Love Notes: Weekend Oct 9-11, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: It’s time to seek direction or guidance from your spirit guides and/or inner voice about a situation where you feel repressed, blocked, or unable to fully express yourself. You’ll have to decide whether popping the cork to release all you’ve been bottling up inside or keeping a lid on things is in your best interest. Either way, you should explore an escape route while you get a grip on the psychological mechanism that has kept you perpetually trapped in restrictive circumstances or stifling relationships that offer no growth and no chance at being your best self.

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  • Keeping records, receipts, prescriptions, important documents
  • Documents related to wills, legacies, trusts
  • Criticism of ancestry, heritage, or history
  • Fear of change or breaking with family tradition
  • Extreme competition; competing for love and affection
  • Paying a high price for relationship or the past
  • Trading on a family legacy
  • Negative comparisons; red flags
  • Mourning created by inability to let go of perceived “wrongs”
  • Keeping score–sports, financial, emotional
  • Intuition regarding the best price; highest bidder


  • Renewal of enthusiasm; need to encourage positive mindset
  • Healing issues related to children
  • Starting something new with children or related to childhood
  • Connecting to inner child–revitalization; playful interaction
  • Children are impacting the relationship; faith in a child\
  • Looking more youthful
  • Dating someone younger
  • New beginnings bring healing; spiritual refreshment
  • Starting something new


  • Opportunity to establish long-term relationship; someone you’ve known a long time
  • Opportunities through parents or relationship with someone older and/or more financially established
  • Feeling lucky because of May/December romance
  • Concern for parents, older couple–need to be frugal; age involved in taking a risk
  • Alcohol related risk
  • Taking a risk in the belief that relationship will improve over time
  • Possibilities created through age, experience or wisdom
  • Experience assists in making alliances–luck involved through old connections


  • Lack of appreciation
  • Abundant dead ends; false start; round and round without resolution; progress blocked; no-win situations
  • Pursuing abundance leads to dead end; no apparent solution
  • Dead end relationship based solely on looks or status
  • Closing off to gratification or expensive purchases
  • Clutching onto something that leads nowhere; relationship progresses then ends at closed door; confusion about where relationship is headed
  • Can’t find the jewelry or luxury item you’re seeking; can’t get what you desire
  • Repetitive behavior focused on enjoying life, luxury, or contentment


  • Putting a freeze on socializing
  • Rejecting or not included in the invitation
  • Abandonment as punishment
  • Loneliness–need for community or to get out of shell
  • Sexual frigidity, impotence, or lack of libido
  • Chilly reception; lack of emotional warmth or depth in relationship; silent treatment; aloofness; cooling off of relationship
  • Cold, flu, under the weather
  • Not accepting new friends
  • Cold war conflict regarding an invitation
  • Leaving something outside
  • Putting opportunity on hold
  • Invitation related to cold weather or outdoors


  • Being unrealistic about love; hidden emotions concerning new love; matters in flux regarding love
  • Dreaming of new love; new love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the horizon
  • Aspirations regarding new love–person, thing, endeavor
  • Sharing a dream with a new love; love makes appearance in your dreams
  • Love of travel; travel to special destination; in love with a vehicle or boat
  • Taking a trip to see a new love; travel with a new love; honeymoon, romantic getaway
  • In love with a foreigner


  • History of having to wait
  • Waiting for a property or inheritance; you/partner may come from family with great deal of wealth, influence, power
  • Creating a legacy; time to build foundation
  • Something worth waiting for; almost where you want to be in establishing something
  • Old money; historical wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Waiting at a hotel; hotel waiter
  • Waiting for arranged marriage; staying within social class when dating
  • Having to be patient with or turning your back on conservatism, traditional values, or powerful individuals
  • Established institutions, historical or large properties


  • Taking a risk leads to a broken heart–need to tread lightly
  • Boldness in speech or action results in broken heart
  • Putting it out there that you feel disappointed because of loss, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment to heal a broken heart


  • Memories related to an attraction; nostalgia
  • Difficulty moving on from a secret crush; reveling in the past
  • Past influences connect to secret admirer
  • Love for family
  • Secret admirer reluctant to come forward
  • Special someone unaware they hold the key to your heart
  • Someone interested you hadn’t considered (may be from your past)
  • Someone is watching you or loves to look at you


  • Discord due to need to recognize inner beauty; negative thinking
  • Under attack for appearance or pampering yourself
  • Trying to reconcile an argument; angry meeting
  • Difficulty in communicating; arguments, disagreements
  • Reveling in winning at all costs–“to the victor go the spoils”
  • Splendor of hitting the mark with words; sarcasm; sharp tongue


  • Need for grounding regarding getting attention or being the focus
  • Not on sure footing due to third party interference; love triangle; multiple suitors vying for attention
  • Party of three
  • At the center of attention
  • Spiritual awakening as a result of third party; presence of Spirit
  • Group focus on nature or humanity; spiritual group
  • Spiritual achievement creates a following


  • Trust issues or emotions surrounding money; finances affect relationship
  • Spending money like water–recognizing vulnerability; water bill
  • Clean hands; clean money; money laundering
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Work affair with colleague, superior, or client
  • Paying for a therapist
  • Financial protection; support from others
  • Shared financial goals; family business
  • Career/work take priority over relationship; workaholic
  • Trust related to banker or institution; financing
  • Belief in self influences financial situation
  • Making it rain–money pouring in

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