; promise of passion; desire, love, lust; sexual offer
  • Anger over a promise, agreement, or with someone you are/were passionate about
  • Proposal; engagement to be married
  • Passion for jewelry; wedding ring
  • Rushing into a commitment
  • Committed to a passion (person or pursuit)–following your bliss
  • Need to find your passion
  • Agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Commitment, obligation, or undertaking
  • Parties, social engagement (may involve an attraction (present/former)


  • An abundance of rooms; large bedroom; paying for a room
  • Room with a garden or surrounded by nature; honeymoon; romantic getaway
  • Outdoor/indoor
  • Shifting from scarcity consciousness; gratitude for a room
  • Intimate discussions regarding abundance and reaping the fruit of efforts
  • Relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical or emotional intimacy


  • Seduced by the way someone expresses; heavy flirtation; playing the role of seducer or seduced; sexual innuendos; temptation
  • Seduction is vital in maintaining passion in relationship; the joy of sex; sexual vitality
  • Passionate creativity; doing what you love
  • Intrigued by new person; temptation; secret, clandestine, or hidden affair
  • Sexual discussions
  • Sexy voice


  • Resurrection of or moving on from contentious relationship characterized by warfare, power plays, and score-keeping; settling the score
  • Rating relationships–negative comparisons, red flags
  • Competition for love and affection
  • Changing documents
  • Renewal of a lease or agreement; old address
  • Having to pay a high price for the relationship
  • Trading favors (money, sex, power)
  • Paperwork, receipts, documents, tickets, checks, or ledgers plays a role in relationship
  • Comeback because of the score–extreme competition; outbidding the competition
  • Something thought dead has new life–may be related to paperwork or documents


  • Dreaming of an opportunity–aspirations
  • Being unrealistic–opportunity was just a dream
  • Chance to follow a dream; opportunity presents that allows you to create beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative
  • Opening the door at night
  • Dream guidance regarding an opportunity


  • Rejecting family or rejected by family
  • Not sure how you feel about family or starting one–sorting out fiction from reality; trying to figure out if you share the same family values
  • Disappearance of family member; dealing with extended family
  • Believing in your dreams concerning family; family supporting your dreams
  • Magical reality–family celebration


  • Putting confidence in something because you’re overly sentimental
  • Past memories make it difficult to move forward or put a situation behind you
  • Lack of confidence in memory; selective memory; distorting the past with revisionist history or glorification
  • Don’t remember getting recognition–need for self-appreciation and love
  • Confidence affected by longing for the past or former lover, nostalgia
  • Confidence or success in releasing old memories


  • Harnessing personal power to manifest a legacy; making history
  • History of being stuck in leaded consciousness
  • Risk factors related to institutions, government, property, or dealings with those in power
  • Consideration of safety versus passion in arranged marriage
  • Staying within perceived elevated social status when forming relationships
  • You/partner may come from family with great deal of power, influence, or wealth; old money; dealings with powerful individuals
  • Conflicted by traditional values, conservatism
  • Focusing your will in matters related to wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties


  • Guidance to, from, or about children–need to seek direction
  • Awareness that children are impacting the relationship
  • Exploring the psyche–childhood patterns, issues related to children
  • Open to inner voice regarding children or someone from childhood
  • Remembering the childlike exuberance of romance
  • Intuition about dating someone younger or starting something new
  • Positive changes concerning children
  • New messages from spirit guides; transformation of inner child

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Image: After the Ball, Conrad Kiesel

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