Love Notes: Weekend Sept 4-6, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: One of you will attempt to balance emotions, the books, the scales, or responsibilities. This may be related to important documents, receipts, criticism, or competitive score-keeping and an assessment of the bottom line as you look at what this relationship is costing you financially and/or emotionally. Whether you can successfully juggle drama and the demands of your situation to maintain inner and outer harmony depends on the ability to align your energy as opposed to wearing a mask in the pretense that everything’s fine. Fear of change or commitment will mean remaining locked in negative thinking, old resentments, rigid roles, and playing either the perpetrator or victim of power plays where nobody really wins.

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  • Waiting alone or to be alone
  • Something worth waiting for
  • Impulsiveness leads to isolation
  • Patiently building a foundation–need to be alone as a couple
  • In your own private world; retreat; greater need for solitude


  • A focus on balanced exchanges in commitment
  • Not interested in marriage or getting involved with someone already committed
  • Choosing self-love over romance; heart closed to romantic interest
  • Lack of romance, generosity, or heartfelt commitment in partnership
  • Having to think about whether romance will lead to marriage
  • Not accepting a date or invitation; not inclined to be romantic
  • Need to bring more love into your life–reconsidering romance, dating, or commitment


  • Time to act and take control; need to take the initiative
  • Control over the start of something; control over timing; good timing
  • Self-mastery–control over your actions
  • Acting controlling; domineering; aggressive behavior or action; authoritarian
  • Acting with or as an authority; authority to take action
  • Actions reflect a sense of entitlement; seeking the royal treatment
  • Excessively demanding; one partner taking most of responsibility for relationship


  • Disturbing the peace
  • Retreating from confrontation
  • Decisions concerning discord, arguments
  • Disagreement over decisions
  • Shelters that focus on abuse; feeling under attack
  • At peace with decision to win at all costs
  • Difficulty in communicating; sarcasm; sharp tongue
  • Decisions regarding surgery, injury, or need for hospitalization
  • Healing anger issues


  • Revelation concerning third party; party of three
  • Anger regarding outside interference
  • Passion outside of primary relationship
  • Taking a closer look–love triangle
  • Open relationship–menage-a-trois
  • Group of three related to pursuit of a passion
  • Third time’s the charm
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention; one person catered to by multiple partners
  • Being the center of attention; crowning achievement


  • Opportunity for change in residence of family situation
  • Transformation of property–purchasing home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together
  • Changing the locks
  • Embracing new self-identity in relation to family
  • Need for change in domestic situation–seeking happy home
  • Following a dream related to family or home


  • A fortuitous stroke of luck grants you greater freedom; luck through letting go or moving on
  • Financial freedom
  • Breaking out of the routine brings good fortune
  • Serendipitous events open possibilities–can do anything; exhilaration
  • Lucky opportunity brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Wish fulfilled


  • Receptive to secret opportunity; an element of relationship may be clandestine, secretive, or hidden
  • Secret surveillance
  • Listening to your intuition about a secret; someone is keeping secrets
  • Secretly moving in a new direction; being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Secretly blocking or being blocked from luck
  • Running after illusions–the inability to read emotions


  • Illusion of harmony; need to seek harmony, peace
  • A focus on harmony in appearance; excessive preoccupation with appearances–happy, successful, financially stable, attractive, etc. as a couple or to attract partner; superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • Illusion of things falling into place; some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Refusal to see the truth–need to take a closer look
  • Projections; behavior reflected back
  • End of struggling with an illusion; it all makes sense now concerning an illusion
  • Decision made that clears any illusion


  • Enjoyment; socializing, playfulness
  • Letting loose–need for recreation or downtime
  • Luck involved in finding a partner with all of the quintessential traits you desire
  • Honeymoon phase of relationship
  • Joking about finding the one
  • Luxury boat or vehicle; expensive trip; luxury or foreign goods
  • Partner worth spending a lifetime with; marriage material
  • May be receiving gifts, good fortune, or recognition
  • Being in the spotlight; high magnetism and powers of attraction


  • Grief about healing
  • Healing unhappiness because of a loss, disappointment, or rejection
  • Sadness due to betrayal, separation, or death
  • Healing from grief–time out; need for self love; recovery from emotional wounding; inner/outer healing
  • Working as a healer to those who are grieving


  • Remembering the key
  • Solutions through spirit messengers; finding the answer; beyond the veil
  • Keys to an inheritance–mourning; someone/something passing
  • Discovering a clue related to ancestors; unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma
  • Ancestors that have crossed are working on your behalf
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • An opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you

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Image: Young Girl Holding a Mask, 1745, Charles Antoine Coypel

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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