Love Notes: Weekend Aug 28-30, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Perhaps you thought something might only occur should pigs begin to fly. That may very well be the case unless you take positive action. Fortunately, your intuition is operating in high gear by allowing you to gather up the pearls of wisdom your spirit guides are scattering across a path that leads to your hopes and wishes. Trust your instincts about whether to move forward with a relationship connected to an unexpected gift or opportunity and the results may surpass your wildest dreams, or at least beyond the initial expectation. Serendipitous events written in the stars will push you to navigate across emotional waters to get to the other side of a situation. This could mean dealings with those at a distance, foreigners, or travel on the horizon.

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  • Flirting with the idea of sending a message; seeking adventure through communication–new horizons
  • Travel writer, calligrapher
  • Documents, papers, stationery, writing
  • You’ll soon receive or send a love message
  • Lost message; changing the message or message about changes; need to wake up to the message
  • Written invitations, letters, texts, emails, phone call
  • Message that goes too far–pushing boundaries
  • New perceptions about what you’ve been told
  • Love letter, card, sentiment; flirtatious message
  • Wedding announcement


  • Healing retreat, hospital, spa, rehabilitation, therapy
  • Making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts–inner/outer healing
  • Reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Meeting with doctors, therapists, medical specialists
  • Working out issues together; relationship counseling or therapy
  • Spending time with partner–make up after break up
  • Choosing self-healing/self-love/self-care over reconciliation; time out


  • Opportunity for or that brings freedom; exhilaration
  • Opportunity that allows you to break out of the routine
  • Need to let go or move on from an opportunity; anger concerning freedom and opportunity
  • Opportunity to create beneficial change provided that you take the initiative; feeling like you can do anything


  • Illusions regarding abundance; abundant illusions–some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is not as it appears on the surface
  • Illusions about getting what you want or reaping the fruit of your efforts
  • Call for shift in scarcity mentality; need to look at self regarding values; need to take a closer look at finances
  • Excessive preoccupation with appearances–to appear “happy, attractive, financially stable, successful, etc.” as couple or to attract partner
  • Superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks or status
  • Refusal to see the truth; projections; behavior reflected back


  • Need to sort out fiction from reality concerning intimacy
  • Acting out fantasies in the bedroom; escaping to the bedroom
  • Trying to figure out who will sleep where; not sure if you’ll have a room; dream bedroom
  • Dreaming of intimacy; sharing your dreams; dreaming
  • Knowledge or study related to intimacy; reading in the bedroom
  • Magical connection; relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and/or emotional intimacy


  • Having fun with or entertaining children; happiness, laughter, enjoyment
  • Taking a risk related to transportation or entertainment
  • Need to tread lightly; boldness in thrill-seeking; childish behavior
  • Buying a car, getting a ride; bold color or statement vehicle
  • Driving with pets in the vehicle
  • Not a serious relationship; friends with benefits
  • Putting it out there regarding choice of entertainment, fun, amusement; childhood games
  • Exciting relationship that may/may not deepen into anything further


  • Karmic relationship takes off
  • Leaving karmic relationship behind–freedom; trying to avoid karma–running away
  • Karmic trip (figuratively or literally)–starting a journey
  • Karmic situation open new horizons or brings freedom
  • Relationship that serves karmic lesson, payment of karmic debt, or spiritual evolution


  • Grief surrounding plans for a celebration or travel
  • Vehicle causes concern; grief over possible travel
  • Unhappiness because of a loss, disappointment, or rejection (may be due to betrayal, separation, or death)
  • Good news brings relief after grief


  • Enjoyment of relationship from the past; love relationship from a past life that continues in this incarnation
  • Time out from relationships connected to the past; needing a break from the past through recreation or down time
  • Letting loose–past conditioning is affecting your relationship
  • Dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Unfinished business
  • Relationship from a past life


  • Need for healthy balance regarding ego–relationship hindered by arrogance or selfishness
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise
  • Maintaining equilibrium in the face of ego–outer/inner alignment
  • Masking the ego; pride prevents one from taking action
  • Healthy ego drive–successful juggling; work/life harmony
  • Big head/small heart–relationship needs mending


  • Revealing or receiving admiration; noticing the magic
  • Taking a closer look at someone you admire
  • A secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Special someone may be unaware they hold the key to your heart
  • Someone interested you hadn’t previously considered; trying to figure out if you’re interested
  • Secret crush
  • Looking behind the curtain; someone is watching you


  • Old legal matter; inheritance, wills, legacies–someone, something passing; conclusions
  • Mixed heritage; balance between families
  • Ancestral or karmic debts–balancing the scales
  • Weight of a matter (emotionally, physically); adjustments
  • Spirit messengers assist in decision-making
  • Weighing options; important decisions; negotiations
  • Determining fairness regarding domestic responsibilities, assets, finances, parenting
  • Seeking justice–working on agreement for equitable resolution or distribution of assets
  • Balancing personal/professional life; dual opportunities; choices
  • Choosing between two partners
  • Dealings with Libra persons (sun, moon, rising)

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Image: Spring Scattering Stars, 1927, Edwin Blashfield

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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