Love Notes: Weekend Oct 16-18, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may be suffering due to an inner conflict that keeps you at odds with yourself. The challenge is to focus your will to overcome patterns of thinking that keep you stuck in the pain of the past–old wounds, betrayal, loss, or severed ties or disappointed about trying to manifest. This battle is between the security and comfort that comes with the familiar; the devil that is known, in opposition to the fear of risk that requires stepping into an unknown potential that stirs your passion. Spiritual alchemy occurs when you harness the power to reconcile both sides of yourself.

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  • Opportunity for reconciliation; working out issues together
  • Meeting regarding an opportunity
  • Making peace to reconcile past hurts
  • Reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Relationship counseling or therapy; mediation
  • Make up after a break up


  • Controlling your reaction about unexpected news; trying to gain control over feelings related to the past; self-mastery
  • Shocked by domineering or aggressive behavior; control issues
  • Surprised at excessive demands; someone expecting the royal treatment
  • Shocked at losing control
  • Surprise at being given authority; need to open to new possibilities
  • Holding back surprise due to unexpected encounter


  • Intuition about moving forward or moving on; guidance about how or whether to move forward in relationship
  • Hunch regarding direction (physical, intellectual, or emotional)
  • Using instincts in motivation or drive; trusting your gut about whether relationship feels right
  • Intuition about creating, following a plan
  • Awareness of need for plan, direction, or reorientation
  • Decision about whether to get on the road


  • Wisdom of putting distance between yourself and a situation; seeking inner peace; rising above; perspective
  • Blowing hot air–need for spiritual guidance
  • Soaring to new heights in understanding; wisdom; knowledge, truth; opening to higher self
  • Long distance relationship
  • Taking a trip or vacation with a partner
  • Understanding that you may need to go the distance with a partner in a difficult situation; things up in the air
  • Something takes off; up and away


  • Appreciation of or receiving appreciation from family; gratification
  • Valuing family; family values are important to relationship
  • Relationship that feels like home
  • Gifts; spoiling or indulged by family; gratification, enjoying life
  • Family heirlooms; abundance
  • Cost of family celebration
  • Family dynamics or conditioning affecting relationship
  • Desire to start a family; creating family traditions together
  • Family get-together; extended family


  • Secret journey
  • Secret to freedom
  • Someone keeping secrets and not revealing everything
  • Secretly running away OR running a way from a secret
  • Element of relation is clandestine, secretive or hidden; inability to read emotions
  • Keeping the success of something quiet; being discreet is important due to circumstances


  • Working on shared financial goals and greater security; family business
  • Career/work take priority over relationship; workaholic; finances affecting relationship
  • Harnessing personal power to create desired financial conditions; manifesting plans/dreams; financial empowerment
  • Leadership–in charge of the money OR need to take charge of financial situation
  • Relationship with colleague, superior, or client
  • Buying a mask
  • Masking your financial situation
  • Financial backing; hidden investors; free money; you/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry


  • Discernment regarding family members; seeking deeper truth
  • Wearing a game face regarding whether you’re happy or satisfied about domestic environment; masking over domestic problems
  • Need to look beneath the surface for issues related to home or property
  • Hiding your true self when dealing with family; wearing a mask
  • Research regarding purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together


  • Illuminated path; initiating forward movement–need to take a leadership role
  • Clarity regarding the future–giving advice or solving a problem
  • Well-lit road; travel advice
  • Relationship is in the distant future
  • Planning a future together as a couple


  • Rejecting children; rejected as a child; rejected by children or someone from childhood
  • Rejection of ancestry
  • One person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Mourning because of rejection or someone, something passing away; lack of mutual feeling or reciprocity; disinterest
  • Failing to listen to spirit messengers


  • Start of a friendship
  • Birth of collaboration/partnership
  • Like-minded thinking regarding birth of something new; new groups or associations
  • Friend with new baby in the home or trying to conceive; baby announcement or shower; adoption
  • Fertility concerns–birth, conception
  • Fertile period to connect with others


  • Fortunate circumstances–things falling into place
  • A decision brings a fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Harmony–the end of a struggle or the need to seek peace
  • Lucky opportunity brings meeting with someone of interest
  • A wish manifests

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Image: Jason and Medea, 1907, John William Waterhouse

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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